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DELTA CHI page 2 Alumni Relations Expansion A s the newly elected alumni relations chairman, I look forward to improving the active chapter's relationship with alumni. This summer, there will be a 1960s alumni reunion. Please look to me, as your active member representative, with any assistance you may need in planning this event. I plan to reach out to past Delta Chi leaders to assist me in planning a future event that would accommodate a large group of alumni, possibly in the fall. In the meantime, join the Kansas State Delta Chi Alumni group on Facebook to receive updates on upcoming events. Please keep your e-mail address updated on our listserv, as well. I look forward to getting acquainted with alumni I have not yet met. Please e-mail me if you are ever in Manhattan and want to visit the chapter house—we would love to see you! Fraternally, Dylan Crawford '17 "E" (785) 845-2199 D elta Chi immediately appealed to Cody Sudmeier '01 because of its differentia- tion from other fraternities at K-State. "We were diverse in our membership, interests, and activities. We were known as the fraternity for non-fraternity guys." Cody has fond memories of being the chapter's recruitment chairman for two years. He loved recruiting poten- tial new members and guiding them through the recruitment process until they signed. "I loved when the new signees were at their first event after signing. Seeing the joy on their faces and how happy they were with their decision made me proud to be a Delta Chi." The Kansas State Chapter also evoked Cody's entrepreneurial spirit. "A lot of fraternities did things a certain way simply because that is how things had been done for decades. We had the opportunity to build the fraternity in a different way." Cody urges undergraduates to remember that a fraternity must be unique to be relevant. "What are you building and why is it different from all of the other fraternity options on cam- pus? Is it different in a meaningful way?" Cody's ingenuity in helping build Delta Chi has translated into building successful businesses. After working as a business consultant, Cody launched his own consulting firm, Agility So- lutions. In October, he sold his share of Agility Solutions to make more time to found and run two new businesses, All the Above Clothing and VEBO, an experience-based wedding registry. As an entrepreneur, Cody loves build- ing a company from scratch, turning nothing into greatness. He explains the importance of taking the time to properly plan, surrounding yourself with great people, and trusting those people to do what they are great at. "Time goes by quickly. If you have big dreams, chase them soon—it never gets easier or more convenient." Cody's Delta Chi experience also blessed him with many great friendships. He stays in touch with several Denver alumni, as well as John Sumners '01 and Quinten Austin '01. Cody knows that the chapter needs alumni support in order to truly succeed. "It isn't enough to just take pride in the name 'Delta Chi,' we have to be moved by what is happening at Delta Chi." Cody thinks that engaging new alumni through alumni events or professional network- ing will help increase alumni involvement. When he isn't building new business concepts, Cody has a passion for learning new things. He has studied Spanish, piano, and Muay Thai kick- boxing. He reads constantly and loves to play and follow a variety of sports. Cody lives and operates his businesses in Denver, Colo. E-mail: Dedicated to Distinct Dreams Cody Sudmeier '01 Discovers His Entrepreneurial Aptitude at Delta Chi William A. Siebert '61 keeps busy by playing bridge. He and his wife plan to establish a sum- mer residency in the Kansas City area. E-mail: James R. Brooks '63 is retired but does volun- teer work for his church in Hays, Kan. He has two children, both of whom graduated from K- State. James' daughter lives in California and his son, daughter-in-law, and two granddaughters live in Kansas City. Larry K. Turnbull '66 is the vice president and chief financial officer of Key Equipment Sales & Rentals Inc. He and Barbara, his wife of 46 years, live in Downingtown, Pa. They have two chil- dren: Scott, a sommelier and beverage manager in Napa Valley, and Lauren, an executive for Pepsi in Las Vegas. E-mail: Gary L. Kildow '67 is living, playing, working, and enjoying retired life in Georiga. His wife is a retired teacher and his daughter is a nurse practitioner. H. Allen Roes '67 was elected to be moderator of the 28 General Assembly of the Evangelical Presbyterian Church in 2008. He is now a trustee to King University. Allen enjoys fishing, playing golf, and traveling. He and his wife, Jane, reside in Huntersville, N.C. E-mail: Robert J. Brockman '68 is president of his consulting company, New Horizon Ventures Group LLC. He also enjoys making furniture and stained-glass art, as well as traveling to Europe and Asia. Robert and his wife, Judy, reside in No- blesville, Ind. E-mail: William P. Young '68 and his wife, Kay, both re- tired from their jobs after 30 years. He now works part time at their church while Kay watches a four-month-old baby for a friend. They have three granddaughters and one grandson. Bill still has season football tickets and enjoys seeing wins, unlike when he was in school. Bill and Kay live in Wichita, Kan. E-mail: Darrel L. Grossardt '70 was named the Vol- unteer of the Year by Blackwell Chamber of Commerce in 2005. He is chairman of Blackwell Industrial Authority in Okla. Darrel and his wife, Trish, enjoy their seven grandchildren. E-mail: Thomas J. McMillen '71 has a son, Kelly, and a daughter, Dana, both of whom graduated from UCLA. He and his wife, Nancy, have one grand- ALUMNI NEWS (Continued on page 4)

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