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August 29, 2014

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2: Friday, August 29, 2014 _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ The Post and Courier CELEBRITY CROSSWORD SUDOKU Fill in the puzzle grid so that every row, every column, and every 3x3 box contains the digits 1 through 9. Across 1. Grier and Dawber 5. James Arness sci-fi movie 9. Schwarzenegger's "__ of Days" 12. "Last __ to Brooklyn" 13. "Flash Gordon" princess 14. "Old MacDonald" sound effect 15. Vincent Kartheiser on 8-Down 16. "Moneyball" actor: 2 wds. 18. Shown, "Fresh Prince of Bel-Air" star: 2 wds. 20. Gomer Pyle was one 23. Conger or moray 24. Sigourney Weaver sci-fi classic 25. Flynn and deGrasse Tyson 29. Camp bed 30. Bigshot 31. "12 __ a Slave" 34. Ross or Rigg 36. Comic strip, "Alley __" 38. Attractor 39. Oscar nominee for "Nebraska": 2 wds. 42. Type of blonde 43. "__ __ Wonderful Life" 47. Deep groove 48. The "A" in A.D. 49. New Mexico town 50. 1980s BBC series, "__, Prime Minis- ter" 51. Strong cleaners 52. Furry "Return of the Jedi" creature Down 1. Vigor 2. "Burn Notice" character, Sam __ 3. Cal Tech rival 4. Youngest child on "Family Guy" 5. Poker game location 6. Catapult 7. Clear the boards 8. AMC hit series: 2 wds. 9. Discharge 10. Actor Chris 11. Round speck 17. Heap 19. Lodge 20. Soul singer Gray 21. Burn soother 22. Dexter's wife on "Dexter" 26. Mr. Dixon of "Hogan's Heroes" 27. Clint Eastwood's "In the __ of Fire" 28. Squabble 32. Runaway victory 33. 2010 film, "The __ Network" 34. Patriotic women's org. 35. Light up 37. Neighbor of Sheldon and Leonard 38. Office paperwork 39. Cate Blanchett film, "__ Jasmine" 40. "Phooey!" 41. Sand hill 42. Use a lever 44. Shooter marble 45. Jack of "Barney Miller" 46. Salma Hayek's "__ the Dust" WORD QUIZZARD In the grid below, twenty answers can be found that fit the category for today. Circle each answer that you find and list it in the space provided at the right of the grid. Answers can be foundin all directions - forwards, backwards, horizontally, vertically and diagonally. An example is given to get you started. Can you find the twenty answers in this puzzle? Back to School 1. Going back to school for the central stu- dents of this FOX series means learning a bunch of new songs for their musical pro- ductions. 2. The "Sweathogs" didn't seem to retain a lot of class instruction on this sitcom from the late 1970s. 3. This NBC series follows a study group of diverse adult students, including a lawyer who had to finally earn the bachelor's de- gree he had been lying about. 4. After running away and spending de- cades being "a boozer, a user and a loser," 46-year-old Jerri Blank returns for another shot at high school on this series. 5. Strongly influenced by "Ferris Bueller's Day Off," this 1990s sitcom used camera and editing gimmicks to focus on the titu- lar student, who schemed on a grand scale as he proclaimed his higher coolness with garish shirts. Answers 1. "Glee" 2. "Welcome Back, Kotter" 3. "Community" 4. "Strangers with Candy" 5. "Parker Lewis Can't Lose" TRIVIA CHAIN - On Sept. 2, 31 B.C., at the Battle of Ac- tium, Roman leader Octavian wins a de- cisive victory against the forces of Mark Antony and Cleopatra, queen of Egypt. Antony and Cleopatra broke though the enemy lines and fled to Egypt, where they would commit suicide the follow- ing year. - On Sept. 3, 1777, the American flag was flown in battle for the first time during a Revolutionary War skirmish at Cooch's Bridge, Delaware. Patriot Gen. William Maxwell ordered the "Stars and Stripes" banner raised as a detach- ment of his infantry and cavalry met an advance guard of British and Hessian troops. - On Sept. 4, 1951, President Harry S. Truman's opening speech before a con- ference in San Francisco is broadcast across the nation, marking the first time a television program was broadcast from coast to coast. The speech was picked up by 87 stations in 47 cities. - On Sept. 5, 1975, in Sacramento, Cali- fornia, an assassination attempt against President Gerald Ford is foiled when a Secret Service agent wrests a .45-caliber pistol from Lynette "Squeaky" Fromme, a follower of incarcerated cult leader Charles Manson. MOMENTS IN TIME PUZZLE PAGES By Dan Rice

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