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September 02, 2014

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2 SEPTEMBER 3-9, 2014 WWW.UPANDCOMINGWEEKLY.COM PWC on the Air Don't Be a Pain in the Drain Join Host Wendy Riddle for Your PWC Connections anytime on PWC's website, or watch on Fay TV 7 (TWC Government Access Channel 7). Attention PWC Water Customers PWC's Wastewater Collections and Treatment Systems Annual Performance Report for the for the fiscal year July 1, 2013–June 30, 2014 as required by the Clean Water Act of 1999 is now available. You may read the report on our website, or to receive a copy by mail, please call 910-223-4009. Power Down to Save Money Safety Tip from the Field Hi! I'm Justin and I'm an Electric Substation Technician at Fayetteville PWC. Substations are located throughout our community to help distribute a safe and reliable electricity supply to homes and businesses. Substations come in different sizes, carry different voltages and are all extremely dangerous if not respected properly. I want to share some helpful safety tips that will keep you and your loved ones out of harm's way: - Always observe all danger signs around substations and never attempt to gain access. - Never enter the fenced area around an electric substation. Obey the warning signs alerting you to the high voltage area and stay away. If something such as a ball, kite or other item goes inside the fence, call PWC immediately at 1-877-OUR-PWC1 (687-7921). - Don't attempt to break into a substation for any reason. Significant damage can occur which will ultimately impact electric customers. Contact local police if you see anyone trying to enter a substation unlawfully. To learn more about electrical safety visit faypwc.com. Stay up to date with PWC! For real-time storm updates, news and tips, Follow us on Twitter @FAYPWC and Like us on Facebook! Smart food disposal can help protect our environment and source drinking water as well as your own property. Pouring fat, grease and oil down the drain is not only illegal, but also can cause grease blockages. These blockages are the number one cause of untreated water spills. Do your part to prevent such accidents by following these guidelines for proper food disposal: • Dispose of fats, grease, and oils properly. Pour cooled fat, grease, and used cooking oil into a disposable container (empty plastic food containers work well) and put it in the garbage. You can also pick up a FREE "Fat Trapper" – a reusable plastic container with foil bags to collect grease at the PWC Customer Service Center, 955 Old Wilmington Road. • Wipe grease from pots and pans with a paper towel before you wash them. Justin G., Fayetteville PWC Electric Substation Technician Home electronics, like big-screen TVs, computers and video games, account for a growing share of your typical household electric bill. The next time you're shopping for new electronics, look for options that carry the ENERGY STAR® label. Those can save you up to 30 percent in energy use compared to other models. Want to know when to turn off personal computers for best savings? Here are some rules of thumb: • Turn off monitors when you won't be using your PC for 20 minutes or more. • Turn off both the PC and the monitor when you won't be using them for more than two hours. • Use the power-down or sleep mode feature. That can save up to 70% of the power normally used. • Screen-savers are actually not energy-savers. In fact, they may use more energy than not using one. And today's LCD screens don't need screen-savers at all! For more tips, visit faypwc.com or energystar.gov Pay your way! Fayetteville PWC makes bill payment quick and convenient and has several payment options available to you including the ability to pay your utility bill at any Western Union location worldwide! A small fee applies. Western Union stations are open six or seven days a week with extended hours. The service allows you to make a same day cash payment in seconds! Plus, you'll receive proof of payment in minutes. In addition to paying at any Western Union location around the world, you also have the option to pay via Pay-by-Text, eBill, and Auto Pay! And don't forget...you can pay anytime, day or night, online at faypwc.com. Simply register for My PWC Account Manager for easy monthly access. Visit our website at faypwc.com and select Payment Options pick the best pay option for you! • Never put meat scraps down the drain. • Compost vegetable scraps or put them in the trash. • Don't depend on heavy- duty drain cleaners to fix a grease clog. These cleaners do not melt the grease. Grease re-solidifies inside sewer lines and causes blockages. • Own a business? Check out special disposal information for commercial customers at our website, www.faypwc.com/grease_trap.aspx www.faypwc.com New Technology New Number With the new system, you have a new 10-digit PWC account number. (New numbers appear on bills mailed after 7/7). Be sure to use the new number when calling PWC about your account, and update the number if you pay by your bank's BillPay. Look what you can do with PWC's new computer system. Using the On-Line Account Manager, you can: 4 Simplify registration and login 4 View multiple accounts at one time 4 See graphs of your utility use for the last 12 months 4 Compare your monthly bills 4 Make requests for new services or changes when moving

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