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Gamma Phone michigan Gamma Chapter of Sigma Alpha Epsilon • michigan state University Michigan Gamma Chapter Announces $1 Million Campaign to Renovate Chapter House More Than $500,000 Already Committed from Loyal Brothers I t is our honor and privilege to announce to you the next step in our pledge to excellence at Michigan Gamma. Over the last year, the ΣΑΕ Financial and Housing Corporation has committed to the chapter, dedicating both financial and staff resources to ensure its success. Now we also need the support of alumni as we proudly announce A New Chapter in Michigan Gamma's Legacy, Realizing the Bill Fiscus Vision campaign. The late brother, Bill Fiscus '50 dedicated much of his life to ensuring the excellence of Michigan Gamma, and we hope to follow his example during this exciting time for our chapter. In the coming weeks, you will receive a brochure that outlines our vision for Sigma Alpha Epsilon at Michigan State University. It is a tactical plan that is necessary for the continued success of our chapter. We must work to provide a safe, livable, and modern chapter house in order to attract and retain the best and brightest students at the university. The undergraduate men have stepped up by contributing $50,000 to the project and the chapter has dedicated itself to excellence and grown to 125 active members. Now it is our turn to step up. We have a responsibility to provide a safe and modern structure for them to live in and thrive during their years as undergraduates. The ΣΑΕ Financial & Housing Corporation has already completed projects totaling $400,000, and for the expansion and renovation they will commit another $1.1 million. In return, they ask that Michigan Gamma alumni contribute $1 million to complete the project. The total $2.5 million investment will ensure the success of our brotherhood by providing competitive housing for our undergraduates. Our plans to update the structure include: q An addition on the second and third floors, increasing the live-in capacity from 34 to 52 beds. q Single occupancy bedrooms to retain upperclassmen. q Dining room expansion to accommodate more chapter members. q Reorienting the front of the chapter house to create a grand entrance and provide quiet, private study space. q Outdoor living space that fosters community and brotherhood. As alumni, it is vital we contribute time, energy, and our financial resources to Michigan Gamma. We can expect great things of our fundraising campaign, but will only achieve our vision if we work together to make this project a reality. Now is the time to realize our goal of renovating the chapter house at 342 North Harrison Avenue. All contributions to the campaign will be 100% tax deductible for tax purposes. Please contact any campaign board member if you have questions about the campaign or want to know how to get involved. Alumni who came before us provided the opportunity to join ΣΑΕ, to live in the chapter house, and to develop the enduring friendships we cherish. Now is the time to join your brothers who have already made generous donations and ensure that the same ΣΑΕ experience is available for future generations of men at Michigan State. Phi Alpha, Greg Somers '98 Michigan Gamma Alumni Association President (773) 590-1056

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