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Club Bulletin May 2014 27 www.ExoticDancer.com Diffuse It! Noon-1 pm Tactics for your staff to use to diffuse negative or hostile situations inside or outside of the club One need only to do a Google search on "strip club" to find out how prevalent confrontations, even shootings, have become in the adult nightclub industry. To address these issues and explain how club staff can stop a confrontation be- fore it starts—or handle it properly once a violent situation has started—the 2014 EXPO's "Diffuse It" support staff seminar will feature Robert Smith of Nightclub Security Consultants. Smith, a former police office, has trained over 5,000 hospital- ity employees and has worked with over 1,000 bars, clubs, restaurants and more. "The individual operator may not think that shootings and other violent incidents are prevalent on a national scale, but they normally are only focused on their own venue," says Smith. "We use a real advanced search program from all Internet news providers to compile stats related to this topic. In the past three years, gun violence in, around and related to gentlemen's clubs, has increased by 48%." When asked why such an increase has occurred, Smith has a multi-pronged answer. "Many young guests have been raised without being taught any sense of 'consequence,'" says Smith. "As social media becomes more ingrained in our lives, I'm really worried that normal social skills will be even further lost and violence fu- eled by over-intoxicated young guests will increase. "Clubs have been fighting hard to maintain their revenue stream and even increase that revenue, and when managers have sales bonuses, monthly targets and other monetary re- wards for sales, these incentives may be, on occasion, cloud- ing the judgement on whether to respond earlier to guests or groups of guests who need to be asked to leave," Smith adds. "Instead, they are given second and third chances and finally, when they are asked to leave, lash out with uncontrollable acts of violence." The "Diffuse It" Support Staff Training Seminar will ad- dress the following key points: • How to spot and prevent a violent incident before it starts • How to ensure your security and support staff have the proper training to handle issues before they occur, while they're occurring and after they occur • What do to if someone is brandishing a gun or other weapon in your club Meet & Greet! 1-2 pm How to create the most positive impression for your club and within your community Each day, adult nightclubs are welcoming first-time guests into their venue, and on an ongoing basis, adult clubs are creating an impression within their community. So what does it take to create a great impression, not only with new guests, but with the commu- nity at large? Two industry experts—Robert Smith of Nightclub Security Consultants and David Boehm of Club Consultant Pro 2.0—will offer tips on how your host- esses, front door girls, valet attendants, security staff and more can create the ultimate impression with your guests. "First and last impressions are the two most important because they're the most memorable for your guests," says Boehm. "Have the most personable employee as your front door host; let him or her greet each and every guest as if he was greeting guests coming into his own house, and make sure they're the best looking per- son in your establishment. In terms of valet service, I once put a female valet staff together in Fort Lauderdale who wore thigh high boots, boy shorts and sleeveless V-neck shirts. They turned many heads!" "In my mind, from working with hundreds of men's clubs nationally, the front door guard or the door host is not just the tip of the iceberg of hospitality, they are the entire fricking iceberg," adds Smith. "From the first hello at the door, to finding a seat, to getting to the bar, finding an entertainer the guest would like, to getting their tab or being walked out, the security employee has the most influence to creating a great and positive impression." The "Meet & Greet" Support Staff Training Seminar will address the following key points: • What does it meant to create a great first impression? And what happens if there is a bad first impression? • The steps you can take to ensure you are creating the best first impression for your club, both inside the club and within the community • Specific examples of what your hospitality staff should do to create a great first impression, and what mistakes are typically made that lead to a bad first impression EXPO 2014 Monday Security/Support Staff Training Seminars: New date! Monday, August 18th SMITH SMITH BOEHM

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