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Alpha Slants of BETA THETA PI A L U M N I N E W S L E T T E R S P R I N G 2 0 1 5 Returning Alpha to Glory Five Subcommittees Hard at Work here has been much interest in the workings of the steering committee and our march toward recolonization in 2016-17. Like all great chapter startups, this is a multi-year process that consists of many moving parts. Following is an overview of the five subcommittees with brief updates. Recolonization Tom Cleverdon '67, JB Scherpelz '05 The recolonization team has spent a great deal of time in determining the key elements of failure leading to closure in early 2014. Problem identification is always the most difficult but most important element in developing targeted cultural changes to ensure permanent success. Immediate engagement of this group has enabled a fast start in focusing on the core cultural dynamics required to be a chapter that transcends decades. Physical Improvements Randy Kirschner '74 An immediate assessment of the Alpha chapter house condition and development of options to renovate/remodel our house to support an effective recolonization effort is being conducted. They have reviewed qualified architecture firms capable of making responsive proposals for new cost-effective design concepts. The preliminary step is complete and first meetings with the selected design firm are now in progress. Fundraising Jeff Newton '77, Tom Pierce '77 The fundraising team has conducted a successful interim fundraising effort to ensure that the recolonization effort has sufficient funds to operate against important near term needs. See page 3 for the list of supporters. We want to passionately thank all brothers who contributed during this critical time. As you know, sustaining a positive culture at Alpha will take significant resources, but lots of planning is still ahead to ensure these resources are appropriate, timely, and invested smartly. Communications Justin Beck '02 The communications team provides important information to ensure effective communications both across the committee and with our passionate alumni. These activities include meeting minutes, meeting scheduling, and communication to The General Fraternity members. Please be on the lookout for quarterly Alpha Flashes (e-mail) and follow the chapter's Facebook page, Alpha House Company Pete Barnhart '66 See the House Company report on page 2. These committees are staffed by our dedicated alumni and friends of Beta who have stepped up to ensure that the proper energy is in place to guarantee Alpha Chapter will come back better than ever and rooted in Men of Principle ideals and will "last for an age." We are more determined than ever to enable young men attending Miami University the opportunity to share the experiences and relationships we all treasure. We will need every Alpha Beta brother and friend of our Fraternity to join us in this critical and important effort. Yours in — kai —, Bill Haywood '74, Chairman T The Alpha Steering Committee gathered for their first meeting in Oxford, Ohio. CHAIRMEN Bill Haywood '74 Phil Fernandez '06 TREASURER Ben Willingham '84 COMMUNICATIONS Chairman Justin Beck '02 Committee Hunter Fiers '05 Joe Rosing '06 Kevin Iacofano '07 Mike Geswein '08 Brian Breittholz* FUNDRAISING Chairmen Jeff Newton '77 Tom Pierce '77 Committee Ron Helman '55 Jonathan Brant '75 Mike Scott '09 HOUSE COMPANY Pete Barnhart '66 Charlie Isaly '66 Tom Fey '68 Martin Cobb, EKU '96 Jack Weston '02 Zac Haines '05 IMPROVEMENTS Chairman Randy Kirschner '74 Committee Bob Cottrell '54 John Stuckey '66 Ben Suffron III '74 Phil Cottrell '77 Rick Dworznik '87 Brian Fey '00 William Rutledge '05 Joe Budde Jr. '06 Brian Woodruff* RECOLONIZATION Chairmen Tom Cleverdon '67 JB Scherpelz '05 Committee Hew Wells '64 Tom Loeb '68 Gary Goshorn '73 Ben Beshear '01 Michael Wolford '04 Jennifer Levering* AT-LARGE MEMBERS Skip McCallum '59 Jim McClanahan '60 Scott Fessenden '74 Jud Horras, Iowa State '97 Andy Cleverdon '00 Colin Close, Minnesota '13 *Friend of Beta Alpha Chapter Steering Committee

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