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L ast year, Leigh Ann Moor initiated a gathering of DKE mothers from the Mountain Brook area to attend the Psi Day Tea. With only a week to plan, there were still almost a dozen mothers who were able to attend. Leigh Ann hired a driver to transport the group to and from Birmingham, including an impromptu stop at The Bright Star for dinner. The group had such a good time that we knew we wanted the event to be even bigger this year! Lisa Bruhn, Betsy Harmon, Susan Kampakis, Wendy Morris, and I began planning several weeks out and booked a bus for the 25 Mountain Brook moms we had RSVP for the event. Our group left for Birmingham the afternoon of the tea and had tunes, snacks, and roadies for the ride, and were very festive when we arrived at the chapter house. We had a grand time at the Tea, and stopped at Bright Star, we reserved the back room this time, for dinner on the way back. This has become an annual tradition, and we are glad to know there is 30-passenger bus available for the future. Sighs of Psi PSI CHAPTER OF DELTA KAPPA EPSILON AT THE UNIVERSITY OF ALABAMA t WINTER 2015 INSIDE: Chapter Highlights • 2-3 Alumni News • 3 From the Historian • 5-11 House Corporation Plans for Psi's Future I t is hard to believe that we completed construction on the new house seven years ago and how strong the chapter has become in the ensuing period. I hope you have had the chance to visit the university, tour the house and get to know some of the fine young men that comprise the Psi Chapter of DKE. If you have gone to a game day, you'll know how many people are enjoying our location and gracious facility. However, the "blush is off of the rose" and the house is beginning to show a bit of wear. We asked the University staff to perform an estimate of the maintenance cost for the house and they predict that the house will require $2.6 million dollars in maintenance every 20 years. That's over $100,000 per year on average for regular and predictable maintenance! A committee of the House Corporation board is tying up the loose ends on the capital campaign wherein we raised the money to enable the building of the new house. We didn't raise enough money to pay for the house outright and we've established a program whereby the active chapter pays about 75% of the note and we use the capital campaign donations to pay for the remainder. I share this so that you won't be surprised as we try to find ways to pay for both the building and maintenance costs. Within the pages of this newsletter you'll read about the activities and reminisces of both the actives and the alumni. I concur with Brother Beta's comments that we have been experiencing a run of strong chapter performance. Read his letter for all of the details. As usual, the resident historian alumnus, Semmes Favrot '82, has been hard at work travelling to distant lands in pursuit of the historical Psi truth. It's hard not to get caught up in his fervor as he tells the details of his trek around the country and connects the historical dots of the poem, "Brothers in DKE." Lastly, I had the chance to visit with the "Mountain Brook Moms" at the Psi Day Tea and can confirm that they had a really good time. Hopefully their enthusiasm will catch on and I can visit with the "Mothers From Other Cities" at the next event. There are rumors circulating that something is being planned for this spring, so be on the lookout for information on that from the good doctor, "Psi." ITB, Black Chaffe '83 Psi Day Tea Birmingham Style Psi Chapter moms enjoyed dinner at The Bright Star café.

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