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Breast Cancer Awareness 2015

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Breast Cancer Awareness 2015 21 054000199655 20% Off All Breast Cancer Awareness Uniforms American women have higher breast cancer mortality rates. Barriers to exercise are not insignificant for breast cancer patients. Treatment eats up a lot of time and can cause significant fatigue and pain. Depression can accompany diagnosis and treatment. Some women must continue working during treatment to afford the healthcare costs and provide for their families. This is especially true for African American women. Additionally, exercise, even in its cheapest forms, is still not free – shoes cost money as do gyms or programs. Education also plays a role. While more doctors are recommending exercise, there are still some that emphasize "taking it easy" during treatment and recovery. Another reason breast cancer patients may not be exercising is due to a possible increased risk of lymphedema, which is swelling, usually in an arm, following axillary dissection (removal of lymph nodes) or radiation. Dr. Cesar Santa- Maria, an oncologist specializing in breast cancer with Northwestern Medicine in Chicago, says that generally exercise is recommended during breast cancer treatment and recovery and encourages his patients to do so. He acknowledges lymphedema is a consideration and recommends patients speak with their oncology teams to

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