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Inside: Homecoming t 2-3 Thank You, Brothers t 2-3 Alumnus Spotlight t 4 From the heart A PUBLICATION FOR ALUMNI OF INDIANA ALPHA t SIGMA PHI EPSILON t WINTER 2016 WWW.PURDUE-SIGEPS.COM B rothers, we all have fond memories of sleeping in the cold air dorm. It is definitely a unique experience and part of the SigEp lore. I actually just slept up there at Homecoming, and it's still great! We have been working hard to rehabilitate the house, but the biggest need has been saved for last. Both materially and as a matter of safety, the cold air dorm needs a major overhaul before this fall. The undergraduates have not used the cold air dorm for the last few years because of limited numbers in the house. Next year, we are expecting a nearly full house and will need to begin using it again. This is going to be an adjustment for them, but we know they will love it. We have purchased all new bunk beds, but there are safety and cosmetic concerns we need to take care of before we can get members back up there. Bruce Cole '82 and Keith Baker '75 have been planning the rehabilitation of the dorm for a few months and are now ready to begin work. The problem, like most often, is funding. We are definitely on our way back as a strong brotherhood, but we are still short on money to fix all the issues in our 100-year-old house. Some of the areas we need to address are: all new wall paneling, ceilings, flooring, insulation in the walls to reduce energy cost, and perhaps most important, update the electrical outlets and windows. In total, they expect to need an outlay of about $50,000. Bruce and Keith, along with other alumni and brothers, are going to do as much of the work as we can to lower this estimate, but we are asking for a monetary donation from you, the alumni of 690 Waldron, to make this a reality. If you visit, there can be a rack and electric blanket memorial with your name on it! If you feel like this is something you can help us with, please send a donation to Sigma Phi Epsilon, 1075 Broad Ripple Ave., Suite 302, Indianapolis, IN 46220. Checks may be payable to SigEp Alumni Corp. (non-tax deductible), memo: cold air dorm. Fraternally, Jay Bilunas '99 Alumni Volunteer Corporation President Cold Air dorm in need of UpdAtes We Need Your Help! How to mAke An impACt todAy I ndiana Alpha currently has two efforts that need the most attention: the Balanced Man Scholarship fund and the cold air dorm project. Your generosity will go a long way in improving both our house and programming. We appreciate your support! Housing (non-tax deductible) Make checks payable to Sigma Phi Epsilon Alumni Corporation (memo: cold air dorm) Send donations to Indiana Alpha Chapter of Sigma Phi Epsilon, 1075 Broad Ripple Ave., Suite 302, Indianapolis, IN 46220 Education (tax deductible) Make checks payable to Sigma Phi Epsilon (memo: Indiana Alpha – Nabhan Fund donation) Send donations to Sigma Phi Epsilon, 310 S. Boulevard, Richmond, VA 23220 Or give online today at by clicking on "Give to SigEp." Be sure to select "Indiana Alpha – Nabhan Endowment" from the menu. The cold air dorms need to be updated! Please consider giving back today. Indiana Alpha Overcomes Difficult Challenges Brian Todd '97 Explains from a Financial Standpoint A s most of you know by now, the past two years have been some of the worst in our history. You have likely heard about numbers so low that we should have closed our doors. You may have heard about malicious damage or poor morale. But, few of you likely know the issues behind the scene—deferred house maintenance, lack of emergency reserves, and a budget that did not allow for improvements to either. The AVC and the great young men of the chapter have done a tremendous job of turning the chapter around from a manpower and development standpoint. Now, we must turn to the finances. It has been my goal, and that of this board, in the past two years to make permanent changes that will allow us to be more proactive with house projects and maintenance so we can weather storms and remain competitive on campus. We were lucky to have our national organization cover the shortfall, but that cannot be our answer in the future. We currently have nine funds held at nationals, all of which are used for different things. There are two that we will be addressing now and in the near future: the Balanced Man fund and the housing fund. (Continued on page 4)

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