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June 13, 2014

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0: Friday, June 13, 2014 __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ The Post and Courier 1: Friday, June 13, 2014 __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ The Post and Courier SUNDAY EVENING JUNE 15 CC W ATT DTV DSH 4 PM 4:30 5 PM 5:30 6 PM 6:30 7 PM 7:30 8 PM 8:30 9 PM 9:30 10 PM 10:30 11 PM 11:30 NEWS CNBC 33 36 216 355 208 Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Debt Do U$ Money (N) Ripping Off Security Super Rich Super Rich Supermarkets Inc.: Inside Hotel: Marriott CNN 10 33 202 202 200 (2:00) CNN Newsroom Sunday The latest worldwide news and updates. (N) CNN Special Report Anthony Bourdain Parts 41 on 41 ('14, Documentary) (NR) 41 on 41 ('14) (NR) CSPAN 30 134 230 350 210 The Best of Washington This Week Newsmkr The Best of Washington This Week Q&A Interesting people. (N) Commons Road to the White House Q&A Interesting people. CSPAN2 104 135 231 351 211 Book TV Authors present the latest nonfiction. Book TV Authors present the latest nonfiction. Book TV Author spotlight. Book TV: After Words Book TV Authors present the latest nonfiction. FNC 32 35 210 360 205 Carol Alt Housecall MediaBuzz FOX News Sunday FOX Report Sunday (N) Huckabee (N) Hannity (N) Stossel Libertarian issues. Huckabee MSNBC 31 32 215 209 Disrupt with Karen Finney Caught on Camera Caught on Camera Caught on Camera Caught on Camera OJ Special (N) OJ Special Lockup "Raw: Jailhouse" SPORTS ESPN 7 26 602 206 140 X Games "Anthology" Match Day 2014 FIFA World Cup "Group F": Bosnia-Herzegovina vs Argentina MLB Baseball: Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim at Atlanta Braves (Live) SportsCenter ESPN2 41 27 606 209 144 (3:00) 2014 NCAA College World Series "Game #3" SportsCenter Baseball Tonight: Sunday 2014 NCAA College World Series "Game #4" (Live) NHRA (Taped) ESPNCL 726 157 603 143 30 30 30 30 "Bernie and Ernie" SEC Storied "Croom" 30 for 30 "June 17, 1994" 30 for 30 "June 17, 1994" 2014 FIFA World Cup "Group F" (Taped) 30 for 30 "June 17, 1994" ESPNWS 102 166 604 207 142 SportsCenter SportsCenter Sports Nation SportsCenter SportsCenter SportsCenter SportsCenter World Cup Tonight FOXSP 59 29 645 Car Warriors Dumbest Game 365 Championship Bull Riding Wrld Poker (Taped) Wrld Poker (Taped) West Coast Customs (N) Wrld Poker (Replay) Wrld Poker (Replay) FOXSS 401 646 420 Car Warriors Dumbest Game 365 Championship Bull Riding Wrld Poker (Taped) Wrld Poker (Taped) West Coast Customs (N) Wrld Poker (Replay) Wrld Poker (Replay) FS1 99 30 652 607 150 Back of Pecos Pecos Pecos Pecos Pecos NASCAR Insider UFC Wrld Poker (Taped) The Ultimate Fighter FOX Sports Live GOLF 66 31 641 218 401 (3:30) Tin Cup ('96, Comedy) Kevin Costner. (R) In Play with Jimmy Golf Acdmy Live From the U.S. Open Live From the U.S. Open U.S. Open NBCSN 56 163 640 220 159 Lucas Oil Motorsports Racer TV NASCAR's NASCAR's Kurt Busch 36 Mecum Auto Auctions "Seattle" Detailed coverage of all the action. (N) Kurt Busch Cycling (Taped) SPOSTH 28 51 729 649 Boxing (Replay) Knockouts! Wn's Gym. "Big 12 Championship" 18 Holes Powerboat Superleague Park & Pipe Open Series MLL Lacrosse: New York vs Denver (Replay) KIDS CART 124 22 325 296 176 ac Garfield's Pet Force ('09) (G) Titans Go! Titans Go! Clarence Adventure Regular King of Hill King of Hill Rick Morty Burgers Burgers Family Guy Family Guy Superjail! (N) DISN 38 23 302 290 172 Boy World Boy World Boy World Boy World Boy World Boy World Boy World Boy World Finding Nemo Albert Brooks. (G) (:45) Liv (:15) Mickey (:25) Blog (:55) Jessie Good Luck DISXD 135 24 304 292 174 Phineas Gravity Gravity Gravity aaaa Toy Story 3 ('10) Tom Hanks. (G) Star Wars Star Wars Marvel (:45) Yonder Yonder Phineas Phineas Phineas FAM 20 16 178 311 180 Liar Liar ('97) Jim Carrey. (PG-13) aaa Remember the Titans ('00) Denzel Washington. (PG) The Blind Side ('09) Sandra Bullock, Tim McGraw. A boy gets help. (PG-13) Chasing Life "Pilot" HUB 130 101 335 294 179 Mighty 7 The Next Karate Kid ('94) Pat Morita. Alienated teenager. (PG) Superman III ('83) Christopher Reeve, Richard Pryor. Computer genius. (PG) Family Game Night Step Step NICK 26 18 314 299 170 SpongeBob SpongeBob SpongeBob SpongeBob Breadwinne Thunderman Sam & Cat Sam & Cat Full House Full House Full House Full House Full House Full House Friends Friends NICKJR 131 112 320 301 169 Lalaloopsy Lalaloopsy Peppa Pig Peppa Pig Peppa Pig Peppa Pig Mia and Me Dora Guppies Guppies Peppa Pig Peppa Pig Discretion Night Out Christine Christine TEEN 116 322 303 181 Unfabulous 8th grade trip. Zoey 101 Zoey 101 Big Time Big Time Guide Guide Zoey 101 Zoey 101 Degrassi TeenNick Top 10 Drake Drake Drake PREMIUM ENCORE 150 380 932 535 340 (:15)aac Oz the Great and Powerful ('13, Fantasy) James Franco, Mila Kunis. A man finds himself surrounded by magic. (PG) aa Beverly Hills Ninja ('97) Chris Farley, Nicollette Sheridan. (PG-13) aa Grown Ups 2 ('13) Adam Sandler, Kevin James. (PG-13) (:45) Fun With Dick and Jane ('05, Comedy) Jim Carrey, Téa Leoni. (PG-13) (:20)aa Mr. 3000 ('04) Bernie Mac. (PG-13) FLIX 170 350 890 557 333 Deceived (PG-13) ac Boat Trip ('03) Cuba Gooding Jr., Horatio Sanz. A gay ocean cruise. (R) (:05)aac Cocktail ('88, Drama) Tom Cruise, Bryan Brown. Hotshot bartender falls in love. (R) aac The Secret of My Success ('87) Michael J. Fox, Helen Slater. Man plans scam. (PG-13) aaa The Frighteners ('96) Michael J. Fox, Peter Dobson. A psychic fights a dead serial killer. (R) HBO 17 300 802 501 303 Burt ('13) (PG-13) (:45)aaa Enough Said ('13, Comedy) James Gandolfini, Julia Louis-Dreyfus. Divorced woman. (PG-13) aaac The Conjuring ('13) Vera Farmiga, Patrick Wilson. Family terrorized at secluded farmhouse. (R) True Blood (N) Game of Thrones "The Children" New arrival. (N) (:15) Game of Thrones "The Children" Arrival brings unexpected changes. John Oliver (N) HBO2 303 301 804 502 304 (3:30) Game of Thrones Game of Thrones "Laws Gods Men" Game of Thrones "Mockingbird" Unlikely ally. (:25) Game of Thrones Game of Thrones "Watchers Wall" Wall threatened. (:15)aac R.I.P.D. ('13, Action) Jeff Bridges, Mike Judge. Officers fight monstrous criminals. (PG-13) aaa Warm Bodies ('13) Nicholas Hoult, Teresa Palmer. (PG-13) (:45)aa Big Momma ('06) MAX 610 330 832 515 310 Ender's (PG-13) (:40)aaac South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut ('99, Comedy) Matt Stone. (R) aaa Now You See Me ('13) Jesse Eisenberg, Mark Ruffalo. Illusionists take on bank heists. (PG-13) aaac Full Metal Jacket ('87) Matthew Modine, Adam Baldwin. Marines head into the Vietnam War. (R) aaa Kick-Ass 2 ('13) Aaron Taylor-Johnson. Red Mist's revenge. (R) (:45) Topless Prophet MOMAX 321 331 834 517 312 (3:30)aac Internal Affairs ('90, Thriller) Richard Gere, Andy Garcia. (R) aac Nothing to Lose ('97) Martin Lawrence, Tim Robbins. (R) (:10)aaac The World's End ('13, Comedy) Simon Pegg, Nick Frost. Galactic fight via pub crawl. (R) aac The Watch ('12) Ben Stiller, Vince Vaughn. Alien invasion. (R) Femme Fatales "Behind Doors" Actress in prison. Worlds (PG-13) MOVPLX 149 377 aac Pleasantville ('98) Tobey Maguire, Jeff Daniels. Teens transported to '50s sitcom world. (PG-13) (:10)aaa Fly Away Home ('96, Drama) Jeff Daniels, Anna Paquin. Girl cares for geese (PG) aac Papa's Delicate Condition ('63) Jackie Gleason. A father changes. (NR) (:40)ac AntiTrust ('01, Thriller) Ryan Phillippe, Tim Robbins. Software co. (PG-13) Nice Guy (PG-13) SHO 340 320 852 545 319 The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn: Part 2 ('12) Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson. A daughter. (PG-13) Years of Living Dangerously Californica- tion Nurse Jackie Penny Dreadful "Sisters" Friendship betrayed. Nurse Jackie (N) Californica- tion (N) Penny Dreadful "What Death Can Join Together" (N) Penny Dreadful "What Death Can Join Together" STARZ 371 370 902 527 350 (3:35) Battle of the Year ('13, Drama) Josh Holloway, Laz Alonso. (PG-13) aac Bad Boys II ('03) Martin Lawrence, Will Smith. Tough narcotics cops head up a task force to stop a dangerous drug kingpin. (R) Power "Whoever He Is" Ex is a threat. Power "Whoever He Is" Ex is a threat. (:05)aaac Captain Phillips ('13, Drama) Tom Hanks, Barkhad Abdi. Pirates seize ship. (PG-13) TMC 350 340 882 554 329 ac Judge Dredd (R) aac Peacock ('10) Cillian Murphy, Ellen Page. A double life. (PG-13) aaa People Like Us ('12) Chris Pine, Elizabeth Banks. Adult siblings meet for the first time. (PG-13) aaac The Truman Show ('98) Jim Carrey, Ed Harris. Man's life is subject of TV show. (PG) aaa Step Up Revolution ('12) Cleopatra Coleman. Love and dance. (PG-13) The Canyons (R) CC = Comcast, W = WOW, ATT = AT&T UVerse, DTV = DirecTV, DISH = Dish Network American River Renegades 8 p.m. on ANIMAL When food for his village runs low, a local chief and his friend make a "suicide run" into the Alaskan wil- derness to find salmon; man traps wild hogs for cash. Alaska: The Last Frontier 8 p.m. on DISC In celebration of Father's Day and the men in the family, the Kilchers share a number of new stories about the homesteader legacy. Field of Dreams 8 p.m. on ESQ An Iowa farmer summons the spir- its of disgraced ball players after a mysterious voice prompts him to build a baseball diamond in the middle of his cornfield. 21 Jump Street 8 p.m. on FX Two underachieving police officers are recruited to go undercover at a local high school to investigate and bust a synthetic drug ring. Signed, Sealed, Delivered 8 p.m. on HALL Oliver and Shane are presented with a case that leads them to a bank vault, but they find them- selves locked inside the vault and lack enough air to survive. The Hangover 8 p.m. on TBS Groomsmen with no memory of their wild night in Las Vegas must retrace their steps in order to find the missing groom before his wedding. Demolition Man 8 p.m. on WGN A 1990s crime lord escapes from a suspended-animation prison dur- ing a parole hearing, so a police- man from that era is released from the facility to catch him. True Blood 8:30 p.m. on HBO As the premiere of the final season approaches, a behind-the-scenes look is taken at the show, high- lighting memorable moments and characters. Apocalypto 9 p.m. on BBCA A man narrowly escapes from an ancient Columbian civilization's ritual human sacrifice and un- dertakes a harrowing journey to rescue his child and pregnant wife. Accidentally in Love 9 p.m. on HALL When a disgruntled actor gets into a car wreck with a single mother, he is caught off guard when an unexpected friendship develops between them. Game of Thrones 9 p.m. on HBO A new arrival brings unexpected changes; Dany faces difficult truths; Bran uncovers more about his destiny; the truth of his situation becomes clear to Tyrion. Drop Dead Diva 9 p.m. on LIFE Kim is rescued from a mugging by a masked "superhero" of sorts, who is then sued by the mugger; Jane represents a mother whose son died at a football camp. Inside Combat Rescue 9 p.m. on NATGEO The "Reapers" are an elite unit that hunts high-level Taliban officials; the 83rd Rescue Squadron para- chutes into hostile territory to save the wounded. Believe 9 p.m. on NBC Skouras is forced to ask Winter and Channing for help after an enraged Dani focuses all of her destructive abilities on Orchestra and Bo. Snapped: Killer Couples 9 p.m. on OXYG Brenda Andrew and James Pavatt were accused of plotting to murder Brenda's husband Robert Andrew to collect a huge life insurance policy sold to him by Pavatt. Nurse Jackie 9 p.m. on SHO Jackie breaks up with Frank and attempts to get away from the people who are closest to her so she can continue to use drugs; DEA investigation intensifies. Sister Wives 9 p.m. on TLC Robyn wants another baby and Meri wants to return to school, so the family seeks investments that will allow them to hire employees for their jewelry business. Call of the Wildman: More Live Action! 9:30 p.m. on ANIMAL Ernie comments on his visit from the "Finding Bigfoot" crew, Bobo and Ranae, when he got critter calls and had to go help Jeff with a burrowing animal. Finding Bigfoot 10 p.m. on ANIMAL A trail camera photo taken in Virginia may contain the image of a possible juvenile Sasquatch, so the Bigfoot team travels to investigate. Alaskan Bush People 10 p.m. on DISC The Brown family reflects on their past year living in the Alaskan wilderness, and they share some shocking truths about their unique lifestyle. Modern Marvels 10 p.m. on H2 The top 10 countdown has diverse gadgets, such as an iconic device from the 1960s and an electronic from the '90s once considered a threat to national security. Crisis 10 p.m. on NBC Finley manages to get inside of the mansion by participating in a hostage exchange; Gibson wants to fool the world into thinking that he is innocent. Oprah's Master Class 10 p.m. on OWN Oprah Winfrey sits down with "Good Morning America" anchor Robin Roberts for a conversation about her battle with breast cancer and how she overcame adversity. Fueled by anger, Dani (Mia Vallet) turns her powers toward destroying Orchestra and Bo, promp- ting Skouras to ask Winter for aid on the season finale of "Believe," airing Sunday on NBC at 9 p.m. HIGHLIGHTS

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