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The Iowa DelTa REPORT Iowa Delta Chapter of Phi Delta Theta • Spring 2015 George A Long III, Indiana Alpha 1413 George A Long, Indiana Beta 10/19/1208 #332 G ranville Moody Jr. Illin ois Et a, 3/7/1914 #232 George A Long Jr., Illin ois Eta, 6/6/1939 #586 Edward C. Loy, Indiana Theta, 4/5/1934 #5 0 4 He rbert Strawbridge, Indiana Theta , 4/19 /19 36 #531 Ro bert Strawb ridg e, Indiana Thet a, 3/18/193 7 # 5 39 Russell Strawbridge, Indiana Theta, 4/27/1947 #749 Dallas Ryan Long, Florida Gamma, 4/2 2/2007 #1663 O n December 4, Phi Delta Theta colonized the 31-member Iowa Delta Colony at Drake University after eight weeks of recruitment and development by Leadership Consultants Zach Hilliard, Ohio Lambda '13, and BJ Nelson, Pennsylvania Delta '14. More than 30 alumni from Drake University and the Des Moines Area Alumni Club welcomed the colony members, along with family and friends from the University and Greek communities. Province President Jay Longnecker, Iowa Gamma '96, presided over the colonization ceremony. Vice President of the Iowa Delta Colony Geoff Daley said that he was "excited to work with alumni and can't wait to continue the once great tradition of Iowa Delta at Drake!" Jan McMahill, dean of the College of Education and faculty adviser to the Iowa Delta Colony, attended the event and declared her excitement at once again working with the men of Phi Delta Theta. Several alumni, including some of the original founding fathers of the chapter, voiced their eagerness and excitement to meet the new men and to have the chapter back at Drake University. One of the men advised, "You may all be new colony members, and some even strangers to one another, but in 50 years you will look back and these men will be some of your best friends and family." The Iowa Delta Colony has a bright future and is excited to join the Greek community at Drake University. The colony would like to thank Jay Longnecker for presiding over the ceremony and would like to express great appreciation to the committed alumni for their excitement and support. The Chapter Advisory Board is excited to work with the new colony in the coming months and looks forward to welcoming alumni back for Relays this spring to meet the new members. As Iowa Delta reestablishes itself, the board will look into housing options and develop a strategy to give the new colony the best possible future. "We have come a long way since November of 2009 when our charter was suspended and our future uncertain. Thanks to the efforts of alumni far and near, we stayed the course and are now on track to be better than ever. For those of you who have contributed your time, your money, or both, I thank you. We absolutely would not be here without you. For those of you who sent notes of congratulations and support as we moved through this process, they were very much appreciated. For those of you who have not reengaged, I urge you to consider doing so. At the very least, consider making the trip to Des Moines for Relays. Our work is not close to being finished. If anything, our toughest tasks still lie ahead as we support these young men in their task of rebuilding our chapter," shared Tim Coonan '96 (#713). W e hope to see many familiar faces for the 2015 Relays, April 22-26. With the excitement of our new colony this will be a great opportunity for all brothers to reconnect with Iowa Delta. Visit us on Saturday, April 25 from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. on a 34th street tour of all Greek houses. A map of the Greek houses will be provided on 34th street. This will be a chance to walk through the ADP house which will be ours again in June. Then, from 2 to 4 p.m., we will celebrate the return of PDT to Drake with a party at the home of Scott Carlson '97 (#667) (315 37th St., Des Moines, Iowa 50312), where all of our new members will be in attendance. A big thanks goes out to Scott and 10 local alumni who help fund this event. Finally, from 4 to 7 p.m., join us for a Greek Reunion at the alumni tent in the Olmsted parking lot. Last year we had more than 100 alumni in attendance and this year we are hoping for even more. The undergraduates are very eager to meet alumni and we hope to see you there. If you plan to attend Scott's party or host another gathering, please notify Tim Coonan '96 (#713) at Alumni, We Want to See You! Mark Your Calendars for April 22-26 Phi Delta Theta Colonizes Iowa Delta with 31 Refounding Fathers Colony to Reoccupy Chapter House in June Help Us Furnish the Chapter House! Alumnus to Match Every Dollar Raised P hi Delta Theta is once again preparing the chapter house for a new group of young men. Housing at Drake is a competitive business. To give our new members a good place to live, there is a great deal of work to do on the house. Our first priority is purchase all new furniture, including beds, mattresses, desks, dressers, sofas, and more. Please consider the impact that Iowa Delta had on your life and make a decision to support us this year. Local alumnus Doug Bruce '72 has agreed to match every dollar we raise toward furnishing the new house, so by sending in a gift today it will count as twice as much. Last fall we were able to raise $9,275 and we could not be more thankful for these gifts, but furnishing the house is expected to cost as much as $40,000. As Phi Delta Theta continues to reestablish itself at Drake, alumni support is more important than ever. If you are interested in supporting Iowa Delta and helping our successful return, please return the form below or the enclosed pledge card with your gift today. Mail gifts (using form) to: Phi Delta Theta Householding Corporation • P.O. Box 41576 • Des Moines, IA 50311 Make checks payable to: Phi Delta Theta Householding Corporation Name: _______________________________________________ Graduation Year: ________ Address: ____________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ E-mail: _____________________________________________________________________ I want to contribute the following to help Iowa Delta furnish the chapter house: ___Dresser ($250) ___Desk ($300) ___Mattress ($500) ___Sofa ($1,000)

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