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LCA Tradition The Alpha-Phi Zeta's INSIDE Life Lessons from Lambda Chi pg. 2 Thank You, Loyal Alumni pg. 3 Welcome, New Associates pg. 3 Alumni News pg. 4 Since 1917 Fall 2015 House Corporation Oversees Brotherly Bonding and House Upgrades Alpha-Phi Zeta Grew in Numerous Ways This Year L ambda Chi Alpha is recognized as one of the outstanding Greek organizations on the University of Alabama campus. During the spring semester, we initiated eight associate members into the full brotherhood of LCA. We are currently educating 39 new associate members and developing them for full membership as brothers in our bond. The current Chapter is 123 men strong and is growing with the University. While numbers are important for financial strength, it is the quality of our young men that is most important. We are focusing on academics and strengthening the brotherhood of Alpha-Phi Zeta of Lambda Chi Alpha. LCA Brotherhood Thrives Spring was highlighted with the New Orleans formal and luau, with both having plenty of music and moments of brotherhood bonding. Parents' Day was celebrated at the Chapter House on September 25 with a reception featuring dinner, music, and an opportunity to meet and recognize those people most important in the lives of our young men. As always, House Director Becky Schuler and her staff did an outstanding job! The undergraduate brothers did a fine job making sure the house was in great shape and looking its finest. Recent Facility Upgrades Complete During the year, we maintained and improved our facilities, including the deep cleaning of the Founders Room wood paneling and the addition of a 65" Sony television with surround sound. The band room was painted in purple and will have green and gold fraternal accents added in the future. The dining room tables and chairs were cleaned and repaired. Our security camera system received a $22,000 upgrade, which improved picture quality, added additional cameras, and boosted network capabilities. Thank you to all of my Alpha-Phi brothers for all your support to ensure our brotherhood stays strong, committed, and continues to grow as one of the top fraternities at the Capstone. It is my pleasure to serve you as we continue to offer strong support and leadership to the undergraduate Chapter. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you would like to become more involved, or if I can be of any assistance. Fraternally yours in Z.A.X., Thomas O. Lackey, AF957, House Corporation President (256) 609-9969 / Alpha-Phi Zeta hosted Parents' Day on September 25. A reception was held at the house with dinner and music honoring our members' parents. House Director Becky Schuler and her staff did an amazing job organizing the event. Everyone in attendance had a great time and it was great to meet the most important people in our members' lives. Adding a new member to the family. From left: Joey Benway, AF1759, Charles Herron AM, and Josh Tavares, AF1728. Alpha-Phi Zeta Boasts Big Numbers in Recruitment and Academics Another Strong Year in Store at UA HIGH HOPES FOR NEW MEMBERS The Chapter currently has 123 men, including 39 new associate members. We had a successful summer recruitment, bringing in another great group of young men to join our brotherhood. Our associate class consists of men from all across the country, including 20 from the state of Alabama. We look forward to them becoming leaders at the Capstone with us. (Continued on page 2)

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