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The Sunflower Page 2 W e wish to thank all those who have supported the annual campaign. Alumni who have contributed to the 2015 appeal are listed by graduation year under the appropriate giving levels. A complete list of lifetime annual giving can be found on our website, If an error has been made in recording your gift, or your name has been mistakenly omitted or listed improperly, we sincerely apologize. Please send corrections to the Kansas Chapter of Delta Upsilon, P.O. Box 1611, Lawrence, KS 66044. Thank you, again, for giving back to the Chapter—it truly does make a difference! time for you to pay it forward. That could involve mentoring in one specific area like academics or RockChalk, joining the corporation or foundation board to provide guidance and wisdom, hosting a recruitment party, or simply attending a dinner at the house to relay your own DU experience or talk about your career. The more alumni we can get involved, the easier the load for all of us, not to mention the benefit of a diverse group that brings different capabilities and experiences to the table. In closing, I ask you to make a difference in the lives of our younger brothers and help carry on the KU DU tradition. We are all busier than ever with demanding jobs, kids' activities, and numerous organizations requiring our time. Those are important, but your fraternity forefathers made the sacrifice for you. Now your fraternity needs you. Will you answer the call? If you are willing to take up this charge or just have questions, don't hesitate to contact Grant Kaufman '92 at or me. Thank you for your consideration. Fraternally, Eric Gustavson '87 Alumni Corporation Treasurer Leadership Club ($5,000 and above) Charles D. Belt '57 Thomas H. Rinehart '57 Patrick D. Bolen '58 K. Michael Berkley '61 Charles E. Heath '64 Eric A. Voth, M.D. '77 1834 Club ($2,500 to $4,999) J. Kenneth Higdon '48 Lorrimer Armstrong Jr. '55 Brian L. Biles '66 Grant J. Milleret '75 Cornerstone Club ($1,000 to $2,499) Earl H. Clark, M.D. '42 Marshall L. Crowther '59 Lynn H. Miller '59 Paul J. Trouslot '60 Michael M. Thomas '62 James E. Brink '67 Richard A. Hiebsch '71 Jacob D. Wassenberg '97 1025 Club ($500 to $999) Dr. John L. Reese '57 Bruce E. Taber '58 Warren A. Wandling '59 Max L. Schardein '62 Mark L. Miller '70 Jeffrey A. Wheat '86 Tom C. Stevens '87 John K. White '96 David F. Dummermuth '98 Blue & Gold Club ($150 to $499) D. Robert Buechel, M.D. '47 George W. Francis '50 James G. Mason '51 William L. Mitchell '59 Gary K. Hackett '60 Larry K. Burke '61 Halley E. Kampschroeder '67 Scott A. Wells '75 Steven J. Roth '79 Jason Tyrer '92 Jason J. Stafford '94 Dallas Rakestraw '03 Brett T. Koehn '11 Jayhawk Club ($25 to $149) Vance N. Elder '49 William C. Brainard '56 Christopher K. Boyd '81 G. Thomas Rowe Jr. '85 Loyal Alumni, We Thank You Donate to Kansas DU's annual campaign today! giving-back-support- kansas-du A CALL TO ARMS (Continued from page 1) "'It's not what you know, but who know that matters' is such a true statement," says Jeff. "There are so many talented people in the world that you are competing against. Relationships are the difference. Always look for ways to help others out in your career because it will come back around to you when you need help. Also, be part of something bigger than yourself, and take a leadership role. It will be the closest thing to the brotherhood you feel in the DU house." Jeff earned his BS in computer science. He works as the director of government systems Engineering for Atigeo, a Big Data Analytics startup out of Bellevue, Washington, that was started by one of the original Microsoft millionaires. "I was brought into them by Senator Rick Santorum to help them work with the Department of Defense. I'm in charge of all their major deployments in both the government and commercial sectors. It keeps me young, especially when I'm going through math formulas with our Ph.D.s that I haven't seen since college." Not long ago, Jeff took his family on a tour of KU's campus and stopped by the DU house. While there, a number of members introduced themselves and Jeff quickly determined that they were legacies, descendants of brothers from his era. "It was obvious that the brotherhood extended through the generations. That's a powerful force, so much so that when I asked my son if he wanted to see any other fraternities, his response was, 'Nope! I'm a DU.' I can't even begin to put into words how proud I was at that moment. I cherish every memory from my years as a DU and I want to share those experiences with my family. If you get the chance to step up and take a leadership position, do it! It will pay so many dividends in your life that you can't imagine." Jeff and his wife, Gabrielle, live in Shawnee, Kansas. Their children, Madison and Brandon, are in their senior and junior years, respectively, at St. Thomas Aquinas. Madison will apply to the U.S. Naval Academy and Brandon hopes to earn a computer science degree at KU. In his down time, Jeff and his family enjoy traveling and experiencing new cultures. You can reach Jeff at Jeff Wheat '86 (Continued from page 1)

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