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May 2, 2012

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Page 14 THOUGHTBUSTER.COM We can heal the world. Seven Lessons, from Worldscope- In the following lessons you might be familiar with the concepts but may not be sure how to incorporate the wisdom into your everyday life. There is a pro- cess, which affects our internal world and creates what some call miracles. But it is not magic or miraculous. The "magic" of this process is how our thoughts interact with the unifi ed fi eld of consciousness and create what seem to be miracles. Once we learn the pro- cess, our thoughts can have an amaz- ing infl uence on events in our lives. "Watch your thoughts, for they become your words. Watch your words, for they become your actions. Watch your actions, for they become habits. Watch your habits, for they become character. Watch your character, for it becomes your destiny" ~ Anonymous. As Oprah says, "One know is, we are con- thing for sure I nected to everything." To understand how to heal and return to love, to ex- pand and excel in business is through examining: our core values, how our mind works, how to connect with the Invisible, who we are, and why we are here. In the lessons below for Healing the World, notice if any match your core values. ing the World. We are all one, con- nected to each other. We are not alone or victims. We are connected, not only to humanity but also to all living things. We are connected to nature and the more we remember this, our insa- tiable wants disappear. Greed, social, environmental, and personal stress is- sues will fade away. Second Planetary Lesson for Healing the World: To love is to trust. Without trust you cannot love. When we are trusting life we open our creative energy. There is an inner First Planetary Lesson for Heal- strength, which awakens through be- ing creative and having a creative ex- pression. As we create, we help move energy. And we discover answers to problems. Third Planetary Lesson for Healing the World: Serving others teaches empathy that we all want to be loved, respected and worthy. Every- one has some pain, or damage from past experiences, and almost everyone longs for forgiveness for something in their life. We are not perfect or we would be Saints. We infl uence each other. When one heals it ripples out to all living things. Serving others is where all abundance can be found. The Forth Planetary Lesson for Healing the World: Past, present and future, are all interwoven, refl ect- ing our choice of life. The power for change is in the moment of now. Right now has an action element to it whether that is through planning, doing, being, healing, observing, intention, sending or receiving love, meditations, sound or creative expression. The present is a present, the past is knowledge and the future a dream. Change one and you change all. Fifth Lesson for Planetary Change: Be not afraid to speak your truth, and always know that just like life, truth is always evolving. Allow your mind to stay open and not closed. Know the highest truth is love. Sixth Planetary Lesson for Healing the World: See, feel, imagine and visualize how you wish the world to be. Trust that there are answers for today's prob- May 2, 2012 lems, and imagine solutions unfolding through the eyes of love. Understand that the mind does not know the dif- ference between real and imagined. Awaken your third eye. Seventh Planetary Coaching Lesson for Healing the World: There is a band of angels, ancient an- cestors, ascended masters, waiting to help us on Earth; all we have to do is ask. Ask, and you shall receive. Love never dies, it only transforms. Love is always there for you to connect to. This includes help from loved ones who have passed over. Angels are con- nected to a unifi ed Source Field which can help us bridge heaven on earth. Understanding that nothing dies, em- powers you to fully live. Know that God is love and so are you. As you begin to trust that you are supported, loved and worthy by these invisible forces you will never feel alone or afraid. Your internal feelings toward a more loving planet, must match your inten- tions to create a better world. If you are interested in the Planetary Coach Certifi cation program I am of- fering a special for Mother's Day to only Desert Messenger readers, of $99.00 -a huge savings. Email for this discount at This is chapter is taken form World- scope E-book, all copyrights remain to Coach Louise Rouse 2012 Copyright 2012 Worldscope Coach Louise Rouse 541-821-6213 Summer classes at AWC Quartzsite Yes, there will be classes offered at Arizona Western College over the summer! You can register now and classes will begin the week of May 28th. Live classes at the AWC Quartzsite Learning Center include: AJS 210- Court Function, AJS 230-Police Function, ENG 100-Intro to Composi- tion, MAT 081-Beginning Algebra, and PHI 101-Intro to Philosophy. Numerous online classes will also be offered. To view a list of online courses, go to the AWC website at and click on "schedule of classes." It is a great time to increase your employability by working on a college education. Stop by or give us a call at 695 N. Kofa Ave. in Quartzsite, (928) 927-8299. We can answer your questions, help you with fi nancial aid, and get you started on a new path. Registration has also begun for the fall semester so whether you are interested in starting over the summer or in the fall, now is the time to come see us.

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