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July 6, 2011

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WED. JULY 6, 2011 Vol. 7 Issue #133 N�� O�����! Town seeking applications for vacant council position Notice of Vacancy Town of Quartzsite Council Position The Town Council of Quartz- site, AZ is soliciting applica- tions with attached resumes from the public for consider- ation of appointment to a va- cant Town Council position. Please contact Karen Norris, Town Clerk, PO Box 2812, 465 N. Plymouth Ave., Quartzsite, AZ 85346 or phone 928-927- 4333 for application informa- tion or visit the town website at Submit applications to Kar- en Norris, Town Clerk at the above address. Deadline for submission is July 25, 2011, 5:00pm. To stay up to date on current events and news visit Quartzsite The three June meetings of Quartzsite Town Council were full of angry outbursts, arrests, disrespectful communications, an “us vs. them” mentality and even a few surprises. Decorum, which is the mayor’s responsibility, was obviously not present during the June 1st, June 14th, and June 28th meetings. Quartzsite Town Council member Jose Lizar- raga resigned his position Tuesday, June 28th to challenge Mayor Ed Foster in a recall elec- tion set for August 30th. Other challengers are Jennifer “Jade” Jones and Michael Roth. Foster, Jones & Roth all have recent arrest re- cords; however their cases have not been tried as of press time. Several residents are questioning the validity of Jones’ candidate’s requirements of being a resident of Quartzsite for one year prior to the election.According to QPD reports, Jones received her Arizona Drivers License in Octo- ber 2010 after renewing her Oklahoma license during the summer of 2010. Both Foster and Roth evidently still owe the Town monies from fi nes. In a June 12th press release, Members of the Quartzsite Police Offi cers Association an- nounced 9 offi cers and the clerk had expressed a vote of “No Confi dence” in the leadership of Police Chief Jeff Gilbert, and have requested his resignation. Two investigations are cur- rently under way, one with DPS and another with a private fi rm hired by the town. The copy of last year’s investigation (initiated by Foster) was compiled by DPS and is available in the library. Foster called a special meeting on June 1st, but only Foster and Lizarraga attended, leav- ing no quorum for the meeting. After adjourn- ing the council meeting, Foster announced a MAIN ST. EATERY NOW OPEN FOR DINNER Thurs. Fri. & Sat. 4-7pm FISH FRIDAYS! PRIME RIB SATURDAYS! COMMUNITY OUTREACH SOCIAL WED. 6-8PM “Quartzsite’s FREE Community Paper” A month in review: Quartzsite politics in a nutshell... surprise Town Hall meeting to address the is- sues the offi cers have with Chief Gilbert. Gilbert objected, saying Foster was violating his due process, as an investigation was underway. Roth was arrested for Disorderly Conduct & Re- sisting Arrest shortly after the June 14th council meeting. County attorney, Sam Vederman, de- clined to prosecute the felony charges and sent it back to Quartzsite for possible misdemeanor charges. Roth has since fi led complaints against former mayor Steve Bennett and P & Z board member Barbara Bowman for assault. Also on June 14th, John Stair, vice president of the Arizona Conference of Police and Sheriffs (AZCOPS), had prepared a statement to read to the council. All the council members left their seats except Foster. They said they were advised by the town attorney that they shouldn’t be lis- tening to the statement as long as the investiga- tion was underway. Mayor Foster was censured Tuesday, June 28th for the second time since taking offi ce in May, 2010. The reason for the recent censuring was Foster allegedly released press releases without approval. [Editor’s note: Desert Messenger has not received any communication from Foster after numerous attempts over the past year]. Jones was arrested again for the fourth time in recent months during Call to the Public at Town Council meeting on Tuesday, June 28th for Dis- orderly Conduct. Former Mayor Charles Richard Oldham an- nounced the formation of a “group of independent businessmen who are in a position to hand over $ 15,000,000 to La Paz County to free it from the quagmire of problems it has faced since that judg- ment was handed down,” according to www.LaPaz- Oldham stated that “La Paz Disposal, LLC is spearheading an effort by concerned citizens Showers $6 to form a $15,000,000 Public- Private Partnership (“PPP”) for waste management and dis- posal.” There has been no an- nouncement by the county of their decision, as of press time. Foster was another “no-show” for a hearing on Friday, July 1stwhere according to Town Manager Alex Taft, he lost his bond waiver because he wasn’t forthcoming on his total income and did not show up to explain himself. If you want a seat at the next Quartzsite Youth council meeting, show up early, as there is a new limit of seats available, due to the overcrowd- ing and recent behaviors at the meetings. VOTE TODAY & everyday! http://www.refresheverything. com/dreams-of-art (see story on page ) What’s Inside 2 Editorial 4 Letters to Editor 6 Voices from the Past 10 Around Town 15 Restaurants 16 Church Directory 17 QPD Arrest Report 18 20 Puzzles 23 Classifi eds Watch the latest council meeting videos at user/qwatchingeyes MAIN ST. LAUNDROMAT Full Service Laundry! Pick up & Delivery! The “Coolest” Laundromat in town! * $275 min. OPEN YEAR-ROUND! ~ 205 E. Main St. Quartzsite ~ 928-308-0011 for FREE! Open Daily 6AM Open 6AM- 2PM FREE with any meal* COFFEE

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