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Fall 2014 The Sunflower a Publication oF the Kansas chaPter oF Delta uPsilon INSIDE: loyal alumni 2 changes at chapter house keep du on top 3 alumni banquet 4 homecoming 2014 4 A s we prepare to honor and celebrate 95 years (1920- 2015) of Delta Upsilon Fraternity at the University of Kansas, we pause to look back at some Kansas DU history and the shaping of our Chapter through the years. Each member carries both individual and collective experiences and stories and together they shape who we were and who we have become by virtue of our membership in an organization steeped in tradition and shared values. Today, Delta Upsilon at KU continues a rich legacy built on generations of young men who joined together under the DU banner of gold and blue, differentiated from other college fraternities by the unique qualities of a non-secret society—one in which family and friends are actually invited to our initiation—and where we value each member on merit and not social status. Oh, sing me a song of Brotherhood So glorious and so true Of friendships won and never lost Beneath the gold and blue The others have their standards And all of them are fine But for a loyal fellowship I'll take DU for mine Those words echo sentiments of DU undergraduates and alumni alike. We cherish the memories of our undergraduate Fraternity years and the friendships made that still endure. A common bond of living and learning under one roof, not unlike other collegiate membership organizations, but special to us because Delta Upsilon was built from the beginning to be different. While our undergraduate experience runs just a matter of a few years, our membership in DU reflects the old saying, "Once a DU…Always a DU." It may be asked, "Is the collegiate fraternity still relevant?" Only if one thinks that leadership is still important, that example is still needed, and that values play a role in civilized society. If the world were to pay heed to the founding principles of Delta Upsilon, wouldn't we be better off? • The promotion of friendship • The development of character • The diffusion of liberal culture • The advancement of justice Is Kansas Delta Upsilon the ultimate fraternal organization, always hitting on all cylinders? No. Clearly we have had bumps along the way. It has been and continues to be a living laboratory of men from different backgrounds, different life experiences, and different views who come together to learn to live within some structure. It is clear that our organization, when running true to its ideals, helps to build better men, who ultimately become better husbands, fathers, civic leaders, etc. Men who learn that leadership is important and that many working together can achieve more than those working alone. Through the years we have churned out Kansas DU—Celebrating 95 Years at KU (Continued on page 2) 1920—Founding; Kanza Club won charter from Delta Upsilon Fraternity Lloyd Houston, Williams 1904—a Lawrence businessman who counseled and guided our Chapter for five decades 1929—Newly constructed Chapter House was followed by a national depression 1978—Devastating fire nearly destroyed our stately home Goldwin Goldsmith—Founding dean of the KU School of Architecture who designed our current and longtime Chapter House 1939-1945—World War II when the Chapter House was requisitioned by the Navy 1987—Internationals Sweepstakes Award 2011—International Sweepstakes Award 1950s— 3 Internationals Sweepstakes Awards

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