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August 3, 2011

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P��� 2 “In a nation that honors free speech, those who breed a culture of fear and intolerance need to be responded to by the loud and clear voices of those who would have us be a nation and a global culture of love, tolerance, and compassion.” Dick Rauscher “The brutal and systematic murder of almost 100 innocent children last week by Mr. Breivik, an anti-Islamic Christian fundamentalist, has stunned the hearts of compassionate people in every county in the world,” said Dick Rauscher. “The violence in Norway is simply one more example of the growing global climate of fear, narcissism, and hatred toward multiculturalism, immigra- tion, homosexuality, and minorities in general.” In our own community, passions run very deep, and people from all sides of the political fence are falling prey to the fear brewing. When those we disagree with speak, we all need to be respect- ful. We all need to look at the growing animosity towards others. Violence is not the solution. Lies are not the so- lution. However, the media loves the controversy and sensationalism of the political scene in Quartzsite. According to Rauscher, “Mr. Breivik is not insane. He is simply an intolerant, ideological extremist whose fear and paranoia crossed the line into violence. Black-and-white thinking is black-and- white thinking. Regardless of where it is found, it always leads to judgmentalism and violence.” We learned that Mr. Breivik was deeply influenced by the black-and- white intolerance and hate fi lled anti- Islamic rantings of American bloggers and online writers. Our own lack of tolerance is being spread around the world through Internet blog postings by local citizens. We need to resist the temptation to Deadline for Sept. 7th issue of the Desert Messenger is WED. Aug. 31 Email: Phone: 541-218-2560 label those we disagree with, so as not add to the “us vs. them” situation. When we sit in judgment of those who are “different”, the door of understanding closes and our hearts grow callous and hard. Our community will heal through our hard work together. By allowing all people the right to speech, even when we disagree, is healthy for a commu- nity. However, this right of free speech should not be abused to interfere with the rights of others. The recent media attention on Quartz- site has been challenging for many involved. Egos have been stroked, people have been harmed, sensitive information shared, all in the cries for freedom of speech rights. Everyone makes mistakes, even those we disagree with. How we treat each other during these times, will show the world what Quartzsite is really made of. The acts of a few do not represent the total. Quartzsite residents are hard working Keep up to date between issues at ���.D�����M��������.��� Editorial BY SHANANA “RAIN” GOLDEN-BEAR people, even those we disagree with. Someone recently was posted on my blog, saying, “I’m sorry, I didn’t rec- ognize that town barbecues and picnics are much more important than the Con- stitution and the Bill of Rights.” The sarcasm and anger is rampant on American blogs. I would suggest that it is because of our Constitution and our Bill of Rights that we can, as a com- munity come together as we choose! Our way of life in America allows for diversity, and the freedom to enjoy simple things like a picnic in the park with our family. We should honor these rights we hold dearly to our hearts, not try to make it “my way or no way”! As Americans, we have the CHOICE to participate or not. We have the CHOICE to speak or not. We have the CHOICE to believe what we hear in the media or not. We have the CHOICE to be quiet or loud. We have the CHOICE to support the activities we choose! And we have the CHOICE to love or hate! Imagine a group of 10 individuals sit- ting in a large circle. In the middle of the circle is a 3-foot high 10-sided box with 10 different symbols on each side. The question is raised, “What do you see?” As one person shares what he see, the one directly across from him yells, “You’re wrong! That’s not there!” and the shouting match continues, as each person tries to convince each other they are right, and the other is wrong. How does that work in a community where A����� 3, 2011 we each have our own perception and our own life experiences? Being intoler- ant of another is a very dangerous road to destruction. Recognizing that every human being has the same human rights and life choices can be a start of the healing process. Black and white thinking leads to in- tolerance of others. Let us open up our minds to experience that not everything is as it seems. “Today, more than ever, we need to keep a cool head, stay curious, learn more about those we fear, and become more self-aware of our own potential for intolerance. “ Rausche Open Letter to Quartzsite Recre- ation Dept. & Desert Messenger In the past few years, we have been successful in putting 10-15 people of all ages and talent on the softball fi eld for recreation exercise and fun. Jim Laeng, and Jim LCroix, winter residents of the Tyson Mobile Home Park would appreciate the help and cooperation of the Quartzsite Recreation Dept. and the Desert Messenger in getting the word out and helping to organize Senior Softball, similar to other cities such as Lake Havasu and Yuma, that have excellent winter programs that survive without total outlay by government, or participants. While we may never become as large as those programs, we would at least provide some recreation and take ad- vantage of some day time use of the excellent facility that we have available. Also this would accommodate people over 50 and under 150, male and female to get some exercise while making new friends. For more information contact Jim L at 1-209 532-5691 or Jim -320-766-1546 D����� M�������� Founded by Walt Akin, October 1, 2004 Contributing Writer, Joanne Winer Quartzsite‛s FREE Community Paper Name Plate Lettering by Paul Winer PUBLISHED BY PILOT ROCK PUBLISHING CO. P.O. Box 3185, Quartzsite, AZ 85359 • E-mail: Published twice a month on the 1st & 3rd Wednesday, Sept. - May, 1st Wed. in June, July & August Opinions expressed are not necessarily those of the Desert Messenger. Shanana “Rain” Golden-Bear, Publisher Copyright © 2011 541-218-2560 Contributing Photographer, Starr BearCat

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