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April 6, 2011

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A���� 6, 2011  LETTERS FROM PAGE 4 pride in our little Town and pitch in so much to make what it is. Anyone who attended the Arizona Birthday Party at the Town Hall had a special treat. Thank you Lisa DeHaven for bringing the preschoolers from the Scholars’ Academy. They were a real hit! We certainly hope they can come back and entertain us at future events. We seldom see the children in this town and it’s fantastic when they can be part of our celebrations. Thank you to all! AZ Centennial Committee Member MISLED Mary Huntley I was asked to sign recall papers. The person who asked misled me. I am very sorry that I listened to this person. I started going to the town council meetings and I approve of all council members…now the mayor, on the other hand, well, I sure question him. I voted for all current council members and am glad I did. We need all of our police force; they are most needed. When called they show up in fi ve to ten minutes. I do not know of another town that can “brag” about this. Our Police Chief is awesome. We, the people need him. I feel Quartzsite needs a city swimming pool. Most of the people here would use it daily, so would the snowbirds. This said, the pool would pay for itself in three years or less; and keep paying. This swimming pool swimming pool would also create jobs for our local teenagers and others. Quartzsite has many seniors who need this swimming pool. Our young people need this also. Sure, it will cost a lot, but it is worth it. In the long run it will pay for itself and keep paying year-round for years to come and create jobs. Congratulations to our council members. Please keep up the good work. HERE WE GO AGAIN A disgruntled old dairy engineer Approximately a year and a half ago, ���.D�����M��������.��� be run. If he thinks that his previous pick of potential council members are the best choice, he has some serious delusions. Maybe he shoveled too much manure back at the dairy farm where he got his engineering degree. Heck, back on our farm in Sout Dakota, I shoveled manure and I didn’t get any sort of a engineering degree. The only thing I got was a good whipping if I didn’t clean up after the herd. Well, now we have a different mess that is being created by the “mayor” and his minions. But, we have some of the most able people in our Town of Quartzsite that can handle these idiots. I think most of our bonofi de citizens realize that we have the best Police Chief and his crew, the best Town Manager we could ever hope for and the best working crew our Town has ever had. There is more being done for our Town than has ever been done-thanks to our Leaders. As far as the so-called airport goes- I was on the Council when Richard asked the Town’s permission to open his little runway for the Ultralights since they were banned from the Center runway by [then councilman] Hal Davidson. I personally agreed with Richard that would be a good idea in order to bring them back to Quartzsite, as they actually did bring several thousands of dollars to our Town. The only offi cial runway was located at Desert Gardens. I think what happened, he tried to bulldoze a longer runway to the north, but BLM stopped that. Now he thought he could add a few feet to the south over Town right of way. Didn’t happen-because his time is fast approaching when the Bonofi de citizens won’t put up with this type of high-handiness. Wes Huntley, Quartzsite Sincerely, Hannah Waite, Quartzsite complaining about how it doesn’t make any difference whether or not you’re a property owner in order to set rules down about how your Town should POOR WELCOME FOR WINTER VISITOR I was recently parked on the east side of a truck and repair shop late Sat. afternoon March 26th where it did say customer parking. It was closed so we walked to the nearest store.When we returned shortly, a tow truck was trying to hook up to my truck as he had a RV Day/Night SHADE REPAIR Remove/Restring/Reinstall Mobile Service • Affordable Pricing! Discount for multiple blinds! 7 years experience Are your blinds too tight or too loose? We can adjust. AZ Lic. #1622 714-916-1702 complaint by the owner from his home that we were not shopping there. Most places will let you park when closed and empty. I feel this was very picky and unreasonable when they were closed and a $100 tow fi ne disconnect was excessive. I had to pay immediately I was told, or would be left to walk to my RV in the long term area. Quartzsite business’s need to do more to welcome winter visitors as it is their busiest season and not to scare customers away by being unreasonable as to parking space when they are closed. We do buy tires and batteries in Quartzsite and many other things to Wayne’s Pet Service Need someone to take care of your pet(s), in your home, while away? REASONABLE RATES! Call 928-927-4329 P��� 5 help the economy. I only hope this does not happen to someone else in the future. Mary Gourley from BC HAZARDOUS DUTY PAY Libyan President Moammar Gadhafi ’s security detail of about ten men, should realize he has a bulls eye on his head; with a missile blast zone of about thirty feet. I think they should consider a safer job, like a greeter at Tripoli’s Wal- Mart. Not even Benghazi’s rebels would touch that place. Earl Jaycox, Quartzsite Experienced HANDYMAN Residential and RV Plumbing & Electrical Service & Repair. Minor Carpentry & Yard Work. All Work Guaranteed - FREE Estimates! Call Bud 928-583-3905 Come Visit our Salvation Army 101 S. Moon Mountain Ave. New Mini Store for the We are now accepting donations and doing our charity work from our new location. Temporary hours are 9am-1pm Mon. thru Sat. Our new mini store is now open while we wait for the construction of our brand new building. We still need and are accepting your donations so we may continue to help our local people. For more information, contact Salvation Army at 928-927-3636.

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