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Fall 2015 The Sunflower a Publication oF the Kansas chaPter oF Delta uPsilon INSIDE: loyal alumni, We thank you 2 Welcome, New members 3 Kansas DU Aims for success this fall 3 Connect with Kansas DU Online 4 K a n s a s C h a pt e r o f D e l t a U p s il o n 95 Y e ar s a t t h e U n i v e r s i ty o f k a n s as 1920 2015 B rothers, as the Kansas Chapter approaches its 100-year anniversary, we are facing a battle and need your help. We've all seen the headlines or TV reports. It seems like a month doesn't go by without some negative press regarding fraternities. KU has had its own issues over the last several years as well, leading the University to strongly consider changing recruitment to the second semester of freshman year. In addition, there has been increasing scrutiny on fraternity traditions and practices. In other words, our fraternity is increasingly under pressure to change for the worse or to cease to exist altogether. The DU Chapter at KU has done many good things over the last decade—we had a major renovation of our Chapter House thanks to generous alumni, and we won the Sweepstakes for Most Outstanding Chapter in the nation. We have had many members graduate and move on to successful careers and become positive contributors to society. However, to maintain relevancy, not to mention continue our legacy of success, the Kansas Chapter needs to address today's challenges. How do we do that? Like DU men always do—by taking action! Beginning last fall, our alumni leaders met and developed plans for spring and fall 2015 to make our Chapter an exception to the negative trends. We're calling the program "DU Renaissance." It is essentially a return to the values, beliefs, and traditions of KU DU. Our undergraduate brothers have stepped up to take a lead in doing the right things and work toward making the Kansas Chapter exceptional in all phases. We're still early in the process, but I have personally witnessed and received reports that our members are responding positively. The biggest fundamental issue that DU and the other fraternities experience is that few juniors and no seniors reside in the Chapter House. The result is that the culture of those living in the house lack maturity, wisdom, and institutional knowledge. We have tried unsuccessfully to offer incentives to change this phenomenon. Our answer is more alumni involvement to fill the gap for the absent upperclassmen. Our board added three new members this summer to provide mentoring in key areas, and we have increased our physical presence, as well as interactions with the undergraduate leaders. However, we desperately need more alumni, particularly younger ones, involved to achieve our objectives. I would like you to take a moment and consider your DU experience and the impact it has had on your life. Your DU experience didn't happen by accident; it was the result of the sacrifice of our older brothers. It's A CALL TO ARMS J eff Wheat '86 has a lot to be proud of: a loving wife of 23 years, two ambitious children with bright futures, and a successful and exciting career to name a few. Yet one aspect of Jeff's life that has carried its own sense of pride since his teenage years is his membership in Delta Upsilon. His years as a Kansas DU were some of his best, and with them came friendships that have lasted decades, and life lessons that expanded his horizons personally and professionally. From the moment he set foot in the DU house, Jeff knew he made the right decision. He credits the fraternity for impacting his life in two very significant ways: 1) the high-caliber members inspired him to raise his game both academically and in everyday life, and 2) DU polished him, providing him with the skills required to succeed in the corporate world. His advice for the active brotherhood? Stay connected. Jeff Wheat '86 Prides Kansas DU on Lasting Memories and Strong Bonds Kansas DU needs your help today! Ask how you can get involved! (Continued on page 2) (Continued on page 2)

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