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From the heart 2 INDIANA ALPHA David Huhnke '83 Finds Volunteering for Sigma Phi Epsilon Rewarding Alumnus Gives Back Time to Indiana Alpha Founder's Society ($5,000 and above) James G. Mosch '79 Balanced Man Society ($1,000 to $2,499) John C. Weydert '48 Andrew G. Forrest '52 Frank E. Ruehling '56 Robert F. Kroeger '58 David E. Hetrick '89 Mark S. Meyer '92 Matthew R. Foster '94 James M. Anderson '95 Brotherhood Society ($500 to $999) Robert A. Von Behren '43 Harold Shevers Jr. '57 David S. McMichael '59 Frank R. Snyder '58 Bill M. Reid '60 James H. Muehlbauer '63 Byron H. White '64 John L. Knochel '65 John R. Treat '66 John K. Oelslager '66 Ronald L. Downing '68 August G. Voelkel '68 Wendell D. Schultz '68 James S. Keller '69 James M. Cassell '73 James M. Lindsey, DDS '74 Fred H. Beckman '82 Bradley S. Vice '85 Eric D. Dodd '91 Golden Heart Society ($100 to $499) Donald F. Smith '48 Edward R. Hyde '49 John C. Adams '54 Robert C. Foster '54 William V. Dohr '59 Robert T. Thorson '61 Larry R. Horton '62 Lawrence K. Volland '63 Kenneth A. Campbell '64 Andrew R. Ceperley '65 Gilbert J. Frey '66 Kenneth G. Miller '66 Michael R. Perkins '66 E. Dana Smith '66 Gary L. Evans '67 Patrick J. Woodring '69 Louis B. Astbury '72 Gregory B. Foust '72 Charles R. Reeves '73 Edward G. Gehlhausen '74 Dennis C. Lange '74 Mark W. Haberstroh '75 Jerrold L. Ulrey '75 Craig W. Wallace '75 David M. Andrews '78 Christopher D. Kelly '80 Richard C. Schroeder '82 Mark E. Sullivan '87 Douglas P. Reinking '91 Brian J. Kiessling '98 Grant R. Lohse '02 Dustin R. Longest '04 John M. Neary '05 Robert R. Vrabel '06 Donor Society (Up to $99) Gerhard N. Bolen '65 Mark D. Schmitz '69 Wesley E. Shimanek '79 A s a former district governor for Sigma Phi Epsilon and a current member on AVC, it's apparent that David Huhnke '83 is passionate about the organization and the Indiana Alpha Chapter. He says the most rewarding part about his role is simply advising the chapter and watching the men grow. "They develop in their leadership roles," David says. "I enjoy the one- on-one talks with the men, and although each situation is different— some good, some bad—I enjoy watching the men mature and grow into promising leaders." As an undergraduate, his favorite part about being a SigEp was living in the house with over 100 close friends and the brotherhood that they all experienced. David emphasizes that the chapter truly enhanced his college experience. As an alumnus, being on the AVC has helped him reconnect with brothers who simply inquire about the chapter and show genuine interest in its future. "We have to have volunteers," David says. "If not, the undergraduates can head into a direction that is not favorable. We need to have alumni involvement to stay on track." Some advice that he gives the Indiana Alpha members is to attend class, get internships, and enjoy everything you can about college. He emphasizes that there are many learning opportunities outside of the classroom. "It's easy for people to sit and watch from the sidelines, but the undergraduates need mentors," David says. "There's always something to do. We have volunteers that work endlessly, and stepping up to serve on the AVC or work on projects/committees at the chapter is needed and appreciated." David currently lives Lafayette, Ind., and is the vice president of community engagement for Old National Bank. When he has some free time, he enjoys home renovation projects, volunteering in the community, working as the front of house manager at Elliott Hall of Music for events and concerts, and serving as the chairman of the American Advertising Federation District 6 board. He also loves spending time with family and friends and traveling. E-mail: Thank You, BroThers, for ImpacTIng The fuTure of IndIana alpha HELP SIGEP BROTHERS TODAY Indiana Alpha Needs You! W e are always looking for ways to improve the interaction between our undergraduates and alumni. The alumni of Indiana Alpha have a collective knowledge and experience that is mostly an untapped resource for our young undergraduates. We are working on a few ideas to help bridge this divide and provide value for both the undergraduates and the alumni. Our two big focuses are mentoring and a type of job board. Mentoring A large part of the Balanced Man Program is mentoring. Indiana Alpha has always had a strong Alumni Volunteer group, and now we are now looking for some of those volunteers to help with mentoring these young men. We have a very young house and we need you to share your experience in life and work with the men of Indiana Alpha. The Balanced Man Program is divided into the Sigma, Phi, Epsilon, and Brother Mentor stages. As part of the Brother Mentor stage, the undergraduates are required to have a mentor T hanks to the support of 65 generous alumni, $16,145 was contributed through our spring 2015 appeal. The accomplishments and success enjoyed by Indiana Alpha are directly attributed to the ongoing and loyal support from the chapter's alumni relations efforts. Your gifts help the men of Indiana Alpha not only today but well into the future! If an error has been made in recording the amount of your gift, we sincerely apologize. If corrections to your giving records are needed, please send them to alehr@ Thank you, again, for your loyal support.

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