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food Southern Comforts A A Haymount resident finds a business opportunity and a connection to her past in baking BY REBEKAH SANDERLIN ll around the country cooks are embrac- ing the slow food movement. Rather than rush through recipes, true foodies are embracing age-old techniques and recipes and swearing by the im- proved taste and sense of history such practices impart. That, however, is not what Lacy Walters had in mind when she first dreamed up Lacy Cakes. She was more interested in finding something to do while both of her kids —Garrison, age 6 and Nora Kate, age 4 — were in school. But as the idea grew she began to fall in love with doing things the old fash- ioned way. "I knew I liked to cook and to entertain," Lacy said. "Then we went on a family vacation to the mountains and I woke up one day and I just knew what I wanted to do and what I would call the company. I came home and designed the logo and the boxes." She also knew what she would bake: Carrot Cakes and Chocolate Kitties. Lacy's grandmother had been known for her carrot cakes. Friends and relatives would ask her to make them for gath- erings, Lacy would beg for them on her birthdays. Lacy's mother, Kitty, was similarly known for entertaining — and for a chocolate cake with cream cheese frosting that she oſten made. Those two most influential women in her life passed away just months apart in 2008 and Lacy knew that she want- ed to honor them by making their favorite recipes her own — and by selling the results. She did, however, make a few revisions. Her grandmoth- er's recipe called for shortening and her mother's recipe had a boxed cake mix as the foundation. "My philosophy is that if I wouldn't eat it straight, then I don't want to cook with it," Lacy said. So the shortening was replaced with real butter and step-by-step ingredients took the place of the cake mix. Lacy even decided to take the old- fashioned ways a bit further by hand grating all the carrots, because she said she can't find a food processor that will grate them to the right consistency, and by using an electric hand mixer, instead of a more convenient stand mixer, for all the cake batter. "I just think it makes the batter fluffier. But I have noticed | 25

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