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BETA BEAT Sigma Alpha Epsilon s University of montana FALL 2015 THE Big Plans in Store for Montana Beta Alumni Support Needed—How Will You Get Involved? I t seems like a long time coming, but we believe SAE at the University of Montana has crossed a goal. We boosted our membership to 51 brothers after recruiting 22 new members this fall, achieved over a 3.0 GPA last spring, are financially solvent, have a cook serving two meals a day six days a week for nearly 40 members, fielded two flag football teams in intramural sports, and completed an outstanding Homecoming celebration. In order for us to continue this positive trend, we believe there are several things that must happen. We will need to maintain a strong alumni presence, both physically and financially, continue recruiting quality members, and make mature decisions about activities, campus involvement, and grades. The house must be maintained and improved when necessary, as it is an asset and a liability that gives us an advantage in recruiting new members. In addition, the house provides alumni another link to our fond memories of our days in Montana Beta. With its 112-year-old structure, we must keep the physical appearance of our chapter house in good shape. We have a rather long list of projects that we weren't able to accomplish with our past capital campaign, partly because we didn't reach our ultimate goal of $1 million. We are planning a new effort to raise more modest annual funds to provide for some of these projects that need to take place, and we will need all hands on board. Our priority will be to build an emergency building maintenance fund that will allow us to handle any crisis and have funds for preventive maintenance projects and future emergencies. You will hear more about our efforts in the coming weeks, and we are asking you to step up and support our efforts. We welcome your comments and suggestions. In the Bonds, Dick Ford '64 (925) 876-8625 In this issue: Dick Ford '64 Awarded - p.2 Chapter Report - p.2 '60s Reunion - p.3 S trong connections were built with the men of Montana Beta before Hal Gillet '53 even attended the University of Montana. Some of his friends were in SAE, and he took the opportunity to visit the house and interact with members. More than 60 years later, Hal still carries lessons and memories from his undergraduate years at Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Hal intended to get a degree in music before changing his major to business administration, but he still kept the passion alive. One of his favorite memories was being chosen as song leader, which led to coordinating sweetheart serenades. He still believes SAE's sweetheart song is the most beautiful of all the sweetheart songs. Following graduation, Hal began a career in life insurance and has been continuing that path ever since. He keeps busy from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. every weekday, with some days being longer than others. "My family would like me to retire and I'm not sure what I would do with my time. I moved my office into my home and it is a different experience," he says. Throughout his work and within various organizations, he has learned to interact with others and ascend to leadership, thanks to SAE. He encourages young alumni and undergraduates to believe in themselves and their goals. "If you don't possess self-confidence, a positive attitude, and a sense of urgency in your objectives, you are likely to not reach your true worth in life." As a former house corporation president, staying involved with Montana Beta is still very important to Hal as he makes an effort to attend the monthly alumni luncheons. "I have gotten involved in so many outside activities that my time gets cluttered or full. All I can do is try to do better in supporting SAE. I have received a wealth of good from my association and membership in Sigma Alpha Epsilon, and I shall be ever grateful for the experience." Part of staying involved as an alumnus is keeping up with brothers. About 25 years ago, he started an annual football tailgate with Tom Ross '62 and Howard Hanson '60. Many other SAE alumni join as well. Hal and his wife of 24 years, June, live in Missoula, Montana. Hal has three children, two grandchildren, and one great-grandchild. June has two grown children as well. He is the proud owner of Hal Gillet Agency, but in his spare time you will likely find him playing golf, practicing jazz, woodworking, or remodeling his home. You can contact Hal at AN IMPACT FOR LIFE Montana Beta Chapter Continues to Be Significant for Hal Gillet '53

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