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Notes of the Lyre P H I C H A P T E R O F A L P H A C H I O M E G A A T T H E U N I V E R S I T Y O F K A N S A S SPRING 2015 Class % Participation 1939 50% 1944 25% 1938 25% 1950 23% 1955 21% Class % Participation 1978 20% 1949 20% 1951 20% 1941 17% 1960 16% Phi Chapter Announces Initiation Class Challenge! O ur Alpha Chi Omega experience provided us with new friends, lasting memories, and a sisterhood that is unmatched by others. The friendships we created saw us through finals and graduation, career changes and marriage, births and passings. Now is our chance to join with our class and make a gift that will help exceed our campaign goal. Listed to the right are the classes with the 10 best participation percentages. Please see a total list of class participation on page 2. The two classes with the highest level of participation will receive a special prize. Right now, the classes of 1939 and 1944 are in the lead. Congratulations ladies! T he years we spent at KU are among the most special of our lives and full of fond memories. Then, as now, Alpha Chi Omega created the standard by which other sororities were measured: scholarship, leadership on campus, and sisterhood. Phi Chapter has played a prominent role at KU for a century, so we now need to ensure Phi's place for the next century and beyond. The undergraduates have committed themselves to the sorority and the A Century of Sisterhood campaign. This spring, Phi was awarded Panhellenic Chapter of the Year based on KU's community standards process, which evaluates chapters on academic performance, membership development and education, risk management and legal liability, leadership and campus engagement, community awareness, and chapter management. Our support of the campaign is given in hope that young women will continue to find opportunities for growth and development at Phi Chapter, just as we did. We have been impressed by the response from our sisters to date, and through the support and loyalty of Phi alumnae, we have secured $229,138. This is a great start and shows that many of us share fond memories and understand that alumnae involvement is critical to securing the future of Phi Chapter. To encourage more alumnae to get involved in this important project, we are launching a class competition to see which initiation classes can gain the highest level of campaign participation. Please see the article below for more information and page 2 to see where your class stands. Whether you have donated already or not, we now ask you to rally your pledge sisters to support our worthy project. We have some class leaders on board to reach out to classmates and garner additional support of the project. Would you be willing to serve as one of our leaders and contact your pledge sisters and friends? Are there other alumnae you would suggest to serve in this capacity? If so, feel free to reach out to me or any other campaign board member today! Others before us committed their time and resources for the future of our chapter. Now it is up to us. We hope we can count on your continued support! Despite all the effort we have put in, our project will not be completed as planned without more support. If you are not in a position to make a multi-year commitment, please consider making a one-time donation. Gifts of any amount are helpful and appreciated. Use the enclosed pledge form or visit axophi. to send in your contribution today. Loyally, Tricia Edelman Luedke '94 House Corporation President (913) 645-7105 / Donate today at axophi. donate! A l ph a Chi O mega Awarde d K U P anh e llenic C hapter of the Y e ar Class Challenge Launched to Increase Participation in Building for the Next 100 Years

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