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D ear Brothers, The Alpha Iota Chapter of Alpha Gamma Rho is at a crossroads. We have the option to take the easy path and maintain our current status or take the narrow path and breathe new life into our fraternity for the next century. We can either keep trudging along, which could spell the end of our fraternity's run at our beloved alma mater, or we can become the best professional and social fraternity at the University of Arkansas and reemerge as one of the best Alpha Gamma Rho Chapters in the country. I have the utmost faith in our brotherhood that it will be the latter. Why? Because I believe in you and I believe in our brotherhood. Today I ask that you prove me right and finish what we started, Rebuilding on a Proud Past. Since our fundraising efforts began over two years ago, 132 alumni and friends have pledged more than $630,000. With just 17% participation from our alumni membership, we have surpassed the halfway point of our $1 million goal. We would not be at this stage in the project without the hard work and dedication of these Brothers, and it is gratifying to see many of you step forward with such generous financial support; however, our job is far from done. To those brothers that have participated to date we say thank you. To the rest, we hope this momentum demonstrates that with a little more assistance the reality of a new house for Alpha Iota is at hand. Plans have been completed and initial responses to the design are very positive. With the final details being put in place for land to be purchased and construction to begin, we remain committed to our desire to meet the fundraising goals as originally envisioned. As we've said before, the $1 million is necessary to secure the purchase of land and complete construction without incurring any long-term debt, but anything raised above and beyond that amount will reduce our financial burden down the road. Thus, we continue to reach out to Brothers in an effort to raise the remaining $370,000 of our goal. Building this new Chapter House is a once-in- a-lifetime opportunity, and we want as many Brothers as possible to be part of it. Please reach out to a Brother today who is not on the donor list on page 2 and encourage him to give. If you have not donated to the campaign, now is the time! While five-year pledges are certainly appreciated to maximize your giving capability, our most immediate need is cash. If we are able to secure $750,000 in liquid contributions in the next few months, we can finalize our purchase and begin construction as early as summer 2016. By filling out and returning the enclosed pledge form, you can ensure that the Alpha Gamma Rho legacy remains for generations of Alpha Iota members. Brothers, It's time to put the shamrock back in the ground. It's time for Alpha Gamma Rho. Please join me in this life-changing endeavor! God Bless, Chris Looney '02 Campaign Co-Chairman (979) 777-6851 THe Alpha Iota messenger A PUBLICATION FOR ALUMNI OF ALPHA IOTA H ALPHA GAMMA RHO FALL 2015 YOUR GIFT MAKES DIRT MOVE REBUILDING ON A PROUD PAST Support Needed from All Brothers for Campaign Success Visit to stay up-to-date on campaign progress! Campaign Status At-a-Glance $1 Million Campaign Goal $416,400 As of August 8, 2013 62 Total Contributors, 8.7% Participation $566,350 As of November 25, 2014 116 Contributors, 15% Participation $638,312 As of August 12, 2015 132 Contributors, 17% Participation

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