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Phi Gamma Delta Buen RetiRo Committee P.o. Box 4769 austin, tx 78765 Address Service Requested ATTENTION: This newsletter is intended for alumni and parents. If your son is still attending the University of Texas, he will receive a copy at the Chapter House. If he has graduated, please send us his permanent address to update our records. Thank you. TEXAS FIJI H I t's an exciting time to be a Texas Fiji. Spring has sprung and we're ready to head into the summer recruitment season. We have an excellent house to tout to our prospective new members and the undergraduates are thrilled about that! To add to the excitement, thanks to the nearly 800 alumni and friends, we've raised more than $5.5 million for our capital campaign. To all those who have generously given of your time and treasure, you have made us successful! Turning Our Attention to Buen Retiro Because of the success of the new addition, we are now turning to Buen Retiro. We originally budgeted $250,000 for work to Buen Retiro that included installing a new roof, new gutters, exterior painting, and enlarging the Chapter room. There is $300,000 in the House Corporation account to do that. With the tremendous success of the campaign and all the work that is needed to make Buen Retiro the historical masterpiece it should be, we would also like to do the additional work required to honor the history of Buen Retiro and improve the facility to make it more useful and efficient for our Chapter members and alumni. Our goal is to do as much of this work as we can this summer. As a two-phase project, the remaining work will be completed during the summer of 2016. Fortunately, now that we have the new addition, wear and tear on Buen Retiro is lessened and this extra work can be preserved. Texas Fiji Needs Your Help Once Moreā€”Go the Extra Mile In order to complete all of the necessary work to Buen Retiro, we need to raise an additional $1 million by December 31. To truly do this entire project, and to do it well, we've got to go the extra mile. Pledges are welcome, but cash is even more helpful. We really need $1 million cash by the end of the year. You can make your donation online at, or e-mail one of us for a pledge form. This campaign represents the opportunity to preserve for future generations the incredible legacy and history we received in Buen Retiro. It is time to join together; our goal is achievable and within sight. We need all Texas Fijis to make a pledge today to support Buen Retiro. GTBO, Campaign Chairmen Bobby Orr PC '75 (832) 428-8595 Kevin R. Snodgrass PC '78 (713) 254-1315 Going the Extra Mile for Buen Retiro T hank you to all who have helped push our campaign to this point by participating in the class participation challenge! Here is an update on where the top three classes of each decade stand as of April 2015. Thank you again for your support! 1940s_____________________________________________________________________ 1948 42.86% 1940 36.36% 1947 33.33% 1950s_____________________________________________________________________ 1954 100.00% 1955 66.67% 1957 41.38% 1960s_____________________________________________________________________ 1961 25.93% 1960 23.08% 1965 20.00% 1970s_____________________________________________________________________ 1978 71.43% 1974 69.70% 1976 66.67% 1980s_____________________________________________________________________ 1983 53.33% 1989 52.63% 1982 35.14% 1990s_____________________________________________________________________ 1994 50.00% 1992 45.45% 1991 35.90% 2000s_____________________________________________________________________ 2000 37.21% 2003 29.41% 2001 26.09% Class PartiCiPation UPdate Give today at httP://texasfiji.kintera.orG/CamPaiGn

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