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W e sincerely thank the following brothers and friends for their dedication to the Legacy Campaign for Iota Iota: Securing Our Future. These alumni recognize the importance of ensuring the future of Sigma Chi and have demonstrated a sense of gratitude for their personal experience. Commitments are still needed from the rest of our alumni to achieve our goal of $2 million for the building of our new home. All donors contributing a minimum of $2,500 to the campaign, over a five-year period, will be recognized on a plaque prominently displayed in the new chapter house, and donors pledging $1,000 or more will be recognized in campaign publications. If an error has been made in recording your gift, or your name has been mistakenly omitted or listed improperly, we sincerely apologize. Please send corrections to Jason Goggins '03 at Thank You, Loyal Brothers and Friends, for Committing More Than $1.79 Million 2 The Iota Iota Messenger White Cross Circle ($100,000 and above) Iota Iota Chapter of Sigma Chi Founders Circle ($50,000 to $99,999) Quentin Q. Brown Jr. '69 James M. Seaver '69 David A. London '70 Ascik Family Gift Mark Ascik '79 Steve Ascik '83 David Ascik '12 William F. Stiers '86 Jordan Standard Society ($25,000 to $49,999) Walter R. Byars Jr. '48 John "JJ" Hines '49 Maxwell Family Gift Robert H. Maxwell '49 Richard K. Maxwell '74 David Maxwell '76 Alex W. Newton '52 In memory of Walter R. Byars '48 A. Paul Owen Jr. '52 In memory of Walter R. Byars '48 Robert A. Rollings '59 John R. Purdy '62 Steve Kane '65 John D. Blue '70 Carolyn and Jack Neal '71 In honor of The Buffalo 13 Society Chorba Family Gift Jody Chorba '73 Rusty Chorba '78 Eddie Lumpkin '74 Bob Loftin III '79 Cavett Fallis '85 In memory of Newman Cross John F. Chapman '99 The Norman Shield Society ($15,000 to $24,999) Mrs. Martha J. Bedsole In memory of T. Massey Bedsole Sr. '39 Billy Philips '50 In memory of Walter R. Byars '48 Lt. Col. Bill W. Hoffman '51 W. Wheeler Smith '68 In memory of Leslie and Caroline Smith Tom M. Underwood '73 R. Don Kennemer '74 Mark S. McColl '81 Oscar M. Dalton III '83 Mike King '84 Dr. Neil White III '85 Chris A. Jones '01 Blue & Old Gold Society ($10,000 to $14,999) Anonymous Gelwix Family Gift Cecil Mackey '49 Gray Whigham Jr. '52 Dr. Hurley W. Knott '63 In memory of Coleman Frye, Richard Mason, and Pat Lindsey Charles J. Kittrell '67 C. Richard Parr Jr. '67 Douglas P. Lyle '68 In memory of William D. Lowe '68 Michael F. Cortright '69 S. Dagnal Rowe '69 Cobb Rogers '70 Charles L. Perry '71 Bert P. Taylor '71 In memory of Wes Lavender '70 Ramon Arias '72 Christopher Family Gift John Y. Christopher Jr. '72 John Y. Christopher III '00 Robert A. Hieserman '73 Donald L. Johnson '73 Wright Waters '73 Gary B. Clark '79 Warren Hawkins '79 Finis St. John '79 Ralph Procter '81 Chuck Welden '82 Tim Nichols '84 Will Yeldell '86 Rob Howland '89 Sonny Kullman '89 Capstone Sigs Club ($5,000 to $9,999) Charles and Ava McPherson In honor of Steven D. Phillips '95 Harry L. Pennington '41 John Pradat '48 In memory of Walter R. Byars '48 Victor E. Woodman '51 Robert G. Esdale Sr. '54 Charlie D. Yeldell '63 A. Lee hanson '64 John Holaday, Ph.D. '66 In memory of William D. Lowe '68 Hon. C. Lynwood Smith Jr. '66 Jerry M. Taylor '66 Roger C. Williams '66 Bucky Wood '66 Tommy Beason '68 Lt. Col. Louis N. Deangelo '68 Roy V. Elliott Jr. '68 David Hatch '68 William R. Lewis '68 In honor of William R. Lewis Jr., South Alabama '99 Max T. Patton '68 Reb Beck '69 Robert T. Hunter Jr. '69 Thomas M. Eilerman '70 In memory of Wes Lavender '70 and Bill Lowe '57 Michael E. Sparkman '70 Walter L. Evans II '71 Fletcher B. Thornton '71 In memory of Scott Thornton James D. Whitmire '71 Robert C. Baird Jr. '72 Timothy C. Hennessy '73 Marl Cummings III '75 Bruce Kerlin '80 John C. Dobbs '81 In memory of Carney H. Dobbs '49 William H. Halama III '81 Stewart McLaurin '81 Tony Robbins '81 In memory of Carney H. Dobbs '49 Greg Willisson '82 Douglas A. Woodman '82 Charles E. Bottcher '83 Phillip Esdale '84 In honor of Robert G. Esdale '54 John R. Capps '85 Howard L. Einstein '86 Mike Stockard '90 Ward Simmons '91 Clay Martin '92 Warner Moore III '93 Scott Darling '97 Drew Kirkland '01 John Kirkland '01 B. Blake Norberg '01 In memory of Andy Grimes '95, Mike Darby, and Wayne Mills Paul J. Albano Jr. '03 Jason M. Goggins '03 James A. Hurt III, M.D. '03 W. Bryant Patrick '06 Foster T. Hyde '08 Derby Club ($2,500 to $4,999) Tom and Lora Chisholm Jo Anne Collins In honor of Clifton G. "Bo" Collins Jr. '54 Robert Garrison In memory of Judge Richard E. McPhearson '52 J. Lee McPhearson Virginia L. McPhearson Grace M. O'Grady Elizabeth Cunningham Pearce In memory of William Dodge Cunningham '42 and in honor of the class of 1942 Sam H. Wright '61 Memorial Gift Jack P. Strong, M.D. '48 Hugh S. Morrow Sr. '49 Billy Smyer Jr. '49 Richard M. Warren '49 In memory of Dwight T. Warren '88 James B. Anderson '50 W. Gene Hunter '51 In memory of Walter R. Byars '48 Rev. Ray W. Pradat '51 In memory of Walter R. Byars '48 Jack D. Cummings '53 James W. Greiner '53 John F. Proctor '53 Thomas M. Marr Sr. '54 Don Newton '56 James R. Beaird '57 Robert E. Corry '57 Warren L. Hammond Jr. '57 Ellis G. Mitchell '59 James W. Yeldell Jr. '59 Harwell E. Coale Jr. '62 In memory of Harwell E. Coale Sr. '29 Lix Fruge '62 Larry Sims '63 Antonio D. Melachrino '65 In memory of Craig Knowles In honor of Hurley Knott '63 Billy W. Tate Jr. '65 Larry Jarvis '68 Thomas Roberts '68 Rick F. Smith '68 Norman J. Walton Jr. '68 Tom Damson '68 Michael L. Harris '69 In memory of J. Douglas Harris Sr. '38 Dr. S. Robert Hernandez '69 William H. Paceley '69 In memory of Wesley Lavender '70 J.D. Turner '69 In memory of William R. King '67 and In honor of the Class of 1967 R. Kurry Wyatt, D.M.D. '69 Parkes Brandon '70 Dennis Clowers '70 In memory of William Lowe John G. "Jack" Lowther '70 Doster L. McMullen '70 Robert H. Pettey Jr. '70 E. Phillip Powell '69 John R. Howard '71 Bruce W. Pylant '71 Steven Shockley '71 James McGee '72 In memory of David Swindel '64 and James Daniel '73 Stephen E. Horn '73 Campaign Status At-a-Glance As of May 16, 2014 $2 Million Goal $1,796,593 Contributions 349 Contributors 1,343 Mailable Alumni 24% Participation

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