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Sighs of Psi PSI CHAPTER OF DELTA KAPPA EPSILON AT THE UNIVERSITY OF ALABAMA t SPRING 2014 INSIDE: Chapter Highlights • 2-3 Alumni News • 3-4 From the Historian • 5-9 GOATS AND GLORY "N o goats. No glory." That's the tagline from The Men Who Stare at Goats. I don't remember the exact date but I think buttons with that quote were being passed out at a game day the last time I saw Ken Huffstutler '78 face to face. If you didn't know Ken, he was one of those dedicated DKEs who make the chapter a better place. If you knew him, you know what I mean. Ken wonder- fully served the DKE House Corporation board for several years by handling the facility part of the job—probably one of the toughest assignments we have. James Keno Huffstutler Jr. '78 joined the mystic circle on February 15 after succumbing to pancre- atic cancer after a well fought battle. If you didn't make the funeral, you were one of the few. All but three living members of his pledge class were pres- ent and sat together in support of our friend and brother and I don't think there was an empty seat left in the church. The service was a tribute to a life well lived. There's a DKE poem that is very appropriate when we mourn our brothers who have passed on. I share it here, remembering Ken and all our departed brothers. A brother dead and brothers mourning Fill the heart with grief today, And the earnest grasp fraternal; Speaks, "a dear one passed away." Yes, no longer we shall greet thee In the halls of DKE, Yet thy name in sweet remembrance Graven on our hearts will be. We have parted, Brother, parted, As we trust, to meet again In a full unbroken circle, Free from sorrow, grief and pain. In the Bonds, Black Chaffe '83 I n following with tradition, I figured I could no longer postpone my farewell address. Bare with me... Over the past four years, I have had the privilege of helping (at least I hope I helped) this House and our fraternity in many capacities. From Judicial Board to Vice President to President and even pulling the John McNeil and getting on the International Board- I have seen this House from almost every position. Admittedly, I never saw myself getting involved in any leadership roles. I was a guy from Montgomery who went DKE because I did not want 13th grade at some of the other fraternities. I wasn't your traditional Mobile or Mountain Brook DKE legacy and the whole idea of fraternity was new to me. Yet, it only took a few days into pledgeship before I realized that this House was more important and valuable than a social gathering place for a bunch of dudes. I think we all share those feelings of when we realized we were apart of something that was much bigger than our individual selves. And that is a great feeling to have. I leave my position with nothing but good memories of the times I've had in office. Yes, some days were stressful and it probably contributed to my bar tabs at night. Some guys think I am every curse word under the sun and I'm sure y'all have moments where you think I could have performed better. As they say, "hindsight's 20/20." However, even through the rough times, I felt myself growing as a man, a leader, and I believe this House is in a better place than when I started. That was my only goal—take what I inherited and make it better. All across the board I see improve- ments. Suffice to say, the issues at the beginning of the pledge program were disheartening and troubling. However, I believe we were able to work through those and have a pledge program that was extremely ben- eficial for the new members and active chapter. Also, we were one of the only groups on campus who received no hazing calls to the University and kept their original initiation date. From having a Chapter GPA over 3.05 for the first time in recorded Psi history, to increasing membership from 98 my freshman year to 137 now, from over spending every year to now having two semesters of an under budget social fund, winning a record 10th Lion's Trophy and many, many more improvements—Psi is on the right track. Of course, the squeaky wheel gets the grease and I know the negative times will stick out more than the good progress that has been made. However, despite what "coulda shoulda woulda's" exist, I am very happy with the state of our House. I would like to thank each of you for this experience. You helped teach me accountability, leadership skills, responsibility, and maturity. The road had it's bumps, we had our disagreements—but overall you showed care for me and this House. The DKE House will always hold a special place in my heart. It has given to me way more than I have given to it. As much as it saddens me to be leaving these halls in a few months, I know it is time for me to go and make way for someone else to enjoy this House as much as I have and always will. Thank you, again, for this opportunity. The privilege was all mine. I will always be here to help out this next year or in the coming years. ITB, "A Washed Up Brother Beta" From Brother Beta DKE CHAPTER HIGHLIGHTS

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