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August 15, 2014

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20: Friday, August 15, 2014 ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ The Post and Courier SUNDAY EVENING AUGUST 17 CC W ATT DTV DSH 4 PM 4:30 5 PM 5:30 6 PM 6:30 7 PM 7:30 8 PM 8:30 9 PM 9:30 10 PM 10:30 11 PM 11:30 T S A C D A O R B NBC 2 3 3 2 2 2 USGA Golf Tournament "U.S. Amateur - Final Day" (Live) WCBD 6pm News (N) NBC Nightly News (N) American Ninja Warrior "Miami Finals" The top 30 competitors from Miami face Miami Finals course. America's Got Talent "Quarter Finals" The third 12 acts of the top 48 perform. WCBD 11pm News (N) Wheel of Fortune CW 2.2 14 12 3 50 aa Slow Burn ('07) Ray Liotta, LL Cool J. Attorney must sort out alleged crime. (R) aaac No Way Out ('87) Kevin Costner, Gene Hackman. A man shares a lover with his boss. (R) aa Cellular ('04) Kim Basinger, Chris Evans. Man gets call from kidnapped woman. (PG-13) Seinfeld "Gymnast" Seinfeld "Mom & Pop" The King of Queens The King of Queens ABC 4 8 8 4 4 4 L. League (Live) P. Allen Smith Garden EA Sports: Game Time Raceweek ABC News 4 @ 6 (N) News w. David Muir (N) America's Funniest Home Videos Wipeout "Exes and OHH's!" Exes team up. (N) Rising Star "Semifinals" (N) Castle "Room 147" Struggling actor. ABC News 4 @ 11 (N) Entertain- ment Tonight MeTV 4.2 208 145 Streets of San Francisco "Runaways" Cannon "Tomorrow Ends" Palestinian terrorists. The Rockford Files "Funny Box" Stolen material. ABC News 4 @ 6 Paid Program Columbo "Old Port" A maniaical wine connoisseur kills his brother during a fit of rage. Thriller "Last Summer" A faded film star. The Alfred Hitchcock Hour "Second Verdict" CBS 5 9 9 5 5 5 (3:00) PGA TOUR Golf "Wyndham Championship: Final Round" (Live) Live 5 News at 6 (N) CBS Evening News (N) 60 Minutes (N) (:01) Big Brother (N) Unforgettable "The Island" Off-grid community. (N) Reckless "Smoke Clears" Sweetheart accused. (N) Live 5 News at 11 (N) Two and a Half Men LIVE5+ 5.2 146 Paid OK! TV Inside (N) The Insider In the Heat of the Night In the Heat of the Night In the Heat of the Night In the Heat of the Night Private Practice Private Practice BOUNCE 5.3 213 Gothika ('03) Halle Berry. Doctor imprisoned. (R) ac The Rich Man's Wife ('96) Halle Berry. (R) aac The Rundown ('03) Dwayne Johnson. (PG-13) aac New Jack City ('91) Wesley Snipes. (R) ETV 7 11 11 7 7 7 (3:30) The Big Band Years Musical style of the 1930's and 40's. Rick Steves' Italy: Cities of Dreams Culture of Florence, Rome and Venice. Joe Bonamassa: Tour De Force - Live in London England concerts. Return to Downton Abbey "2014 Season" Best moments. (N) Great Performances "Andrea Bocelli" Popular classical music artists. SCC 7.2 Dr. Fuhrman Healthy life. Chicken Soup (N) My Music "50's & 60's" Dance music. Albert King with Stevie Ray Vaughan Europe Ask This Europe Rudy Maxa Lidia's Italy ETVW 7.3 Palmetto Visionaries Charlie Rose (N) Religion (N) On the Line Hawking NOVA "Finding Life" Weekend Wash Wk Pledge Programming Viewer support. WJWJ 16 The Big Band Years Music of 30's, 40's. Rick Steves' Italy: Cities of Dreams Florence; Rome. Joe Bonamassa: Tour Return to Downton Abbey (N) Great Performances "Andrea Bocelli" CTN 18 230 131 Gaither Homecoming Dr. Charles Stanley Meyer (N) Raw TV Perry (N) Great Awakening Duplantis (N) Everything Monica Clayton King Forgiven Awakening FOX 24 6 6 24 24 24 (3:00) Kiss of the Dragon ('01, Action) Jet Li. (R) ac The Sweetest Thing ('02) Cameron Diaz, Christina Applegate. A single woman. (R) American Dad! The Simpsons NFL Preseason Football: Kansas City Chiefs at Carolina Panthers from Bank of America Stadium (Live) The News at 10 (N) (:35) Paid Program AZTECA 29 250 143 22 aac 88 Minutos ('08) Al Pacino, Alicia Witt. (R) La historia detrás del mito La Academia Kids Concurso de canto para niños. (N) Extranormal de impacto DeporTV Marcaje personal MyTV 36 13 13 36 36 36 How I Met Bones "Archaeologist" Sunny Big Bang Big Bang First Family First Family Box Office Box Office Friends Friends Big Bang Big Bang Family Guy Family Guy CNTRY 36.3 Music Row Paid Paid Video Jukebox Americana Top 20 Countdown Paid Paid E L B A C A&E 49 41 132 265 118 Storage Storage Storage Brandi & Duck Dynasty "Aloha," Duck Duck Duck Dynasty Duck Dynasty Wahlburger Wahlburger Storage Storage AHC 112 151 259 287 195 Gold Fever "Eureka!" Gold is discovered. Gold Fever "Battle for Gold" Company fights. Gunslingers Gunslingers "Wild Bill" Gunslingers (N) Gunslingers AMC 58 60 795 254 131 Eagle Eye (PG-13) Breaking Bad Breaking Bad "Grilled" (:20) Breaking Bad "Bit by a Dead" Breaking Bad "Down" Breaking Bad "Breakage" Breaking Bad "Peekaboo" (TV14) ANIMAL 62 17 252 282 184 To Be Announced To Be Announced To Be Announced To Be Announced Gator Boys (N) Wildman (N) Wildman (N) Ice Lake Rebels (N) Wildman Wildman BBCA 114 111 188 264 135 Top Gear (TVPG) Top Gear (TVPG) V for Vendetta ('06) Natalie Portman, Hugo Weaving. Fight for freedom. (R) The Musketeers (N) (:15) V for Vendetta ('06) Natalie Portman. (R) BET 18 59 155 329 124 aaa Ray ('04) (PG-13) aac Sparkle ('12) Jordin Sparks, Whitney Houston. Making Motown. (PG-13) Sunday Best (N) Sunday Best TD Jakes 35th Special (N) Sunday Best BRAVO 63 63 181 237 129 Don't Be Don't Be Real Housewives Real Housewives Real Housewives Real Housewives (N) Real Housewives Game of Crowns (N) Real Housewives CMT 146 62 525 327 166 Shanghai (PG-13) aaa Speed ('94) Keanu Reeves, Dennis Hopper. Mad bomber rigs bus. (R) Skull Challenge (N) Skull Challenge Dog & Beth: On the Hunt Cops Cops COM 453 58 140 249 107 (2:49) Couples Retreat ('09) (PG-13) (:22) aac Get Him to the Greek ('10, Comedy) Jonah Hill. (R) aac Men in Black ('97) Will Smith. Agents watch aliens. (PG-13) South Park South Park South Park DEST 113 103 465 286 194 A Haunting: Back From A Haunting: Back From A Haunting: Back From A Haunting: Back From A Haunting A Haunting A Haunting (N) A Haunting DISC 27 43 120 278 182 Sharkageddon Zombie Sharks Great White Matrix Megalodon (N) Shark of Dark "Part 1" (N) Shark of Dark "Part 2" (N) Naked and Afraid (N) Naked and Afraid DIY 121 171 454 230 111 West End West End Addict Addict Addict Addict Addict Addict Salvage Salvage Salvage Salvage Garage (N) Garage Garage Garage E! 45 55 134 236 114 Botched aa The Back-Up Plan ('10) Jennifer Lopez. (PG-13) With the Kardashians With the Kardashians With the Kardashians (N) #RichKids Botched (N) Kardashian ESQ 75 380 235 115 10,000 B.C. (PG-13) aaac Die Hard ('88) Bruce Willis, Alan Rickman. A lone hero. (R) psych "Yin Presents..." psych "Romeo & Juliet" psych "Feet Don't Kill" Knife Fight Knife Fight EWTN 243 137 562 370 261 Catechism Parables Priests (N) Consuming The Church Crossing The World Over Sunday Night Prime (N) Chesterton Rosary EWTN Theology Life on the Rock FIT 182 151 466 Untold Stories of the E.R. Untold Stories of the E.R. Hoarding: Buried Alive Hoarding: Buried Alive Hoarding: Buried Alive Hoarding: Buried Alive Hoarding: Buried Alive Hoarding: Buried Alive FOOD 34 49 452 231 110 Rachael vs. Guy Rachael vs. Guy Food Network Star Chopped "Keep on" Rachael vs. Guy (N) Great Food (N) Cutthroat Kitchen (N) Cutthroat Kitchen FUSE 148 535 339 164 Funny or Funny or Funny or Funny or Top 20 Countdown Rihanna Takeover Acclaimed and world-renowned musician Rihanna takes over the Fuse studio. (N) FX 23 41 128 248 136 aac The Day the Earth Stood Still ('08) Keanu Reeves. (PG-13) aaac Avatar ('09) Sam Worthington, Zoe Saldana. A new planet. (PG-13) The Strain "Occultation" (N) The Strain "Occultation" FXM 281 792 258 133 Rat Race (PG-13) Presents (N) The Social Network Jesse Eisenberg. (PG-13) Presents (N) 21 ('08) Jim Sturgess. Blackjack scheme. (PG-13) Presents (N) The Social Network ('10) (PG-13) FYI 115 117 272 266 119 Red Hot Design Food Food Food Food Food Tech "Mexican" Modern Marvels American Eats Epic Meal Epic Meal Food Tech "Pizza" G4 162 60 149 191 Lost "Numbers" Lost "Deus Ex Machina" Proving Gr Proving Gr Tough Tough Human Human Human Human Web Soup Web Soup Web Soup Web Soup GAC 43 17 529 326 165 Alaska Alaska Alaska Alaska I Brake for Yard Sales I Brake for Yard Sales Market (N) Flea Market Flea Market Flea Market Flea Market Flea Market Flea Market Flea Market GALA 613 111 3003 404 273 Al derecho Al derecho ¡Qué madre ¡Qué madre Hospital Hospital El ganador ('90) Pedro Fernández. Roba para vivir. Matar o morir ('99) Mario Almada. (NR) Cero cond. La jugada GSN 54 59 173 233 116 Idiotest Idiotest Fam. Feud Fam. Feud Fam. Feud Fam. Feud Skin Wars Game Show Momen Baggage Baggage Baggage Baggage The Chase HALL 47 117 312 185 Looking for Mr. (NR) aa Cheaper by the Dozen ('03) Steve Martin. (PG) The Nanny Express ('09) Vanessa Marcil. (NR) aac New in Town ('09) Renée Zellweger. (PG) Golden Golden HGTV 98 63 450 229 112 Hunt Hunt Hunt Hunt Hunt Hunt Hunt Hunt Hunt (N) Hunt (N) Flipping the Block (N) Vacation House for Free Hunters (N) Hunters (N) HIST 126 62 256 269 120 Mountain Men Mountain Men Mountain Men Mountain Men Mountain Men "Predator" Mountain Men (N) (:03) Ice Road Truckers (N) Dark Horse Dark Horse H2 116 58 257 271 121 Modern Marvels Modern Marvels Modern Marvels Modern Marvels The Epic History of Everyday Things Ancient Impossible (N) 10 Things You "The Flag" ID 111 103 260 285 192 Fatal Vows "Marriage" Fatal Vows Kinky lifestyle. Fatal Vows "Deadly" Dateline on ID On Case with Paula Zahn Dateline on ID (N) Case w/ P. Zahn (N) On Case with Paula Zahn INSP 244 43 564 364 259 The Waltons The Waltons The Waltons The Waltons aac The Borrowers ('98) John Goodman. (PG) aac The Bouquet ('13) Kristy Swanson. (NR) ION 15 171 195 305 216 Leverage "Ice Man Job" Leverage "Lost Heir" Leverage "Runway Job" Leverage "Bottle Job" Leverage "Marketplace" Leverage "Future Job" Leverage "3 Strikes" The Listener LIFE 29 55 360 252 108 Sleeping ('95) (PG) Laws of Attraction ('04) Pierce Brosnan. (PG-13) Made of Honor ('08) Patrick Dempsey. (PG-13) Witches of East End (N) (:01) The Lottery (N) Made Honor (PG-13) LMN 119 137 362 253 109 aa The Craigslist Killer ('11) Jake McDorman. (NR) Fatal Acquittal ('14) Joely Fisher. (NR) Betrayed ('14) Amanda Schull. (NR) House of Secrets ('13) Bianca Lawson. (NR) MTV 35 49 502 331 160 Ridiculous Ridiculous Ridiculous aac Bad Boys ('95) Martin Lawrence, Will Smith. (R) Ridiculous Ridiculous Skylark (N) ac Scary Movie 3 ('03) Anna Faris. (PG-13) Happy ('96) MTV2 140 39 504 333 161 Dyrdek Dyrdek Dyrdek Dyrdek Dyrdek Dyrdek Martin Martin Martin Martin Martin Martin Martin Martin Wayans Wayans NATGEO 109 110 265 276 186 Wicked Tuna "Blue Grit" Wicked Tuna Wicked Tuna "Bad Blood" Wicked Tuna Wicked Tuna Wicked Tuna Wicked Tuna: North vs. (N) Wicked Tuna OVAT 255 385 274 291 aaa Coal Miner's Daughter ('80) Sissy Spacek, Tommy Lee Jones. (PG) Capture (N) Capture aaa My Boy Jack ('07) David Haig. Writer's son. Born on the Fourth of July ('89) Tom Cruise. (R) OWN 64 46 170 279 189 Oprah Prime Oprah Prime Oprah Prime "Kevin Hart" Oprah Prime "Pharrell W." Oprah: Where Oprah: Where (N) Love in the City Oprah: Where OXYG 123 50 368 251 127 Snapped "Dawn Silvernail" Snapped "Karen Newell" Snapped "Jackie Postma" Snapped "Kalila Taylor" Snapped "Lupita Acuna" Snapped Deadly niece. (N) Snapped "Kim Parker" Snapped "Kristi Lunbery" SCI 110 102 258 284 193 The Unexplained Files The Unexplained Files The Unexplained Files It's Made It's Made MythBusters "Household" MythBusters MythBusters "Road Rage" MythBusters "Household" SPIKE 44 99 145 241 168 Bar Rescue Bar Rescue Bar Rescue "Don't Judge" Bar Rescue Bar Rescue Hookah bar. Hungry Investors (N) Gym Rescue (N) Bar Rescue SUND 165 798 558 358 (3:45) aaa Hollywoodland ('06) Adrien Brody, Diane Lane. (R) aac Sea of Love ('89) Al Pacino, Ellen Barkin. (R) Rectify "Until You're" Glory ('89) Matthew Broderick. Race and war. (R) SYFY 57 57 151 244 122 The Crazies ('10) (R) aac Jeepers Creepers ('01) Gina Philips. (R) aa Jeepers Creepers II ('03) Ray Wise. (R) aa Battle of the Damned ('14) Dolph Lundgren. (R) Drive Angry ('11) (R) TBN 242 139 560 372 260 John Hagee Marriage Balanced Dickow T.D. Jakes Meyer (N) Lead Way Blessed Osteen Ministries Copeland Creflo aaa Peter and Paul ('81) Anthony Hopkins. (NR) TBS 12 25 112 247 139 a College Road Trip ('08) (G) (:45) You, Me and Dupree ('06, Comedy) Owen Wilson. (PG-13) aac 17 Again ('09) Zac Efron. (PG-13) (:15) 17 Again ('09, Comedy) Zac Efron. (PG-13) TCM 55 78 790 256 132 aa Marriage Is a Private Affair Lana Turner. (NR) (:15) aac Two Smart People ('46) Lucille Ball. (NR) aaa Lifeboat ('44) Tallulah Bankhead. (NR) aac A Bell for Adano ('45) Gene Tierney. (NR) TELE 628 3007 406 835 Mighty Joe Young Bill Paxton. (PG) Repo Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time Jake Gyllenhaal. (PG-13) aa Twilight ('08) Kristen Stewart. Vampire love affair. (PG-13) Titulares (N) Repo TLC 68 48 250 280 183 Gypsy Wedding Gypsy Wedding Gypsy Wedding Gypsy Wedding Long Island Medium LI Medium LI Medium Who You Think You Are Escaping Alaska (N) TNT 4 52 108 245 138 LOTR: Ring (PG-13) aaaa The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers ('02) Elijah Wood, Ian McKellen. Continuing quest. (PG-13) The Last Ship "Trials" (N) (:01) Falling Skies (N) (:02) The Last Ship "Trials" TRAV 52 47 254 277 196 Food Paradise Food Paradise Food Paradise Food Paradise Big Time R Big Time R Boardwalks Boardwalks Xtreme Waterparks Man v Food Man v Food TRU 72 45 164 246 204 Pawn Pawn Pawn Pawn truTV Top Funniest truTV Top Funniest Impractical Impractical Impractical Impractical Way Out Way Out (:01) truTV Top Funniest TVLAND 61 56 138 304 106 Three's Co. Cosby Cosby Cosby Cosby (:32) Cosby (:05) Cosby (:43) The Cosby Show (:21) Cosby Queens Queens Queens Queens Raymond Raymond UNIV 50 98 3002 402 270 El chavo Tu salud Como dice el dicho La familia Noticiero (N) Aquí y ahora Noticias. (N) El bolero de Raquel ('57) Cantinflas. (:05) Sal y pimienta (N) La familia Noticiero (N) USA 16 54 124 242 105 SVU "Pandora" Law & Order: SVU "Parts" Law & Order: SVU "Debt" Law & Order: SVU "Ritual" SVU "Underbelly" SVU "Hothouse" SVU "Merch." Trafficking. Modern Modern VH1 21 40 518 335 162 Pulp ('94) Dating Naked Dating Naked Dating Naked aac Purple Rain ('84) Prince, Apollonia Kotero. Rival singers. (R) Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Love & Hip Hop Atlanta WE 117 179 372 260 128 CSI: Miami "Dead Ringer" CSI: Miami CSI: Miami "Long Gone" CSI: Miami "Crowned" CSI: Miami "Friendly Fire" CSI: Miami "Terminal" CSI: Miami "Dead Ringer" CSI: Miami WGN 71 307 239 MLB Baseball (Live) Home Vid Practical jokes. Home Vid Dog and crab. aaac Kill Bill: Vol. 2 ('04) Uma Thurman, David Carradine. Trail of revenge. (R) Manhattan (N) Manhattan CC = Comcast, W = WOW, ATT = AT&T UVerse, DTV = DirecTV, DISH = Dish Network

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