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Pi Deuteron Chapter of Phi Gamma Delta at the University of Texas

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PI DEUTERON CHAPTER OF PHI GAMMA DELTA AT THE UNIVERSITY OF KANSAS • FALL 2014 "Not for College Days Alone" T radition: The University of Kansas is full of tradition, and so is Pi Deuteron of Phi Gamma Delta. Since 1881 Pi Deuteron has positively impacted the lives of more than 2,300 young men. We also just held our 133rd Annual Norris Pig Dinner. Tradition and success, two things we have come to expect out of FIJI at KU. Our home at 1540 Louisiana has impacted the lives of hundreds of young men who have been initiated into Pi Deuteron since it was built in 1969. It is where we worked and where we became men. It is a support system that provided a lifetime of friendships, contacts, social opportunities, and simply fond memories. We all gained from our membership in FIJI. Many of us can say it helped form who we are today. We have an excellent location on campus and our home has served us well. But, as all homes do, it has certainly shown its age. The House Corporation invested in significant necessary upgrades in 1999, but no major renovations have occurred. We have infrastructure needs that need to be addressed and we recognize the safety of our undergraduate brothers is of utmost importance. Additionally, in order to keep recruiting the top young men at KU we must make our home competitive to what the student of today seeks. Many other fraternities at KU have recently completed full-scale renovations and the time is now for us to do the same. The Pi Deuteron House Corporation is committed to providing a competitive and safe facility that will meet the needs of our undergraduate brothers well into the 21st century. The leadership of the House Corporation began exploring different opportunities over the past several years and developed a solid strategy that will allow for the long-term viability of 1540 Louisiana while providing more young men the ability to call this great house their home. To this end, we have developed a comprehensive plan to provide our Chapter with first-class facilities. This plan will help ensure the legacy continues that each of us helped build. It gives us great pleasure to announce the Mighty Proud capital campaign to renovate 1540 Louisiana. Early commitments from the Pi Deuteron Chapter, graduates, parents, and friends total $1.75 million. Graduates who came before us provided the tradition that each of us built upon. We were given the opportunity to join Pi Deuteron and be a part of a special brotherhood and tradition. This is the one chance in our lives to repay what FIJI at KU provided us. Those of us who enjoyed the brotherhood, camaraderie, Plans Underway for Future of Pi Deuteron $3.5 Million Campaign Announced, $1.75 Million Already Committed Pi Deuteron Trivia Q: What are the top states Pi Deuteron alumni live in? (Answer on page 3) Campaign Status At-a-Glance As of October 10, 2014 $3.5 Million Fundraising Goal $1,758,100 in Contributions 1,312 Mailable Graduates 49 Pledges to Date (Continued on page 2)

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