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Club Bulletin July 2014 11 www.ExoticDancer.com "Give what you have. To someone, it may be better than you dare to think." — Henry Longfellow G reetings from Afghanistan...I say to you again, there isn't enough thanks in the world for the blessings you and your colleagues have rained upon us here… What has made my day and the troops all around, are your gift boxes. The boxes were palletized on a bird and delivered from the air where they landed in their respective places. Such awesome scenery… everyone was beyond ecstatic and in disbelief. All of you made this place feel like we were home, or better yet, that Santa is real. Thank you so kindly. Friends and family is what you have all be- come. The troops send their thanks and smiles. I told them you all are angels sent from heaven, and it's not too often we get to meet our angels, but I promise to try and meet each one of you to render my thanks." —Sgt. Linda Pierre, HHC, 101 Sustainment Brigade APO AE 09354 Sgt. Linda Pierre was killed in action on April 16, 2011 in Afghanistan, along with five of her comrades. Although she never made it home to meet the people who helped her unit, her legacy lives on in the generous spirit of those in the adult enter- tainment industry who continue to pour out charity, most notably, to our troops. More than 150 of you sent Sgt. Pierre's unit care packages during Christmas 2010. I didn't have to beg, plead or ca- jole—all I did was ask. You stepped up and delivered—by the pallet load! Our industry is filled with generous people. I would add that, contrary to misguided public opinion, you im- prove society. You inspire. You push people forward. And your action of "paying it forward" is one I desire to further grow in my own life. Recently, I met Lt. Colonel Marilyn McAllister (Ret.) through a mutual friend. I learned that this retired combat veteran is suffer- ing from stage 4 brain cancer, likely due to a two year VA delay where her stage 2 breast cancer metastasized and spread. To add insult to injury, her home was in the path of a tornado that left a portion of Ath- ens, AL in ruins. Going blind, the Lt. Colonel could not make it to her doctor appointments. Cue the generosity of club manager Jimmie Ellis and his wife Misty who twice drove six hours each way from Mobile to ensure Marilyn got her treatments. Then—add the selfless- ness of David "Slim" Baucom who is organizing a team to repair her home damage. "Most of us are tough guys and gals with big hearts," says Jim St. John, ACE National President. "We are too shrewd to have the wool pulled over our eyes, but we will readily help people genuinely in need because we recognize it's the important and humane thing to do." It would take a book to describe the high level of kindness I've witnessed through my 10-plus years working with ACE National. In the face of need, I've seen so many of you rally to the cause of others. Why? I think you recognize what its like to find yourself at the short end of the stick. Most of the club owners I know were not born wealthy. You had to struggle, sweat and go without to get where you are. You had to face ridicule, commit to hard work and sacrifice—all while being slammed If only they knew ... "Most of us are tough guys and gals with big hearts. We are too shrewd to have the wool pulled over our eyes, but we will readily help people genuinely in need because we recognize it's the important and humane thing to do." — Jim St. John, ACE National President Special Focus by Angelina Spencer SF ... about this industry's acts of charitable kindness

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