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Breast Cancer Awareness 2015

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Breast Cancer Awareness 2015 17 054000199919 1114 Professional Blvd., Dalton (706) 278-0138 Front Row: Jennifer Duckett, P.A.-C., Joseph Paulson, P.A.-C., Karah Smith, P.A.-C. Second Row: Brad Delay, M.D., Brandon Smith, M.D., John Antalis, M.D., Raymond Bedgood, M.D., Stanley Hoy, M.D. Dalton Dalton Dalton Family Practice Family Practice Family Practice Accepting New Patients At Dalton Family Practice we provide comprehensive health care that is convenient, respectful, high quality and affordable. APPOINTMENT HOURS Appointments Starting at 7:30 am Lunch Appointments Available Appointments Available Until 5:00 pm Walk-Ins Welcome Insurance Accepted: not so sunny, that you need to feel these things in order to move through this. But the anger I'm feeling took me off guard. Throughout treatment I was honest and open, and now that treatment is over, I think I'm a little bit angry that all of this happened. I thought I would go on to live my best life. I thought I would just feel grateful, not angry and depressed. This is new for me. I'm moving on with my normal life. I'm working again and I have my daughters. Right now I'm a little bit tired of thinking about cancer. For a while I wasn't sure what that meant for the blog. But maybe writing is just what I need to put these feelings behind me. Ann Silberman, 57, Sacramento, California Blog: Breast Cancer? But Doctor … I Hate Pink! The blog name came to me right when I was diagnosed. I was picturing the breast cancer community as all these perky women who run races and wear pink. It's hard for 'metsters' (women with metastatic breast cancer, or cancer that has spread) to find online support. I've heard stories of women being kicked out of support groups because their story is just too scary. For early stage women, the greatest fear is relapse,

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