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May 02, 2014

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: Friday, May 2, 2014 ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ The Post and Courier : Friday, May 2, 2014 ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ The Post and Courier CELEBRITY CROSSWORD SUDOKU Fill in the puzzle grid so that every row, every column, and every 3x3 box contains the digits 1 through 9. Across 1. Anna Faris/Allison Janney sitcom 4. "Dexter" star, Michael C. __ 8. Garbage barge 12. McClanahan of "The Golden Girls" 13. Melange 14. Actress Carol 15. "Pirates of the Caribbean: On __ Tides" 17. "__ __ first you..." 18. Goes away 20. Wesley Crusher's rank: abbr. 21. Celebrities 24. Colorful salamander 26. Wooden shoe 27. Mary-Louise Parker series 30. "Star __" 31. Neighborhood 32. "__ by the Bell" 34. Mark Addy sitcom, "__ Standing" 35. Neighbor of Pakistan 37. Stage in a process 38. "Family Guy" daughter 40. Burt Reynolds movie "__ Nights" 43. Action film, "__ Man 2" 45. "Alien" actor Tom 49. "West __ Story" 50. First name in mysteries 51. Scott Pelley's network 52. Jazzy singing 53. Talk back to 54. Compass point Down 1. Katie Holmes movie, "Teaching __ Tingle" 2. "Shark Tank" verdict: "I'm __!" 3. Mal de __ 4. "No kidding!" 5. Pond growth 6. Mr. Schreiber of "Ray Donovan" 7. Actress Sophia 8. Emulate Bode Miller 9. Cal Tech hangout for Sheldon and friends 10. __ __ even keel 11. Prohibition opponents 16. Shown, "Today" veteran: 2 wds. 19. Make a skirt 21. Fast planes, once 22. Showtime series, "United States of __" 23. He was Fish in "Barney Miller": 2 wds. 25. Featured star's specialty 28. Reeves and Shannon 29. 1980s game show, "__ of the Century" 33. Tiny bit 34. Steeples 36. Beaks 38. "__ Congeniality" 39. John McCook on "The Bold and the Beautiful" 41. Gumbo pods 42. Sets up 44. Fish catcher 46. Rock Hudson's "__ Station Zebra" 47. Basic cable channel 48. Half a dangerous fly WORD QUIZZARD In the grid below, twenty answers can be found that fit the category for today. Circle each answer that you find and list it in the space provided at the right of the grid. Answers can be foundin all directions - forwards, backwards, horizontally, vertically and diagonally. An example is given to get you started. Can you find the twenty answers in this puzzle? Classic TV's Biggest Goofballs 1. This sitcom was named after the first mate on a private cruise that should have lasted only three hours. 2. The latter of these buddies would say "Hello" upon barging in on the sitcom's tit- ular gal pals just as they mentioned some- thing dreadful. 3. Barging in was the only way this "hipster doofus" would enter the apartment of his comedian neighbor, for whom the sitcom was named. 4. Although completely earnest, this small- town deputy was such a goof the sheriff would only let him carry one bullet – if any. 5. This second-cousin of a mountain man who struck oil and moved to California parlayed his sixth-grade education into careers as a movie producer and a double- naught spy. Answers 1. "Gilligan's Island" 2. Lenny and Squiggy 3. Kramer 4. Barney Fife 5. Jethro Bodine TRIVIA CHAIN - On May 10, 1749, the 10th and final volume of Henry Fielding's novel "Tom Jones" is printed. The serialized novel told the humorous story of the attempts of the illegitimate but charming Tom Jones to win his neighbor's daughter. - On May 5, 1904, Boston Red Sox pitch- er Cy Young (born Denton True Young) throws a perfect game against the De- troit Tigers. It was the first perfect game of the modern era; the last had been thrown by John Montgomery Ward in 1880. It was the second of three no-hit- ters that Young would throw, and the only perfect game. - On May 9, 1926, according to their claims, polar explorer Richard E. Byrd and co-pilot Floyd Bennett fly over the North Pole in a triple-engine Fokker monoplane, the Josephine Ford. How- ever, the discovery in 1996 of the diary that Byrd kept seemed to suggest that he and Bennett may have turned back 150 miles short of the pole because of an oil leak. - On May 6, 1940, John Steinbeck is awarded the Pulitzer Prize for his novel "The Grapes of Wrath." The book traces the fictional Joad family of Oklahoma as they lose their family farm and move to California in search of a better life. MOMENTS IN TIME PUZZLE PAGES By Dan Rice

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