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May 2, 2012

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May 2, 2012 LETTERS FROM PAGE 4 have resigned immediately when all of this came about. They have already been disciplined last year for this same behavior. Instead they are continuing on until the last day of the fi scal year, working hours that are convenient for them so that they don't have to be around students, staff and parents, collecting a full paycheck and will walk away with a resignation on their professional record, leaving this com- munity with their mess to clean up. McClenning has been operating TSA for 15 years and the only thing that he has to show for it are 3 modular build- ings that sit on Town land. He hasn't done this community or the tax pay- ers of the state any favors and we don't owe him anything by trying to save the Scholars' Academy charter. We need to move on to an entity or school that is going to grow and show progress over the years, not spin our wheels trying to pay off his debts. If McClenning cared about the fu- We need to shift focus from their self- ish acts, to what is best for our chil- dren's future. Susan Cushman Quartzsite Need stable government I came to Quartzsite on a fact fi nd- ing business trip to fi nd property that would be suitable for assembling elec- tronic devices. My company is in the process of bringing jobs back to the US from overseas. I was sitting at McDonald's and heard Page 5 VOTE MAY 15, 2012 Jerry Lukkasson FOR MAYOR ture high school students of this com- munity, he would have already re- signed. However, he did not. The only thing left for him to even come close to helping out the students and this com- munity is to sign over all facilities that exist to the Town of Quartzsite, allow- ing them and the community, to de- cide what is best for our community. We need to bring in a reputable school to service these students. I ask that people put last week's events behind them, as these same things happened last year as well, and they were disciplined. We need to fo- cus on making sure there's a local high school that students can attend at the start of the next school year. Contact the Town of Quartzsite and show support for a school to service students in grades 9-12. If we don't act quickly, there may be no local option next year. It's my opinion that people need to contact Bicentennial Union High School, the district that services this area, and encourage them to ex- tend services to Quartzsite. a group of people talking about a place called Paradise RV Park. I was looking for a place to park my RV for a few days so I inquired about the park. What a surprise when the locals warned me not to go there because the manager might have you park in a spot that is rented year round. I asked for an ex- planation. A former tenant explained that Pat Workman, the manager, would rent a space on a yearly contract, that way a tenant could come and go and leave behind their personal posses- sions not needed during the summer and they would be safe. "That is not how it was with Pat Workman. I left as usual for the sum- mer but returned early. I pulled into my spot and there is someone already parked there and my storage shed door was wide open. To keep it short, Pat Workman had rented my spot while I was gone." I asked if that was a common practice, everyone said no. One person asked for SEE LETTERS PAGE 9 Wayne‛s Pet Service Need someone to take care of your pet(s), in your home, while away? REASONABLE RATES! Call 928-927-4329 Got something to share? • Birth • Obituary • Anniversary Place it FREE in the: Desert Messenger! 541-218-2560 From a local business owner and constituent: "I would rather see a successful businessman who has experienced ups and downs as my mayor here in Quartzsite because that shows that he is a fi ghter, rather than a former recalled mayor who threatens lawsuits every time things don't go his way". I have been in business for over 30 years and yes, I've experienced ups and downs. And yes, I AM a fighter and continue to work 7 days a week to do what needs to be done in my business to make it a success. I placed that same energy in motion while sitting on the council to make Quartzsite a place that all residents can be proud of and I will do the same when I become your Mayor. Some ask, "What is your agenda?" My agenda is to promote year round commercial growth in our community, providing jobs and better services for all. This will allow our children an opportunity to stay here and be successful. Quartzsite is at the intersection of Hwy 95 and Interstate 10. We are going to grow so let's do it responsibly. I would like to focus on a local airport to provide travel services and possible distribution services for UPS, FEDEX and the like. With the opportunity for business in this community will come more people. We need to make sure that the BLM land sale is a success so that we can have the opportunity to build affordable housing. In the past 4 years I have seen a major change here and I believe it is for the better. The demographics of our winter visitor is changing with the baby boomers here. They want to be entertained and active, therefore do not stay as long. We need to recognize this shift and make sure that we accommodate their needs. Vendors have changed also, as they don't stay as long. They are chasing money and moving to the "next show". Let's try to create a few more shows here so they don't have to move on. We have so many opportunities here. We must move forward rather than looking back 20 years and try to recreate the past; it won't work. My pledge as your Mayor is to work for the success of our community. My door is always open for you to stop in and discuss issues and help you get answers to any questions or concerns you may have. Paid for by Michelle Lukkasson, PO. Box 3190, Quartzsite, AZ 85359

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