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Club Bulletin January 2015 67 www.ExoticDancer.com Yes, that's his real voice. "It's not a made-up voice I used as a DJ, that's just my natural voice. I haven't smoked in 11 years and I don't drink much anymore, but I used to do a lot of cigarette smoking and drinking back in the day. It was the '80s, remember?!" His style as a DJ was influenced by his experience as a bartender—and as a host at McDonald's "At 16, in upstate New York, I was a 'host' at McDonald's. They had hosts back in the '70s. I wore a tie and a vest, and I hosted kids' birthday parties and other occasions. It was hilarious to me that customers thought I was a manager!'" He gives credit where credit is due. "While I was a bartender, I learned a lot from watching the club's DJ, Tim Rhodes, who I still consider to be the best DJ there's ever been in the business. I loved his humor, how he was never afraid to make fun of himself and not take things too seriously." He got a private comedy show from Chris Farley . . . "I was DJ-ing at a club in Chicago in 1992 (formerly Thee Dollhouse, now VIPs), and Chris Farley came in. He was really the nicest guy in the world. And after the club closed, he did a 20-minute set for the club employees and entertainers. I'll never forget it." . . . an unforgettable experience with David Lee Roth . . . "David Lee Roth was in South Florida back in 1989, came in the club, and was drinking Jack straight out of the bottle. I think he was enjoying some other powdery chemicals as well. He came right up in the DJ booth, grabbed the mic and said, 'I want every guy here to pull a dollar out of their wallet and put it in the air.' The guys did it. Then he said, 'Girls, go grab that money now!'" They did! . . . and chilled out with NFL commissioner Roger Goodell. "I've been a huge Washington Redskins fan since 1969, and I happened to befriend a guy who worked for one of the silent owners of the Redskins. He became the manager of the VIP suites at FedEx field (Redskins stadium), and he called me one day and said he had field passes for me—to a playoff game (vs. Seattle Seahawks, 2012). I got there as early as I could, walked the sidelines and said 'hello' to everyone from Robert Griffin III to the Fox TV crew. Then, here comes (NFL Commissioner) Roger Goodell. I asked him for a photo, and he couldn't have been nicer! Do you really know ... David Boehm C hances are, you knew his voice before you ever knew the face behind it. With a timbre akin to that of Wolfman Jack, David Boehm's voice is distinctive and always features equal parts enthusiasm and charm. Though now considered a veteran as an adult nightclub operator, DJ and consultant (he owns and operates Club Consultant Pro 2.0), Boehm began his career in this industry behind the bar at Solid Gold in North Miami in 1984. In fact, it was club owner and ED Hall of Famer Randy Beasley who "recruited" Boehm from his bartending job at "Shakers" before club legend Michael J. Peter recognized his DJ abilities and threw him behind the mic at Thee Dollhouse in Pompano Beach—with exactly zero formal DJ training. He stayed behind that mic, and at mics at clubs around the country, for the next 20-plus years. "I learned on the fly, that's for sure," said Boehm, who was tutored by another industry veteran, Brian Miller. "He told me, 'You're doing a great job, but you don't talk enough.' Imagine that! A DJ that doesn't talk enough!" Over the course of the next three decades, Boehm traversed the country, helping to open clubs for Michael J. Peter in New York City, Chicago, South Florida and everywhere in between. He partied with rock stars, Hollywood actors and sports celebrities, was interrogated once by the FBI, and had a drink sent to him by Tom Selleck. He's seen and heard just about everything there is to see and hear in an adult nightclub, and if you're lucky, you'll get him in the mood to start telling those great stories. Today, you'll find him as the Corporate GM for the Treasure Clubs in North Carolina, or working with clubs as the owner/ operator of Club Consultant Pro 2.0. You might also find him sitting on a seminar at the Annual Gentlemen's Club EXPO (he sat on two in 2014), or maybe hanging out on the sideline at a Washington Redskins game with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell. The question is, do you really know David Boehm? — Dave Manack

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