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February 15, 2012

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February 15, 2012 Arizona Centennial Year in Review and the Lasting Legacy Project The Arizona Centennial Committee of Quartzsite wishes to thank everyone who supported all the events throughout the past year. The committee held two Orga- nizational Event Planning meetings before the year began. Many organizations collab- orated together to help create new events along with our signature events celebrat- ing the statehood year. The Kick-Off to the Arizona Centennial began with the 2011 ATV Parade, followed the next day with a Fire Walking exhibi- tion at the QIA, One Year & Counting Cake and Ice Cream Social by Rotary on Feb. 14th, 2011. The committee helped with the following activities: Chili Cook-Off, Two Town-Wide Yard Sale Events, Guns & Hos- es with QPD, Nature Week, Karaoke in the Park, Memorial Community Party at Park, Music in the Park, Summer Old Fashioned Ice Cream Social Fundraisers, 4th of July Celebration, Community Remembers 9/11, Pioneer Spirit Walk in Cemetery, Apron Show & Pie Auction, Rotary's Tur- key Hunt, Quartzsite Art Guild Art Panel Display, 2012 Hi Jolly Daze Parade, 2012 ATV Parade and Party in the Park, and the Lasting Legacy Project. At the finale held Saturday, February 11th, organizations drew the winners of raffles: Winner of Arizona Centennial Quilt was Laura Bruno. Winner of Nugget Wrangler Quilt was Sandy Merriman from Houston, B.C. Winner of Rotary raffle of Vizio 26" flat screen TV was "Ray Ray". Lasting Legacy Project Arizonans were encouraged to identify legacy projects that will mobilize a com- munity effort. Legacy Projects involve community-wide collaboration and dem- onstrate the vitality, quality and diversity of Arizona. These projects will help to es- tablish a lasting legacy well into the next century. The scope of projects will enhance teaching and learning about Arizona's his- tory with new content from accurate, origi- nal research. To be considered by the State of Arizona , a Legacy Project must 1) accurately portray a significant aspect of Arizona history; 2) be accessible to large number of visi- tors/users; 3) demonstrate collaboration in the planning; 4) produce an enduring product that will live on after 2012; 5) include an educational component; 6) include a plan for implementation. Through such projects, the Centennial will draw tourists to Arizona, and spur an in- terest to explore parts of the state yet vis- ited by its residents. The Hi Jolly Cemetery recently was listed on the National Registry of Historic Places. The Town of Quartzsite recently installed new marble signs with camel silhouettes welcoming visitors at each of the four en- trances to town. Keeping with the theme of Quartzsite's fa- mous camel driver, and after two years of community input, the Arizona Centennial Board members voted unanimously to pur- chase the first of the camel silhouettes. The Centennial committee is accepting sugges- tions on placements for future camels in key locations around town. Businesses are wel- come to "Adopt a Camel" as well. The next meeting will be held Tuesday, February 28th at 2:30pm at the Library meeting room. The Pet Patio ~ Ray & Verna Maurer Come by and visit our booth located at Tyson Wells Space 21 Full line of nylon products and comfort harnesses, fleece coats, dog boots, doggles, etc. 661-428-3499 or 206-890-1696 RV PROCTOLOGIST Dirty Holding Tanks Need Servicing Annually. Let us clean them for you. WE SOLVE THESE PROBLEMS: • Chemical Buildup Problems • Gauge & Sensor • Compacted Debris • Biological Hazard • Odor 928-916-1908 CUSTOM MADE PET ACCESSORIES Read Desert MESSENGER ONLINE @ DEADLINE is WED. Feb. 29 for March 7th issue of the Desert Messenger Email: Phone: 541-218-2560 Paid for by Michelle Lukkasson, PO. Box 3190, Quartzsite, AZ 85359 Reasonable Rates! 30 Years Experience! WASHERS • DRYERS • REFERS • DISHWASHERS • STOVES APPLIANCE SERVICE by Tom Browning Factory Trained - Authorized Warranty Service • Whirlpool • Estate • Kichen Aid • Roper • Maytag • Jennaire • Amana Dear Voters, My name is Barbara Cowell. I've lived in Quartzsite for 43 years (as of January 17, 2012). Quartzsite has taught me a lot about friendships, and about loving a place; this is my home. It's a small town and a big town, all in a matter of a few months. I worked at the Post Office for 15 years, front counter, and over and over I heard our winter residents say, "It feels like coming home", which our residents already know as home, and that's what Quartzsite should feel like, a place you want to call home. Over the past two years, since I've been on the Quartzsite Town Council, I've had to fight to keep Quartzsite a place you want to call home. There is a faction that wants to take Quartzsite back to the "no rules" era. I was here during that time, and it was a time of who you paid off to get what you wanted or just ignore the rules altogether. We had one county police officer to cover Quartzsite, Ehrenberg, and Salome. If you had an emergency, you were lucky if an officer would show that day. And the roads! Only Main Street and Highway 95 were paved. We need to stay vigilant with a council that stands strong and keeps Quartz- site on the right path. We will never be a Palm Springs, because we are just not that type of a town. We need to channel growth in the right way, and with the Baby Boomers on their way, we WILL have growth…they also love the sun. Quartzsite needs to grow. We need to be a year-round town, not one that is geared to a season that only lasts 3 months if we're lucky. Quartzsite, Arizona is a gathering place of residents, winter visitors, vendors, and tourists; all of whom enjoy this small town with a big heart. As a realtor, I have a pulse on what's coming to Quartzsite: the trade route between Mexico and I-40 finds Quartzsite as the first stop; the airport (half military/half civilian) that YPG military base would like us to go into conjunction with; investors who want to bring in additional businesses such as Jiffy Lube and Dollar General; and the Assisted Living Project that is well under way and will be built soon. We, as a council, are honest in everything we do. We check with our risk pool attorneys before we do anything. And now, with our in-house attorney, we can find out within minutes the best direction to take. It is sad that this council has had to be on its guard with every decision, motion and second on any subject that comes before us. One of our attorneys once said, "This council accomplished more in six months than all the other councils did in ten years." I'm proud of what this council has accomplished in the two years I've been on it. With your continued support I know that Quartzsite will continue to be the home you want and the winter home you can't wait to get back to. God bless! Barbara Cowell Paid for by Barbara Cowell, PO Box 417, Quartzsite, AZ 85346 209-765-3515 Page 9 "I find hope in the darkest of days, and focus in the brightest. I do not judge the universe." ~Dalai Lama In-Home Service!

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