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054000200535 Serious Back Pain or Neck Trouble? Leg/Arm Pain or Numbness? FIRST VISIT $79 AVOID BACK SURGERY Have You Been Diagnosed With a Bulging, Herniated or Degenerative Disc? CALL FOR DETAILS. "# to provide Non-Surgical Disc Decompression Therapy. Patient Testimonials: ! Disc decompression is considered by many doctors to be the most advanced and successful noninvasive treatment of serious back, neck, leg, or arm pain. This procedure allows for a much higher success rate by increasing hydration of your discs, flexibility, relaxation of muscles and ligaments along with improving muscle and core strength, balance and posture. This results in a more effective and lasting solution to our pain. There are no side-effects and no recovery time is required. This gentle and relaxing treatment has proven to be effective…even when drugs, epidurals, traditional chiropractic, physical therapy and surgery have failed. DISC DECOMPRESSION THERAPY has shown dramatic results. At Calhoun Spinal Associates we have created and entire facility dedicated to patients with severe conditions that have not responded to traditional care. Disc Decompression Therapy provides a very high success rate to patients with serious back, neck, leg and arm pain - even when all else has failed. This FDA cleared, non-surgical treatment allows us to rehabilitate your herniated or degenerated disc(s) by reversing internal pressure and enabling your disc(s) to heal from the inside out. We succeed where other treatments have failed – by removing the pressure that is causing pain to your disc(s) and nerves – without drugs, injections, invasive surgery or harmful side effects. After treatment I am absolutely pain free. I had intense pain in my lower back that would not subside with pain medication. After treatment I am absolutely pain free. I feel 100% better and would recommend Calhoun Spinal Associates. -Walley J. I have regained mobility that I thought was lost. I came to Dr. McCracken with excruciating pain in my lower back and pain shooting down my leg. Since receiving treatment I am virtually pain free and have regained mobility that I thought was lost. This treatment is most certainly -Stephen H. #""" I have suffered with pain for 4 years. I tried traditional treatment for 8 months time in 4 years I can honestly say I feel good!!! -Teresa C. . In Private Practice Since 1996 706-624-0200 1012 S. WALL STREET | SUITE A | CALHOUN, GA. 30701

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