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Page 2 Pike Press Brothers at the Big Event community service project in the spring. Students from the entire university worked on various projects to help families in need. Many brothers participated in the blood drive this year. Dinner on the patio with the women of Phi Mu. Hog Roast Night before International Work Day. e very man's reason to join a fraternity varies. Whether following a family legacy, joining high school friends, or simply needing to find a home away from home, each brother chooses Pi Kappa Alpha for a multitude of reasons. The bond that keeps all Gamma Chi generations together is the leadership and brotherhood that can't be found in any other chapter at OSU. Gino Demarco '80 had just returned from Marine boot camp and learned that his freshman year roommate had pledged Pike. Not knowing much about fraternity life, Gino got to know the other brothers over his first semester of school and eventually pledged as well. The experience that Gino gained as an undergraduate was invaluable. "I was always focused on achievement and knew that I needed more than just grades on my resume. Being associated with the guys in Pike helped me with my personal development. We had some really driven guys and they helped me understand what it would take to be successful—how to dress, how to interview, how to act in public. "A lot of what I took from Pike was the influence of the others in the chapter. We all came from different places, and I think the different experiences and strengths we brought with us helped create an experience that was beneficial to us all. Another thing that I took was the concept of a team and how we worked together. We had adversity and came together to get the job done. To this day, my pledge brothers and I still stay in contact and reminisce about our experiences. The fraternity forced us into that dynamic, but it's remarkable how it can be applied to one's professional career," Gino said. Gino was a member during one of the most exciting and significant times for Gamma Chi. He believes the choice to build a new chapter house his sophomore year brought the chapter to a new level. "The brotherhood that existed at the time was pretty unbelievable. We were a small chapter and we all faced the common threat of going under. We worked together to build it into a chapter house and then the group after us took it to the next level. The things that I learned and the people I met have kept me grounded throughout the years," Gino shared. "Every Gamma Chi Pike can look back and identify a handful of folks who were instrumental in keeping the chapter around. There are three brothers who come to my mind: JL Sanderson '39, who has stepped up many, many times when we needed help; Terry Hyatt '65 has given so much personal and professional resources; and Hoby Ferrell '82, whose recruiting skills were why we were able to go from a third-tier chapter to a first-tier on campus." After graduation, Gino worked for Deloitte for two years. "I picked a tough time to go into accounting in Oklahoma as the oil and gas bust hit just as I started. Seeing how I was the youngest and least experienced, I started to pick up the basics of the personal computer and Lotus software. This skillset allowed me to create a niche in the company." Eventually Gino and Rick Holder '78 bought a company together and were able to sell a part of the company to Chesapeake in 2011. Gino lives in Nichols Hills, Oklahoma, with his wife, Valerie, and their four daughters: Tara, Haley, Brianna, and Sophie. E-mail: gvthbs@sbcglobal.net Generations of Gamma Chi strive for excellence Gino demarco '80 reflects on His Pike experience Chapter eternal Ronald Owen Remke '65, of Bartlesville, Okla., entered Chapter Eternal on Tuesday, September 17, 2013. While at OSU he was active in the Air Force ROTC program and following his graduation in 1966 he entered active duty with the U.S. Air Force. Ron was a combat reconnaissance fighter aircraft commander-RF4 captain senior pilot with combat flying over North and South Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia. He loved the outdoors, was an avid fisherman, and was proud of the fact that he had the opportunity to fish in numerous countries during his military career.

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