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Spring 2014 Spring 2014 INSIDE: Alpha Epsilon Continues Momentum Page 3 • Welcome New Initiates Page 4 • My View Page 5 THE HUSKER SIG Alpha Epsilon Chapter of Sigma Chi at the University of Nebraska F or those of you who missed our special January newsletter, we are pleased to report that the University of Nebraska has agreed to our petition to reinstate the Alpha Epsilon Chapter effective May 1, 2014. This reduces the length of our suspension by two full years—from our best case projection of May 1, 2016—and allows for the Fraternity to resume normal operations at the University. Practically speaking, we can now continue to build our membership and our Sigma Chi identity without the severe obstacles we have experienced since 2009, when we had another unfortunate violation of University policy. In our view our early reinstatement is perhaps the most significant step forward for Alpha Epsilon in its recent history. Importantly, our undergraduates will soon be able to have access to University and IFC recruitment data and conduct normal recruitment activities again. Our full reinstatement will also allow the Chapter to once again hold fraternity social and philanthropic functions on campus with IFC and University recognition, including such cornerstone events as Derby Days and Sigma Chi Fight Night. Needless to say, we are delighted with the results. We are also delighted to report that, despite the fact that our undergraduates have been operating without the imprimatur of the University, they have stayed a difficult course. We're proud of them. They look to be in line for a Peterson Award as they have successfully mastered a number of valuable Sigma Chi leadership training initiatives, have applied much more intentional and exacting standards in screening potential pledges and have conducted several first class initiation ceremonies, returning the ritual to its core importance in the Sigma Chi experience. They have concurrently implemented a dry and principled recruitment program which has impressively grown our membership to 46 highly committed brothers and pledges. In short, our undergraduate brothers have accomplished everything we have asked of them and more. They have—we believe—done nothing short of changing the culture of the house in fundamental and important ways, most likely beyond what we historically experienced as Sigma Chis. UNL most certainly took their accomplishments into account as they rendered their decision to reinstate the Chapter—and, very importantly to do so with a clean slate without probation. The University agreed to these terms, clearly responding to the idea that both parties are well served to move forward together in fresh-start mode. We believe we now have a better than ever chance to finally remove a significant bull's-eye off our backs and no longer subjected to unfair and unwarranted targeting, something that has been an ongoing issue for us with our neighbors, the University Police. Even with the material improvements we are authoring within Alpha Epsilon, our challenge to once again make this the best house on campus is still a reality. We now have a strong core of exceptionally good young men from which to build. But we must put together a sequence of two or three good pledge classes to fill the house to capacity and to build for a strong and broad membership that can be economically self-sustaining. Irrespective of where you call home, you can help by proactively giving our rush chairman promising referrals. Please see the important article on page 4 regarding recruitment for more information. Thank you for your faith and support. Alpha Epsilon now enters its 130th year on the University of Nebraska campus resilient, more confident, and stronger; a leadership-driven fraternity with many more years of contributions to make to the Fraternity and the University we all love. Hard Work Pays Off. Alpha Epsilon Reinstated! Sig undergraduates pose during an internship visit to leading Nebraska manufactuer, Lincoln Industries.

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