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4 NORTH BAY WOMAN | S U M M E R 2 0 1 5 I'm Judi, and this is my healing place. CREEKSIDE PARK IN GREENBRAE To read more healing stories, visit When Judi Kirshbaum asked her doctor about the strange thumping in her ears, the last thing on her mind was her bike accident three months earlier. When Judi fell, the handlebars had jammed into her neck as she landed. She was bruised and shaken but did not seem to have significant damage. The tests her doctor ordered showed a 90% blockage of her carotid artery. A blockage this severe raises concern for stroke, and yet, it would have never been discovered if her doctor hadn't listened. Judi was quickly referred to a vascular surgeon at Marin General Hospital who diagnosed an injury to the artery caused by the bike accident – a tear in the artery wall called a dissection. The surgeon opened and repaired the damaged artery with life-saving precision. Today, Judi is back in the saddle – literally – enjoying her daily rides on the scenic trails of Marin.

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