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December 7, 2011

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Page 6 Honey and a Dress from the Poston Bee Yard bees. The mesquite bloom was over and we had extracted a tank of honey to sell under our Arizona Desert Bloom Honey label. We drove to Ehrenburg and then up the Poston Road along the river. After awhile Charles pulled over and drove through a dense thicket of salt cedars covered with pink tassels and found a good place for a bee yard. We next stopped at the little market that sold our honey. Mr. Henry told Charles who we needed to see at the Colorado River In- dian Tribal office for permission to leave our bee hives. Early the next morning we unloaded our hives in the pattern Charles had learned from Mr. Mott. Mr. Mott was very tidy about everything, including bee yards. He taught Charles to place hives with the entrance facing south. Across the Poston Road from our new bee yard were three groups of buildings that Charles said was where the government had sent people of Japanese decent. After the bombing of Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941 there was concern that Ranch House Deluxe on 1+ acre nestled up close to BLM land. Forever views. Ride your horse or ATV from your yard. End of road privacy in desirable Brandy Hills~Bouse. Totally remodeled with a darling "WESTERN FLAIR." Fenced with horse facilities, fruit trees, RV hook up, covered parking, storage shed & much more. GIDDY UP & TAKE A LOOK... ONLY $92,000 In 1943 Charles and I went for a drive looking for a new location for our honey desert messenger celebrates the arizona's centennial with voices from the past in Quartzsite, AZ Excerpts from "In the Shadow of Saguaros" by Rosalee Oldham Wheeler Dorothy Keene 928-916-4533. Jef Johnson 951-236-2229. Pat Wall 928-210-9247 BETTY HUNTER, INC. REALTOR www. Serving Bouse 928-851-2244, Parker & Quartzsite 928-927-5551 Call 928-669-9268 the road. Did families live together? Where and what did they eat? What about toilets and bathing facilities? I drove Charles crazy with all my ques- tions about the people behind the fence. Richard was almost five and I was pregnant. Suddenly I had another question, "Where do the women have their babies? We visited the bee yard regularly to check the progress of the salt cedar honey crop. One day, as we were leav- ing a Japanese man was standing by the fence. He smiled and waved like he knew who we were. "Stop," I told Julia Keller, Imaging Technologist Quartzsite Imaging (928) 927- 5067 I've been with Quartzsite Imaging since it opened in 2009. Bernie Hatmaker performs the ultrasounds and I do the CT Scans and X-rays. For superior service at competitive prices, call Quartsite Imaging today! What people are saying about Julie and Quartsite Imaging "She was so kind and caring and really tried to make me comfortable." "The technician was very kind and answered all my questions." "I liked the way the tech made sure I was doing OK during the test." "I didn't have insurance and she helped me get a discount." Effective December 1, 2011 Price Reductions - COMPARE AND SAVE!!! If you can find it less expensive within 100 miles, we'll refund you the difference! CT Scan Abdomen $949 CT Scan Pelvis $949 CT Chest CT Head $810 $949 CT Thorax CT Abdomen and Pelvis X-ray Foot (1) $ 949 $1,140 $ 125 X-ray Chest X-ray L Spine Notice: Prices Subjet to Change or Update without notice $100 $155 X-ray Shoulder $155 X-ray Foot (2) $190 people of Japanese ancestry might be sympathetic to their country of origin. Plus there were some Americans who had lost family in the war and tried to take out their frustration on Japanese- Americans. So on February 19, 1942 President Roosevelt signed Executive Order No. 9066 establishing the War Relocation Authority Camps in Arizona. I was curious about the people across a good idea? Do you see anybody else pulling over to visit with the people be- hind the fence? It is a fence you know and to me that means keep out." As Charles pulled up onto Poston Road, I told him, "I don't think it means keep out, I think it means stay in." "Oh Rosalee, leave it to you," he Charles. "I think he wants to talk to us." "Rosalee, do you really think that is December 7, 2011 moaned with a smile. "So, if I pull over, what are you going to do?" "I won't even get out of the truck. I'm just curious about why he waved. I'm sure he's okay because he's smiling so big." the slightest accent, which surprised me. I hadn't lived around Japanese people back in Illinois, or in Flagstaff, but I just supposed someone who was Japanese would have an accent. The smiling man introduced himself as Ray. "How about that," I thought to myself, "That's my brother's name and he's in the Army Air Corp somewhere in the Pacific." Well, this Ray told Charles he was cu- rious about our yard of bees. He said he knew how important bees are to the melons growing in his garden and wanted to know how much longer our bees would be there. Charles told him we would move them soon because the cedar bloom was almost over. Ray said he and the others were hav- ing a very good crop of melons and would be sad to see the bees go. Ray pulled off a cantaloupe and told us that it needed a couple more days to SEE BEES ON PAGE 22 SILVER OR GOLD (until you see Michael for a quote!) Please call DON'T SELL YOUR 602-956-2720 Located in Quartzsite. I BUY COINS AND JEWELRY. Because this is not my primary business, I PAY MORE! other cars had been and asked, "How's it going' today?" "Good," the man answered without Charles pulled up to the fence where

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