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May 2, 2012

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May 2, 2012 Parker Library offers job help Parker, AZ- The Arizona Job Assis- tance Center at the Parker Public Li- brary is offering classes on a variety of computer and job-related topics. The Job Help Center is located in the meet- ing room of the library and consists of ten laptops and printing equipment. During the hours the center is open, a facilitator will provide instruction to center users. Several classes are currently being offered. Space is limited to 10 per- sons per class. To sign up, or to learn dates and times of classes, stop by the library, call 928-669-2622, or e-mail The following classes are being of- fered in May: • Online Job Search: Use O-net (de- scriptions of 1,000 careers), how to job search, what sites to use and which to stay away from. May 10th at 2pm and May 31st at 2pm. • Interviewing skills: How to dress and how to present yourself. Manage the interview: how to prepare for it, how to get the job, and following-up after the interview. May 24th at 2pm. • Basic Microsoft Offi ce: Intro to Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access and Publisher. May 22nd at 2pm. • Discover Your Skills: Self-assess- ment of your skills, interests, needs, values and preferences. Classes are scheduled for 2 p.m. April 24 and 11 a.m. April 26. • Basic Computer, Part I: Learn the parts of the computer, understand how the operating system works, learn to troubleshoot, and learn how to use a mouse. May 1st at 2pm. • Basic Computer, Part II: Learn the difference between a fi le and a folder, how to use the control panel, how to defrag and clean the hard drive, and how to cut and paste. May 8th at 2pm. • Using the Internet: Using a web browser, searching the internet, set up e-mail and how it works, and visiting websites. May 15th at 2pm. • Creating a resume: Writing a cover letter, writing a resume, and prepar- ing online job applications. May 3rd at 2pm. May 29th at 2pm. Discover your skills class will be held May 17th at 2pm. The center is open from 12:30 to 6:30 p.m. Tuesdays and Thursdays, and from 9:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. on Wednes- days. Job seekers and those looking to upgrade their computer skills can stop in during these hours to work on job and computer related tasks. One-on- one sessions can also be set up. The Parker Public Library is located at 1001 Navajo Avenue in Parker. For more information about this and other library programs, go to www.parkerpublicli- or call 928-669-2622. Just passing through Submitted by Wakinyan Numpa I want to take the time to address the behaviors of certain individuals in the Quartzsite area who wish some- how to convey that their "rights" are to be taken as sacrosanct above all oth- ers. I have been visiting your fair town for a bit now and am rather dismayed at the conduct of these individuals who seem to think that one's rights extends to displays of abuse and tem- per tantrums. A member of my family was a POW during WW2, having en- dured the trials of the Baattan Death March. Till the day he died he never once complained publicly of his views on any matter political. He endured four years of torture and starvation, developing rickets and malaria that hounded him for years. The effects so extreme that he suffered great pain until his death. NO complaints, ever. He would stand at attention each time the US fl ag passed before him under any administration, Democrat or Re- publican. He understood the price of freedom all too well. vet of the Korean theatre, who is still living, speaks to this day of the need to discipline oneself to overcome the mind and emotions. He also supports the freedom and rights that so many people take for granted. Having placed himself on the line more than once so that people like the individuals who are grandstanding in this community can enjoy the freedoms he fought so valiantly for. I wonder though, why it seems to always be the ones who have not served, who have not contributed one iota to the preservation of these freedoms that speak the loudest about how they are entitled to more than the rest of us. In my youth we were taught that as soon as you encroach upon the rights of another you relinquish your own. Is this no longer taught in Amer- ica's schools? Having set my stance here I wish then Then one of my uncles, a decorated to take it further to address these peo- ple and any others who are usurping SEE PASSING THRU PAGE 18 Page 17 After a week like yours, you need a church like ours! Changing Hearts.... Changing Lives... Through Worshiping God and Serving Others • Sunday: Christian Education 9am Worship 10:30am Evening Worship 7pm • Monday: EVERYONE IS WELCOME! • Wednesday: Women's Bible Study - 10am Bible Study 7pm 12 Steps to Freedom 11am • Friday: Discipleship Class 9am /10:30 am Grow in your relationship with God Fire Station For free ride to Church call (928) 927-5808 Church 665 W. Tyson, Quartzsite, Arizona • 928-927-5808

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