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June 27, 2014

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: Friday, June 27, 2014 ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ The Post and Courier : Friday, June 27, 2014 ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ The Post and Courier Kingdom of Heaven aaa Orlando Bloom. A blacksmith de- fends Jerusalem from the Saracens during the Crusades. (2:30) 'R' (HD) MAX Wed. 6:15 a.m. King Kong aaac Naomi Watts. Filmmaker goes on expedition to seek legendary giant gorilla named Kong. (3:10) 'PG-13' (HD) MAX Wed. 4:30 p.m. K-PAX aaa Kevin Spacey. A psychiatrist treats a delusional man who claims to be an alien from K-PAX. (2:00) 'PG-13' (HD) MOMAX Tue. 6:00 a.m. Kramer vs. Kramer aaac Dustin Hoffman. When his marriage collapses, a father must fight for custody of his little boy. (1:50) 'PG' ENCORE Mon. 6:00 a.m. Kung Fu Panda aaa Jack Black. A panda trains with famous martial artists to protect his village us- ing kung fu. (1:48) 'PG' FXM Fri. 7:00 p.m., Sat. 3:00 p.m. Kung Fu Panda 2 aaa Jack Black. A panda trained in the martial arts must defeat a villain- ous peacock. (1:45) 'PG' FXM Fri. 9:00 p.m., Sat. 5:00 p.m. L Lake Mungo aaac Talia Zucker. A 16-year-old girl drowns in a dam and her family grieves. (1:30) 'R' (HD) MOMAX Sat. 3:05 a.m. Lean on Me aaa Morgan Free- man. An inner-city school principal maintains discipline with an iron fist. (2:30) 'PG-13' BOUNCE Sun. 10:30 p.m. Les Misérables aaa Hugh Jack- man. Lives of runaway prisoner & helpless girl come to a boil in 19th- century Paris. (2:40) 'PG-13' (HD) HBO2 Tue. 6:00 a.m. Lethal Weapon 2 aaa Mel Gib- son. Riggs and Murtaugh go after a drug-smuggling South African diplomat. (2:00) 'R' (HD) MAX Wed. 10:40 a.m. HBO2 Fri. 9:10 a.m. Lethal Weapon 3 aaa Mel Gibson. Murtaugh and Riggs try to stop a gun runner from selling deadly weapons. (2:00) 'R' (HD) HBO2 Thu. 10:50 a.m. Life of Pi aaac Suraj Sharma. A zookeeper's son is surrounded by loose animals after a shipwreck. ( 2:15) 'PG' (HD) HBO Sat. 8:15 a.m., Mon. 11:30 a.m. Lili aaa Leslie Caron. After run- ning away, a 16-year old girl falls in with a circus troupe. (1:30) 'G' TCM Tue. 11:00 a.m. Lilies of the Field aaac Sidney Poitier. Several nuns believe a man has been sent by God to build a much needed church. (2:00) 'NR' BOUNCE Fri. 11:00 a.m. Little Miss Sunshine aaac Greg Kinnear. A dysfunctional family goes on a road trip to support their young daughter. (2:05) 'R' OXYG Fri. 3:30 p.m., Sat. 12:55 a.m. Little Murders aaa Alan Arkin. A woman helps a man find that his life of feeling nothing is counterpro ductive. (1:50) 'R' FXM Fri. 3:00 a.m. Little Odessa aaa Tim Roth. A harsh assassin returns home for a task and reunites with his family. (2:00) 'R' SUND Thu. 1:30 p.m. The Little Princess aaa Shirley Temple. A Victorian girl is made a servant after her military father disappears. (1:35) 'G' FXM Sun. 8:25 a.m. Looper aaac Bruce Willis. A mafia hit man who kills agents from the future pursues his older self. (2:00) 'R' ENCORE Sat. 4:20 p.m., Sun. 2:05 a.m. Lord of War aaa Nicolas Cage. An arms dealer confronts the morality of his work as he is being chased. (2:15) 'R' (HD) SHO Thu. 4:00 p.m., Fri. 12:30 a.m. Lost in Translation aaac Bill Murray. Two Americans meet in Tokyo and spend a week together in the strange city. (1:50) 'R' (HD) MAX Fri. 5:40 a.m. Love Actually aaa Hugh Grant. People deal with their love lives during the frantic weeks before Christmas. (2:15) 'R' FLIX Sun. 8:00 p.m. TMC Tue. 8:00 p.m. The Lovely Bones aaa Mark Wahlberg. The teenage victim of a serial killer watches her grieving family from Heaven. (2:15) 'PG-13' (HD) MOMAX Wed. 12:40 p.m. The Lusty Men aaa Susan Hayward. An injured rodeo star falls in love with an up-and-coming bronco rider's wife. (2:00) 'NR' TCM Mon. 2:00 p.m. M Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted aaa Ben Stiller. Zoo animals end up in Monte Carlo while trying to return to New York. (1:30) 'PG' (HD) HBO Wed. 8:30 a.m. MOMAX Sat. 3:45 p.m. Malcolm X aaa Denzel Wash- ington. A portrait of civil rights activist who rose above his past to become a leader. (4:00) 'PG-13' BOUNCE Wed. 9:00 p.m. The Man in the Moon aaa Sam Waterston. A girl's love for her older sister is tested when both want the same boy. (1:45) 'PG-13' MOVPLX Fri. 6:10 a.m., 4:25 p.m. Man on a Ledge aaa Sam Worthington. An ex-convict threat- ens to jump to his death from a Manhattan hotel rooftop. (1:45) 'PG-13' (HD) TMC Mon. 9:50 a.m. The Man Who Fell to Earth aaa David Bowie. An alien coming to Earth to rescue his planet becomes enthralled with its ways. (2:20) 'R' FLIX Thu. 2:40 a.m. The Matrix aaaa Keanu Reeves. A hacker joins a shadowy collec- tive's struggle to free humankind from slavery. (3:00) 'R' (HD) AMC Sat. 10:30 p.m., Sun. 10:00 a.m., Mon. 12:00 a.m. The Matrix Reloaded aaa Keanu Reeves. Neo enters the Matrix to speak with the Oracle about saving Zion from sentinels. (3:00) 'R' (HD) AMC Sun. 1:30 a.m., 1:00 p.m. Megamind aaa Will Ferrell. A super-villain with an enormous intellect is forced to become a hero. (1:49) 'PG' FXM Thu. 9:00 p.m. Mission: Impossible aaa Tom Cruise. An agent embarks on a scheme to clear his name after being branded a traitor. (1:55) 'PG-13' (HD) MAX Tue. 1:45 p.m. HBO2 Fri. 6:35 p.m. Mississippi Burning aaac Gene Hackman. Two FBI agents with contrasting backgrounds clash during a missing-persons case. (2:10) 'R' (HD) MOMAX Thu. 6:30 a.m. Monster's Ball aaa Billy Bob Thornton. A racist prison guard falls in love with an African-Ameri- can woman. (2:30) 'R' BOUNCE Thu. 1:00 a.m. Monsters vs. Aliens aaa Reese Witherspoon. A lady with new powers joins monsters and government to fight attacking aliens. (1:50) 'PG' FXM Fri. 5:00 p.m., 11:00 p.m. The Moon and Sixpence aaa George Sanders. A brilliant but de- spicable painter reexamines his life after a brush with death. (1:30) 'NR' TCM Thu. 11:15 a.m. Moonrise Kingdom aaac Bruce Willis. A young boy and girl run away from their New England town after falling in love. (1:45) 'PG-13' (HD) HBO Wed. 1:00 p.m. MOMAX Sun. 5:45 p.m. Mr. Nice Guy aaa Jackie Chan. Goons target a reporter, but a popular television chef comes to the rescue. (1:30) 'PG-13' MOVPLX Sat. 8:15 a.m., 3:00 p.m., 10:00 p.m. My Cousin Vinny aaa Joe Pesci. An inept New York lawyer defends a cousin charged with murder in the Deep South. (2:36) 'R' (HD) COM Sun. 12:40 p.m., Mon. 11:24 a.m. N National Lampoon's Vaca- tion aaa Chevy Chase. The members of an eccentric fam- ily set out on a trip across the country. (2:00) 'R' (HD) AMC Mon. 9:30 a.m. The Negotiator aaa Samuel L. Jackson. A brilliant hostage nego- tiator is wrongfully accused of mur- dering his partner. (2:20) 'R' (HD) MAX Tue. 9:45 a.m. The Nightmare Before Christ- mas aaa Chris Sarandon. The ghoulish folks of Halloween Town try celebrating Christmas in their own way. (2:00) 'PG' (HD) HUB Tue. 8:00 p.m., Wed. 12:00 a.m. The Notebook aaa Rachel McAdams. A woman chooses between a man of whom her parents approve and her first love. (3:00) 'PG-13' WE Sat. 10:00 a.m., 1:00 p.m. Notes on a Scandal aaac Judi Dench. A British teacher discov- ers her colleague in a forbidden affair. (1:35) 'R' (HD) HBO Mon. 4:45 a.m. Now You See Me aaa Jesse Eisen- berg. FBI agents search for illusion- ists who take on bank heists while performing. (2:00) 'PG-13' (HD) HBO Tue. 12:45 p.m., 9:00 p.m. MOMAX Sun. 12:00 a.m. O Oblivion aaa Tom Cruise. One of the last drone repairmen stationed on Earth has one last job. (2:15) 'PG-13' (HD) HBO Sat. 2:15 p.m. HBO2 Tue. 7:15 p.m. O Brother, Where Art Thou? aaac George Clooney. Three bumbling chain-gang fugi- tives embark on a cross-country odyssey. (1:55) 'PG-13' ENCORE Tue. 9:20 a.m., 8:00 p.m. Octopussy aaa Roger Moore. Dapper agent 007 battles a crazed Russian general intent on nuking NATO forces. (2:15) 'PG' (HD) MAX Fri. 7:15 a.m. P Pan's Labyrinth aaac Ariadna Gil. A lonely girl must complete three gruesome tasks to prove herself a princess. (2:30) 'R' SUND Sun. 10:00 p.m., Mon. 12:30 a.m., Thu. 11:00 a.m. The Paper aaa Michael Keaton. Chronicles one day in the life of a New York City tabloid newspaper. (2:00) 'R' (HD) MOMAX Sun. 6:15 a.m. The Pawnbroker aaa Rod Steiger. A concentration camp survivor becomes a pawnbroker in a New York City ghetto. (2:00) 'NR' TCM Mon. 8:00 p.m. Payback aaa Mel Gibson. A thief is double-crossed by his wife and his friend after completing a heist. (1:45) 'R' (HD) MOMAX Thu. 2:30 p.m. People Like Us aaa Chris Pine. A brother and sister meet for the first time after their elderly father dies. (1:55) 'PG-13' (HD) SHO Tue. 10:30 a.m., 5:05 p.m. TMC Sat. 1:30 p.m. Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters aaa Logan Lerman. The son of Poseidon embarks on a journey to find the mythical Golden Fleece. (1:50) 'PG' (HD) MAX Sat. 8:10 p.m. MOMAX Mon. 6:30 p.m. The Perfect Storm aaa George Clooney. A swordfish boat crew heads out for one last haul and faces a killer storm. (3:00) 'PG-13' (HD) AMC Tue. 5:00 p.m., Wed. 1:45 a.m. The Perks of Being a Wallflower aaac Logan Lerman. A shy freshman's life changes when he befriends two seniors. (1:45) 'PG-13' (HD) TMC Tue. 4:45 p.m. Philadelphia aaac Tom Hanks. A lawyer's battle with AIDS goes public when he is fired for trumped up reasons. (2:30) 'PG-13' OXYG Sat. 8:00 a.m., 12:30 p.m. BOUNCE Sat. 12:30 p.m. Phineas and Ferb: Across the 2nd Dimension aaac Vincent Mar- tella. A platypus' worst fear comes true when his owners find out he is a secret agent. (1:45) 'NR' (HD) DISXD Mon. 5:00 p.m. Pigskin Parade aaa Stuart Erwin. A country bumpkin finds glory on the football field of a rural college. (1:35) 'NR' FXM Thu. 6:55 a.m. Pirate Radio aaa Tom Sturridge. A pirate radio station broadcasts rock n' roll to the U.K. from a boat. (2:30) 'R' FUSE Fri. 8:00 p.m., 10:30 p.m. Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides aaa Johnny Depp. A pirate is confused as to whether a woman from his past is there for love. (3:00) 'PG-13' (HD) FAM Thu. 8:00 p.m. Pitch Perfect aaa Anna Kend- rick. An all-girls a capella singing group attempts to defeat their male rivals. (2:00) 'PG-13' (HD) MAX Mon. 3:15 p.m. MOMAX Tue. 8:00 p.m. The Place Beyond the Pines aaac Ryan Gosling. Trying to take care of his family, a man gets dragged into a life of stealing. (2:25) 'R' (HD) HBO Sun. 3:15 a.m. HBO2 Wed. 10:00 a.m., 11:50 p.m. Platoon aaac Tom Berenger. A soldier in Vietnam re-evaluates his beliefs after he sees civilians massacred. (2:05) 'R' ENCORE Tue. 12:40 p.m., 9:50 p.m. Playing Around aaa Alice White. Bored girlfriend befriends play- boy, who is later involved in her dad's death. (1:15) 'NR' TCM Wed. 6:00 p.m. Play Misty for Me aaa Clint Eastwood. An unstable woman is convinced she is in love with a disc jockey and stalks him. (1:45) 'R' FLIX Wed. 8:00 p.m. Prisoners aaac Hugh Jackman. A distraught father of two starts a frantic search for his missing daughter. (2:40) 'R' (HD) HBO2 Sat. 12:50 a.m., Tue. 3:10 a.m. In 15th- century Paris, the humble gypsy girl Esmeralda (Maureen O'Hara) is framed for murder by the rejected Chief Justice, and the only thing saving her from execution is sanctuary in the great cathedral provided by its deformed bell-ringer, Quasimodo, in 1939's "The Hunchback of Notre Dame," airing Tuesday at 8 p.m. on TCM.

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