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A L P H A A V A L A N C H E Page 2 S erendipitous moments find all of us at some point in our lives and help to change us. For William (Will) Greene '81, our Private Sector Award Winner, one such moment brought him to Phi Kappa Psi and made all the difference. In the beginning of his college career, Will had decided he was not going to pledge a fraternity. He was extremely focused on his academic performance, so he had decided to forego recruitment or any serious visits with fraternities. As fate would have it, he attended a Phi Psi party and ended up being recruited by some of the best guys he had ever met. He consequently joined Phi Psi. Will's experience in Phi Psi quickly began to impact his life. It helped transform a large university into a small school. He loved the camaraderie and friendship he gained through the fraternity. His fraternity brothers brought many different values, perspectives, and life objectives, so he learned that strong friendship can be found with people who are different in many ways. He considers this a great life lesson. One of his favorite memories is being a member of the Phi Psi "A" league football team that won the University championship, beating teams filled with former high school football stars. While the Phi Psi team had very good athletes, what really set their team apart and made an impact for Will was the close teamwork they had that could not be matched. The teamwork and camaraderie he experienced at Phi Psi impacted Will well beyond his experience in intramural athletics. Phi Psi gave Will life-long friendships that play a large part in his life to this day. The fraternity's impact went still further in Will's life. It helped mold him into the man he is today. He learned many lessons that prepared him for life after college and for his career. Will began his career as a financial analyst for American Airlines. He found the airline business was a great atmosphere to get a broad business experience quickly and to have the opportunity to affect significant change for the future of his company. Will's long and varied career with American Airlines impacted the airline in positive ways that will stay with the airline long into the future. Among Will's more publicly recognizable accomplishments, he created a joint venture with Rolls Royce to repair jet engines, which brought thousands of new jobs to our country and produced substantial new profits for American Airlines. Will also led a cross-departmental fuel team which cut American's fuel costs sharply and brought us the now familiar winglets that grace the end of wings on many of American's jets. A key part of Will's successful career has been that he never stopped learning throughout his career. He believes that we should never think that we know everything. Will tells us that having such an opinion will drive away other people's better ideas, alienate your coworkers, and almost certainly bring a halt to your ascension within your company's ranks. Will gives Phi Psi credit for starting his career knowing that there was much to learn from others. Phi Psi has and will always remain an important part of Will's life. He has strived to uphold the legacy of Phi Kappa Psi throughout his life. "If our fraternity continues to focus on selecting only quality men of high character, Phi Psi will have a positive and growing impact on our society." Will and his wife Dianne live in Austin, Texas. They have three children, William Jr., David, and Courtney. Will can be contacted at Will Greene '81 received the Private Sector Service Award. Texas Alpha, and our undergraduate brothers are dining at the house in unprecedented numbers. A major kitchen renovation was made possible by alumni contributions. Great food fosters strong brotherhood. 3. Texas Alpha has implemented and follows the Phi Psi National six-week new member program. The spring 2015 new members were initiated on March 5. 4. We added a house advisor that lives at 2411 Longview. 5. A representative from TAMC attends weekly chapter meetings. 6. TAMC is assigned to mentor and follow up on activities in brotherhood and activities, finance, house and yards, new membership and philanthropy. 7. Created an alumni mentor program to pair each undergraduate brother with an alumnus in their career field of interest. We have assembled a great team of alumni and are also very proud of the leadership that the undergraduates have exhibited. We will continue to adopt best practices in anticipation of moving into the new facility in 2016. The work we do would not be possible without the volunteer efforts of our team. To those of you that are serving, I thank you. To those that would like to serve, please reach out to me for more information. Amici, Casey Bump '98 President, Texas Alpha Management Corporation (512) 796-4031 InvestIng In texas alpha (Continued from page 1) Want to get involved? Contact Casey for TAMC at or Mark for TAEF at mamayer2000@ An Unlikely Decision Altered the Course of One Man's Life

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