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The The Tiger Sig Published by the Xi Xi ChaPter alumni assoCiation of sigma Chi fraternity COLUMBIA, MISSOURI SPRING 2015 F or the last two years, Xi Xi has been the only major fraternity on campus that has adopted freshmen living outside the Chapter House. This was done in accord with the desire of Greek Life to allow an easier transition to college and to broaden the individual's perspective on embracing a total campus experience rather than one limited to a fraternity perspective. So far, there have been some pleasant surprises mixed with predictable shortfalls relating to off-site living. Of three original concerns, two of these— recruitment and scholarship—have proven to be virtually non-existent. The idea of easing in to fraternity house living has had a solid appeal to parents and many of their sons. Recruiting remains strong. Greek Life has also given substantial support to the Chapter, particularly in our recruitment of young men from a broader geographic spectrum who go through formal recruitment. The combined GPA for Sigma Chi after the fall semester was 2.95, whereas the freshmen GPA was 3.05. The figures speak for themselves. We initiated 32 of an original pledge class of 37. The third concern—separation of living quarters—is one that has required adaptation and planning by the active Chapter. Realizing that this would be a learn-as-you-go process, the Chapter is developing better approaches in terms of maximizing the in-house experience and the socialization with active members. Freshmen eat at the house so they are in attendance daily, but involving them more on a consistent basis outside of specific events remains a challenge. It is most important that our freshmen live together in university housing. Although we were able to concentrate them in two halls last year, we have not been able to achieve the goal of all under one roof yet. No longer having the luxury of 30+ freshmen moving in each fall, the control of house population has become more critical. A major attraction of out-of-house freshmen was that, unlike other fraternities here, our composition at 500 College would be sophomores and juniors rather than freshmen and sophomores. Improved in-house maturity has long been a goal. The Chapter, however, has to manage the coming year's in-house population on an earlier and more controlled basis. It was hurt this year in terms of income by over estimating in terms of occupation, thus ending up with an in-house population which was nine below normal capacity. That reduced operating income by $90,000. In summary, we see definite advantages in several areas and still have work to do in others. Giving young men time to grow up before moving into the Chapter House is certainly a plus as is increasing the average age. Challenges remain, but we are facing them. How well we ultimately do is a work in progress. In Hoc, George Gale '54 OUT-OF-HOUSE FRESHMEN: WEIGHING THE RESULTS Bell Chapter Status Benefits Xi Xi I n another case of our alumni giving back to the active Chapter, Xi Xi has now received the fruits of membership in the Thomas Cowan Bell Chapter during the past four years. Thanks to the support of Albert Darling '46, Ronald Hensley (in memory of Robert Hensley '51), Duncan Matteson '56, James McFerrin '67, Larry McMullen '54, John Qualy '70, Jay Shields '76, and John Walker '60, we have met the $10,000 minimum annual contribution required for participation. The purpose of the Bell Chapter is to engage undergraduates in value-based leadership programs and scholarships. Our Bell Chapter status has delivered the following benefits to Xi Xi: • Eight Balfour Leadership Training Workshop registrations • One designated attendee at the Horizons Leadership program • A $1,000 scholarship to a qualified applicant • Preferential scheduling of Crossroads Alcohol and Drug Education Program • $250 travel allowance for attendees to the Balfour Workshop The Chapter has responded by sending 21 undergraduates to the workshop and has a member who has applied for the 2015 Horizons program. Three undergraduates have received $1,000 scholarships. Should you wish to support our Bell Chapter status, go to When the site asks for "fund list," select Bell Chapter Challenge. When it asks for "additional fund list," select Xi Xi. In Hoc, George Gale '54 ?

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