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Breast Cancer Awareness 2015

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Breast Cancer Awareness 2015 10 10 Everyday, Life-Changing to Tips to Reduce Your Breast Cancer Risk By Lisa Iannucci CTW Features All women are at a risk for breast cancer and, the older you get, the more that risk increases. How much a person can reduce her own risk depends on the factors at play. "There are risk factors for breast cancer that we can't control, including your age and gender," says Deb Kirkland, RN and patient navigator at The Hoffberger Breast Center at Mercy Medical Center in Baltimore, Maryland. "But there some simple changes you can make that will bring that risk down." Here are 10 simple changes you can make in your everyday life starting right now that could reduce your breast cancer risk: 1.Factor It All In "Every woman should take the Gail Model assessment test (, which measures your risk for breast cancer," says Dr. Pedro Serrano-Ojeda, chief radiation oncologist and owner of Caribbean Radiation Oncology Center, Doral, Florida. "You will be asked eight questions and get your level of cancer risk. However, it doesn't take into account obesity, which has surpassed the use of tobacco as a risk." 2. Get Moving Get off the couch and exercise, whether it's a brisk walk around the block, a treadmill workout at the gym or a session of skating at the local roller rink. "Exercising three to five hours a week helps to decrease your risk of breast cancer by 40 percent, and if you've already had breast cancer it reduces your risk of reoccurrence by 60 percent," says Dr. Ruth Lerman, a Beaumont Health internist specializing in breast health and disease and mind- body medicine in Michigan. According to the National Cancer

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