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Page 3 S A E Welcome, NeW members Carlo Alviar Indianapolis, Ind. Jack Ball Indianapolis, Ind. Austin Cannella Wheaton, Ill. Matt Jaworowski Fishers, Ind. Johnathan Karahalios Crown Point, Ind. Michael Keller Columbus, Ind. Mitchell Volpe Carmel, Ind. Chapter Officers Eminent Archon Austin Cornell '16 Guilderland, N.Y. Eminent Treasurer Von Wiltman '17 Pittsburgh, Pa. EDA, Internal Brenden McKeon '18 De Soto, Mo. EDA, External Joe Murphy '16 Rossville, Ind. W e wish to thank all those who contributed to our annual campaign in the 2014 cycle. These donors gave more than $20,000. Your dedication to SAE is appreciated and helps us improve our programming for undergraduates and alumni alike. The 2014 cycle donors are listed below in their annual campaign giving level for 2014. If an error has been made in recording your gift, or your name has been mistakenly omitted or listen improperly, we sincerely apologize. Please send corrections to Bob Parrin '72 at Thank you, again, for giving back to the chapter—it truly does make a difference! Sons of Minerva ($2,500 and above) True Gentlemen Club ($1,500 to $2,499) Norman P. Blake Jr. '64 Phi Alpha Club ($1,000 to $1,499) Phil H. Wagner '64 Randal A. Sergesketter '80 Brian R. King '97 406 Littleton Club ($500 to $999) George Scalise '56 Lewis G. Green Jr. '60 E. Brian Smith '60 Charles H. Alexander '64 Stephen A. Lochmoeller '67 Roger B. Gatewood '68 Bill M. Frederick '82 Greg J. O'Daniel '90 Strawn C. Markle '95 Andrew J. Martin '96 Indiana Beta Club ($250 to $499) Robert Kirk '52 Charles W. Kehrt '59 Leonard W. Busse '60 Charles W. Sanders '61 Edward F. Chouinard '63 Carl Koontz '64 William R. Litzler '64 Thomas D. Wilson '67 Ralph E. Roper Jr. '68 Steven E. Short '68 Robert Altenkirch '70 Gregory J. Vogelman '95 Daniel R. Byles-Smith '09 Phoenix Club ($100 to $249) Robert S. Sternberger '42 Charles E. Hattery '43 Alan H. Lobley '49 Richard E. Wood '49 Neal B. Royer '51 Donald L. Shaw '51 E. Clifton Wilson '51 Richard W. Butler '53 Lawrence A. Framburg '53 James H. Lowe '53 Virgil G. Burkhardt '55 Dennis T. Karras '56 Richard Lyon '56 Armand O. Norehad '56 Dominic J. Picco '56 Lucien C. Woodhouse '56 Donald H. Morton '57 David A. Bigler '58 Gilbert W. Rowe '58 H. Bailey Terry Jr. '58 Charles W. Ashing III '59 Russell A. Nippert '59 Paul A. May '60 Robert D. McIlroy '60 Anthony Manlove '61 Peter H. Schueler '61 Herbert W. McGuire '62 William N. Vinovich '62 William S. Anderson '63 Stephen E. Egger '63 Robert H. Frushour '63 Charles M. Jensen '63 Gregory S. Smith '63 Michael D. Leahy '64 Bruce T. Cundiff Jr. '65 William D. Schmicker '65 Andrew E. Cummins '66 James A. Gerlach '66 Robert S. Terry '68 John F. Wahl '68 Robert R. Johnson '69 Cliff Sondgerath '69 James C. Fisher '70 Robert W. Rush '70 Donald S. Meck '71 Donald J. Haerer '76 Patrick K. Harrington '80 William J. McConnell '80 Keith L. Welcker '80 Nick F. Stein '82 Thomas B. Poole '83 Roy B. Heimbrock '84 Alex A. Jacobs '84 David A. Boss '85 Maurice D. Galey Jr. '85 Sean M. Margiotta '87 Brian E. Pulver '91 Greg M. Ansems '92 Bradley L. Benhart '92 Peter A. Greenley '92 Gregory M. Lewis '92 Gregory W. Mauro '92 Thomas S. Pruitt '92 Kurt S. Schmiegel '92 Gregory M. Wenstrup '92 Brian T. Irwin '93 William D. French '94 Patrick L. Lehman '95 Daniel Neie '95 John D. Zarnowiecki '95 Clement C. Dauk Jr. '96 Drew B. Anspach '07 Nicholas R. Tenhundfeld '07 Boilermaker Club (Up to $99) Al D. Croxall '42 James A. Foster '48 A.T. Sprich III '53 Donald C. Himsel '55 Frank P. Miller '57 John H. Hager '58 Lloyd C. Cooper '59 Robert E. Gotschall '59 Robert W. Butler '60 James H. Helm '60 John D. Burckell '62 Ronald R. Clark '62 William C. Bultman '67 Stephen Freigherr '67 Thomas J. Resh '67 Terry K. Ryker '69 John B. Fillion '71 John M. Kensill '71 Robert M. Freeman '77 Grant T. McBee '80 David G. Sturm '81 James B. Wood '84 John K. Doyle '91 Jeff Decicco '92 Alan W. Polster '95 Anthony W. Roberts '98 Jeffrey T. Short '04 Nicholas W. Gibson '09 Thank You, Generous Alumni ChaPTer Provided an enhanCed CoLLeGiaTe exPerienCe F orty years is a long time to remember things, especially from a time as hectic as college is for most of us. But for Mark Hopkins '79, his experience with Sigma Alpha Epsilon stands out as if it were yesterday. Mark feels that the fraternity was one of the highlights of his college career. He remembers attending football games and various social events with his brothers. Each year, they would prepare and race in the Purdue Grand Prix. Being an engineering student, this was the perfect event for Mark. Following college, Mark has had an extremely successful career. He is a partner at Deloitte Consulting LLP. The company is a business consulting firm that offers services in four main areas: audit, financial advisory, tax, and general business consulting. While his hard work and dedication are what got him to where he is today, Mark knows that his experience with Sigma Alpha Epsilon helped him in his career. His biggest advice to undergraduates is that "95% of the job is showing up," something that Sigma Alpha Epsilon taught him. He also says that his experience living in the fraternity house taught him to get along with many different individuals from different backgrounds, a very valuable skill in our ever-expanding world. Sigma Alpha Epsilon gave Mark great memories and taught him a lot of lessons and skills useful for life after college. It is because of this experience that he wants to give back to the chapter however he can. He feels that it's a responsibility that all alumni have for future generations to keep the legacy of Indiana Beta alive. While there aren't a lot of alumni in the Atlanta area where Mark works and lives, he feels that he is still connected to the chapter and has been reconnecting with other alumni in recent years. "Our shared experience at Indiana Beta Chapter connects us, despite the time that has passed since we last spoke." It is this connection that reminds Mark of his time at Indiana Beta and keeps him giving back to the legacy.

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