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Club Bulletin March 2015 11 www.theEDexpo.com A t no time in the history of the adult nightclub industry has it been more difficult to operate successfully and stand out, not only above the competition, but above the myriad of entertainment choices available to potential club guests. It's not just about a guests-through-the-door perspective, but an operational perspective as well. True success means to save money as much as it does to make money, but not every club operator has all of the tools they'd like to achieve this lofty goal. If you're the number-one club in town and you're making money hand over fist, then we salute you! But for those that aren't, there is an opportunity out there that promises to not only bring brand-name recognition, but will provide the tools to enhance your guests' club experience while also addressing many of those critical back-of-the-house issues. That opportunity is licensing the Scores name for your club. But before you think it's just about a name, let David "Slim" Baucom explain why it's not. "With Scores, you're not just getting the name and all of the promotional avenues and branding opportunities that go along with having the Scores brand behind you," says the 28-year industry veteran Baucom, owner of the MAL Entertainment club chain of the Carolinas. "Sure, national advertising and branding opportunities are great— you know, the front-of-the-office stuff—but we're just as interested in helping with the back-of-the-office stuff. We want to help with operating policies and procedures, with inventory control, with contracts, etc. "You know that POS system that you spent thousands of dollars for, but you only really use as a cash register? We'll tell you how to make that POS system work for you the way it's intended to," Baucom adds. "We'll help you track cost of sales (COS). That's so critically important! In today's economy, it's not just looking at the dollars, it's looking at the pennies. There are some operators that are losing tens of thousands of dollars a year, and you just can't afford to do that anymore. And Scores is ready, willing and able to help all of its licensees with these things." As Baucom explains, the "complete package" is exactly what Scores intends to deliver to its licensees. In addition to the recognized brand name on the marquee, Scores, Baucom and their team of experts will assist in every conceivable way to ensure their licensees are successful. "When it comes to name recognition, Scores does have a name that's known around the world, and they've spent millions of dollars to achieve this recognition," says Baucom. "Now, you can take advantage of that recognition and be part of the Scores brand! Yes, every club has to have its own identity to the area that it's in, but the basics of how the club is operated can be consistent: value, hospitality, service, professionalism. "The way the industry and the economy is today, the average club owner can't afford to spend thousands of dollars a month extra for a licensing fee," adds Baucom. "What they're paying us, they need to reap double in benefits." Baucom elaborates, noting that Scores will help its licensees to prepare formal club policies, procedures and contracts, including entertainer contracts, which in today's class-action-lawsuit-heavy environment has become an extremely critical area of club operation. "Scores will give its licensees the best tools we have to protect themselves as best they can," says Baucom. "There is no system in place that is absolutely perfect or foolproof, but the system we have in place is something we're very confident in. It's critical to have established policies and procedures in place in all areas of club operation, especially if you get sued. A lot of clubs want policies and procedures, but some just haven't taken the time to establish them or they don't really know how to do it properly. But Scores can help with all of these things." As a Scores licensee himself—Baucom's crown jewel is the Scores Gentlemen's Club in Mooresville, just outside of Charlotte, NC—he knows exactly what the brand name brings to the table in regard to increased recognition, and how that can translate into more guests through the door. "If done properly, this licensing is a win- win deal for everyone involved—but that means we do our due diligence to make sure we're not putting the Scores sign up just anywhere. If an operator will listen to the advice they're given and are willing to work to be successful, it will work. Trust me, it's a lonely time to be out there on your own." — Slim Baucom

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