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Spring 2015 Campaign Update

Alpha Iota Chapter of Alpha Gamma Rho Fraternity at the University of Arkansas

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ALUMNI ENJOY RECONNECTING Members gather in Paragould, Arkansas, on February 14. Thank you to Brother Everett Rogers '68 for hosting. We had brothers spanning six decades attend our meeting and the stories just kept coming! REBUILDING ON A PROUD PAST Alpha Gamma Rho at the University of Arkansas Alpha Gamma Rho Needs Your Participation Show Your Support for Alpha Iota by Sending Your Gift Dear Brothers, We have made incredible progress since we first launched the Rebuilding on a Proud Past campaign, and our fraternity has grown in number, communication, participation, and of course financially. But, the race has not been completed. We have made significant strides (over 60% of our $1 million goal), and now we are in the home stretch. It is time for us to purchase property and get our new house under construction! We need every brother to help us finish this. We need everyone coming together and pulling in the same direction to create a future for Alpha Iota that is brighter than it has ever been before. The time has never been better for Alpha Gamma Rho to flourish at the University of Arkansas. Our active members just need the tools to make it happen. They need a place to bond like so many of us had. They need a place to grow up and become men of responsibility. They need a place to socialize, study, and work together toward a common goal. They need a place to become AGR brothers. It is time we lay claim to a piece of property of our own again and complete our fundraising to change the lives of our current brothers, to honor our alumni, and to provide opportunities for future men of Alpha Iota. In our approved budget by Baldwin and Shell Construction, we allocated $500,000 for a piece of property large enough to support a 25 person house. In order to purchase the land and begin construction, we will need to have at minimum 20% of our total project costs ($475,000) in available funds to get the construction underway. We are currently at 10% of that goal. If we want to get a new house built by 2016, we must receive the other 10% quickly. Our goals can be reached but we must make take action NOW to make them a reality. If you have made a pledge, then we can't thank you enough. We charge each of you with fulfilling the pledge you promised as it increases our available funds and can get us closer to the funds needed to purchase a piece of property and finance our construction. If you have not made a pledge, please don't wait any longer! Don't concern yourselves with the amount of the pledge, but rather your participation in this campaign as it and your support is as important as the amount of your pledge. As we have stated before, supporting this campaign is something that we all can do, and it will change our lives as well as the lives of future Alpha Iota members forever. Giving to this worthy cause is easier than you think. Payments can be spread over five years in any way you would like. Giving in-kind construction gifts or gifts of grain are accepted, and all contributions to the Alpha Gamma Rho Educational Foundation are 100% tax deductible. Although we feel your participation is as important as your gift, we would also like to charge each member to strongly consider giving a gift of $2,500 or more, as those brothers will have their names inscribed on a prominently displayed plaque in the new chapter house. I would also like to remind you that any person or class who contributes $25,000 or more will have naming rights to a room in the new house. Brothers, let's not wait any longer! Make 2015 the year the year you step up and help us build for the next generation of Alpha Iotas. This is a great way to give back just a sliver of what the Alpha Gamma Rho experience gave to you. Your pledge will show your continued commitment to our undergraduate members, fellow alumni, and the promises you made at your initiation into our brotherhood. Throughout this campaign process, it has been inspiring reconnecting with old friends, making new ones, and seeing how much Alpha Iota has meant to all of us. We hope you'll add your name to the list of loyal brothers who have made this journey possible. Let's make the next generation of Alpha Gamma Rho even better than the last! Fraternally, Chris Looney '02 Nathan Bagley '69 Campaign Co-Chairman Campaign Co-Chairman (979) 777-6851 (813) 995-3839 Like Us on Facebook Alpha Iota Chapter of Alpha Gamma Rho Alumni Association f Founders day April 25 in Fayetteville Registration at 9:30 a.m. and business meeting at 10 a.m. in the Pauline Whitaker Animal Science Center. Lunch to follow before Red and White Scrimmage. RSVP to Chris Looney '02.

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