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National Level • Solar-powered streetlights with high efficiency LED bulbs. • Wind farms where feasible. • Media campaigns by government and non-governmental agencies to increase public awareness of climate issues. International Level • Equip developing countries with resources to grow. • Get youth internationally involved in climate change campaigns. Implementing policies to achieve effective, sustainable change is not an easy feat. The differences that we appreciate and celebrate between our countries may also be the challenges that we face when we try to reach consensus. People may be fearful, apathetic or resistant to change. However, we are highly motivated. To establish cohesive international goals to tackle climate change, we must evoke a desire to act. As youth of the world, we believe this critical shift in perspective and action towards a sustainable and clean environment will come, in part, through increased public awareness. Social media campaigns are one strategy to mobilize the power of youth worldwide. Their ability to connect and spread knowledge within and across borders, especially among young people, is unparalleled. We believe that further campaigns must enable personal connections and encourage collective global responsibility. Technology can connect young people in a powerful way, and we understand the impact that communications technology can have in spreading knowledge both within and across borders. This technology can and should be used in an effective way to create an awareness that cannot be ignored. Young people are the path to the future, but we must act in the present. We are aware of the devastating effects of climate change on our people and our environment. Whether it be agriculture, energy, or water, there is no aspect of our society that we have not negatively affected in terms of climate change. Fortunately, we still have the chance to rectify our actions, and we are here today to do something about it. We ask that you join us, as a global collective, in our actions to solve climate change for a healthy and sustainable future.

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