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Participating Countries Introduction The students who collaborated on this synthesis of global youth opinion are diverse by many means. Each of us is an individual, with a different worldview and distinct identity which has been shaped by the countries we live in and the education we have received. Our lives have each been impacted in various ways by climate change, and our respective governments have taken unique actions towards this issue. Despite these differences, we are united in our demand for change. In the pages that follow, we outline the three means by which we believe this change can be instituted on a global basis: policy demands, education and a call to action. All nations must show the same unity as youth on these points to create tangible action in response to climate change. Edmonton, Canada - Queen Elizabeth High School & Lillian Osborne High School Bozeman, Montana, USA - Bozeman High School Lima, Peru - Franklin D. Roosevelt School Brasilia, Brazil - Taguatinga High School Stockholm, Sweden - Global College Accra, Ghana - Lincoln Community School Pretoria, South Africa - Willowridge High School Taichung City, Taiwan - Affiliated High School of Chung-Hsing University Patalia, India - Yadavindra Public School Walkerville, Australia - Wilderness School Manila, Philippines - South City Central School Churchill, Manitoba, Canada - Duke of Malborough (with representation from the Cree, Dene and Inuit people)

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